Air Pollution and Its Harmful Effects on Health

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Air Pollution and Its Harmful Effects on Health

However, air pollution is often the cause of many diseases, such as allergies or respiratory problems. Organic pollutants present in the environment weaken the immune defences. These toxic substances are mainly used in industry to make pesticides or paper, for example. It should be noted that an adult inhale an average of 15 cubic meters of air volume every day.

What Are the Adverse Health Effects of Air Pollution?

External attacks, in the spring, increase the risk of allergic or cardiovascular manifestations, while in the summer, ozone causes inflammation of the respiratory tract. Although studies have shown that children, pregnant women, the elderly and the chronically ill are the most affected, pollution does not spare anyone. In the case of a pregnant woman exposed to air degradation, the child she gives birth may develop asthma or allergies. On the side of toddlers, this will slow down their lung growth. And therefore, every child is likely to create allergies or asthma.

Based on cohort studies, specialists have determined that pollution can impair the respiratory competence of exposed children. Note that if you are exposed to pollution for a long time, it will become pathogenic. It can irritate the airways. This will lead to chronic inflammation that can make any person allergic. It can also cause an asthma attack in any individual. Whether peak or background, environmental degradation can make everyone sick. Professionals recommend not to strain outdoors, that is, it is better to breathe less quickly. In this way, each person inhales less pollutants.

Can Beljanski Treatments Be Used to Strengthen the Immune System?

The consequences of pollution are not the least on the immune capabilities. The body may develop inflammation, cancer or chronic diseases. Professor Beljanski explained in the 1970s that DNA gradually destabilizes when it is in the presence of environmental toxins. This destabilization is the result of abnormally accelerated DNA replication. Because of this, any person can be exposed to many diseases. Thanks to his research, Dr. Mirko Beljanski has been able to develop a natural treatment to counteract the replication of destabilized DNA. The goal is to accelerate the removal of malignant cells.

His discovery also made it possible to effectively treat cancer diseases and other pathologies. The professor also proved the antiviral effectiveness of PAO Pereira extract. Its protocol also aims to eliminate toxins already assimilated. For this, the individual will need to consume nutritional supplements that help facilitate detoxification. Nutritional supplements also help rebuild and revitalize cells. The teacher’s daughter Sylvie Beljanski advises the use of comprehensive formulas that bring superior sources of vitamins and minerals. Taking natural extracts of Beljanski, one participates in stimulation of immunity and protection of an organism from the onslaught of the environment.