6 Secrets to Healthy Traveling During Covid-19

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6 Secrets to Healthy Traveling During Covid-19

The immune system is put to the test during traveling, both because of the various viruses and germs that circulate, and because of the change in the hygiene of life. A few tricks make it possible to stay healthy and fully enjoy the holiday.

Even the most health-conscious people tend to let go during the holidays. Shorter nights camping, junk food every day, little guilty pleasures over and over… when you combine these changes in habits with germs in planes, trains and hotels, it’s no wonder that the risk of getting sick increases in travel. Follow these tips to stay healthy and enjoy without getting a stuffy nose, flu or sore throat.

Knowing Your Body

Knowing Your Body

People with chronic diseases have a weaker immune system, which can lead to an increased risk of illness while traveling. They will therefore need special attention. In addition, if a person traveling for work or for a sad event such as a funeral, stress can reduce resistance to infections.

In addition, a healthy Traveler has no reason to worry excessively, unless he travels to countries at risk of malaria or other tropical diseases. If this is the case, it will be necessary to organize upstream to plan the necessary drugs or vaccines.

Avoiding the Sick in Traveling

Avoiding the Sick - Immune System

While traveling by plane, train or bus, avoid settling next to a person who looks sick. Stay away from any noise of coughing or sniffing, especially if it’s children, because they do not always cover their mouths. If you need to sit next to a sick person, often wash your hands, recommends the site Hello Giggles.

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated During Traveling

One of the easiest ways to stay healthy while traveling is to drink plenty of water. Bring a reusable bottle and always take it with you, especially during activities that require physical effort. If you are traveling to a place where the water is unhealthy, drink only bottled water and avoid eating everything that has been washed down with tap water.

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Sleep and Food in Traveling

Sleep and Food During Traveling

Eating and sleeping well is especially important during the holidays, as these measures help to fight a possible infection. Vegetables are very useful for preventing diseases. And even if the preventive effect of vitamin C on viruses is not proven, consuming a lot of citrus fruits can not hurt you.

Exercise When You Travel

Exercise During Travel

Even if you are probably not going to spend your vacation in a gym, doing a lot of walking, hiking, cycling, swimming and other leisure-type exercises will help you stay healthy. By moving regularly, you strengthen your immune system.

Caution Abroad During Covid-19

Caution Abroad During Travel

Are you traveling outside your continent ? Ask your attending physician for advice before departure. He will give you useful information, offer you vaccines and medicines, and help you manage chronic illnesses to stay fit throughout the holiday.

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