How to Live Well and Accept Changes in One’s Life?

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A move, a new job, a breakup… it is sometimes difficult to face a change, especially when you feel like you are going through it without having chosen it. Fortunately, there are solutions (as bach flowers) to regain control and regain the joy of life.

Coping with Fear and Emotions with Bach Flowers

The change is scary, because it forces to find new landmarks. Fear has the peculiarity of being obsessive: it is common to spend hours reciting and seeing anxiety take on terrible proportions. The first thing to do, faced with a change, is to de-dramatize as much as possible. For this, you can, for example, make a list, very accurately describing everything that scares you in your new situation and why it scares you. This little exercise will allow you to mobilize your mind, so that it takes over your emotions.

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Do your emotions overwhelm you? Start in this case by offering help. You can opt for a natural solution, such as Bach flowers. The Flower of Bach Walnut is especially recommended in case of changes in your life. If you feel overwhelmed by this new situation and you are not going to succeed, especially turn to the Bach Elm flower that can relieve your anxieties and give you courage to face the situation. You can also select your Bach flowers through a simple and accurate online questionnaire.

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Breaking the Routine

When a change occurs, it often implies a loss of landmarks. But a small dose of routine is sometimes reassuring. To move forward, take action by voluntarily changing your habits and creating new daily rituals. Do you still feel pushed around by everything you’ve lost? Reverse the steam by seeing the bright side of this situation. Rather than clinging to the past, agree to move on. Consider this a great opportunity to make new experiences and grow. You can even embark on a new activity that you’ve always wanted to try without ever embarking on: art, sport, meditation…