Aging Hands: 7 Tips to Prevent Aging Hands

Aging Hands

Today’s topic is aging hands and I’ll tell you how to prevent aging hands using various methods in this article. The application of creams, by local massages, or sun protection, is essential to treat aging hands and prevent the signs of premature aging.

Taking care of our body depends a lot on maintaining a routine made up of good habits that allow it to absorb the changes and get used to them. We can thus obtain good results which are reflected in our health and our appearance. Here are some tips to prevent aging hands.

When we decide to take care of our body, we need to pay special attention to our hands. The hands are a part of our body that we use all the time. This is why the skin and joints of the latter are more sensitive to the effects of age and certain regular activities.

Today there are many ways to ensure their health. Aesthetic treatments are very effective and vary according to their price and the type of application technique.

We will therefore present to you, below, a list of these incredible treatments offered by the cosmetic industry. We will also provide you with some tips that you can use on a daily basis. You will be able to slow down the aging of your hands.

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A Few Aesthetic Treatments to Prevent Aging of The Hands

Aesthetic Treatments to Prevent Aging of The Hands

We strongly recommend that you seek help from a dermatologist or hand care specialist. Through a series of medical studies, it is possible to determine which treatment is best for you, depending on your skin type and state of health.

1. Mesotherapy Against Aging Hands

This treatment is generally applied to hands that suffer from dryness, whose expression lines are very defined and which require a lot of hydration. People with osteoarthritis most often use this type of treatment. Indeed, this technique is scientifically approved by studies carried out by the University of Tor Vergata in Rome, Italy.

It consists of applying homeopathic medicines based on chemical compounds and vitamin complexes that revitalize the skin tissues and ensure deep hydration. This stimulates the production of collagen so that the skin is brighter and regains its elasticity.

2. Chemical Peels

The procedure consists of exfoliation of the hands by the application of medical treatments with specialized chemicals. According to this study by the University of Barcelona, its application confers truly therapeutic effects.

They are ideal for hands with blemishes and wrinkles. Over time, the skin takes on a smoother and younger appearance and the result is noticeable.

3. Injectable Fillers

In this case, the treatment is particularly indicated for the hands which have suffered a considerable loss of thickness and therefore have an almost transparent appearance, so that the veins are very visible. According to this study published in the journal Plastic Surgery, its results so far have been satisfactory.

It is applied under topical or local anesthesia, then polylactic acid or hyaluronic acid is injected. The results obtained are incredible, because the skin regains its thickness considerably.

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Other Recommendations to Prevent Aging Hands

The following recommendations are mainly associated with good habits that you should take into account in your daily life to keep your hands healthy. They are very simple and only require a little effort on your part.

Recommendations to Prevent Aging Hands

1. A Massage Before Sleeping

While we are sleeping, the body enters a state of relaxation where cells regenerate and assimilate certain nutrients. It is therefore recommended to massage them your hands with creams containing natural oils or infusions so that they are well absorbed.

Massage them using gentle, circular movements.

2. Protect Your Hands

One of the factors that most affects their condition is the ambient temperature. Get in the habit of protecting them from the cold and heat by using moisturizers. It is extremely important to use sunscreen before going outside and to expose them to sunlight.

3. Use the Right Soap and Don’t Wash Them Excessively

It’s an activity you do every day, so using the right soap that’s right for your skin is essential. Try to use those whose composition is dominated by natural ingredients, such as floral oils, aloe-vera, honey, shea butter or oats, among others. I recommend you to use Tea Tree Mint Hand Soap.

Finally, while maintaining hygiene is vital, avoid over-washing your hands. Like weather changes, excess water can also weaken their skin and make them less soft.

With these few simple steps, it will be easy to prevent aging hands.