Active Vegetable Charcoal: What Are the Benefits of Consuming It?

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Active Vegetable Charcoal What Are the Benefits of Consuming It

The advent of organic is due to uncertainties caused by various food scandals. Unfortunately, even if you are very careful, you cannot control 100% everything you eat. To reduce the possible effects of nuisances, vegetable coal can help us. This product is full of good things.

What is Active Vegetable Coal?

Active plant charcoal is the result of the calcination of plants. Usually, wood or coconut shells are used.

Subjected to high temperatures ranging from 600 to 900 °C, this combustion reduces plants to a powder. At the same time, it deprives them of any source of oxygen.

To produce the active effect, the coal thus obtained is burned again at the same temperature. But this time, we will add water vapor, air or oxidizing gases.

This double carbonization will give rise to a powder with special properties. It is equipped with micropores capable of absorbing up to 100 times their weight in gas. The same applies to the absorption of harmful particles.

Super active coal also exists. Its yield is twice as high as activated carbon.

The Benefits of Active Vegetable Charcoal

Benefits of Active Vegetable Charcoal
Benefits of Active Vegetable Charcoal

Consuming activated carbon saves us from chemical attacks that could come from our modern way of life.

Indeed, our body is constantly exposed to various threats that may affect our health. These can be contained by taking active plant charcoal. Among the long list on which activated carbon acts, one can mention the effect of narcotic drugs.

Active plant charcoal also has effects on poisons such as Venom by counteracting it. The ingestion of chemicals from fertilizers or preservatives can be done in spite of us. So that these pests do not kill us at low heat, activated carbon can also serve as a barrier.

The impacts of toxic gases, detergents or organic solvents will be reduced by activated carbon.

Frequent Cases of Use

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is most often used for stomach pain and bloating. The latter are also very often responsible for a bulging belly. To acquire a flat stomach, vegetable charcoal is an interesting alternative.

Activated Carbon also helps digestion. This is facilitated by the fact that it absorbs bacteria and heavy metals. These will then be evacuated by natural routes.

It is also possible to take it occasionally. This is the case with too watered dinners or festive meals a little too hearty. In these cases, the idea is to take a dose by referring to the prescribed dose. Of course, the choice of a balanced diet remains the best option.

Vegetable charcoal can also be used as a beauty product. It produces on the teeth a whitening action.

It also has the ability to awaken a tired complexion. It also has the power to restore its purity to a fat face with or without comedones.