Baking Soda is A Blessing from God: Here’s Why You Should Consume It Every Day?

Baking Soda

To be healthy, you just have to take a walk in your kitchen. Among the treasures that can be found there, ‘baking soda’. This white powder hides many surprises and can give you a real boost health shot. Antiseptic, cholesterol regulator, alkalizing, are all benefits that you can enjoy by consuming it.

Did you know that a simple tablespoon of baking soda can allow you to take care of yourself on a daily basis? The reason: this alkalizing product has many health virtues including that of regulating the level of cholesterol in the blood but much more. Discover all the positive effects you can enjoy by integrating it into your morning ritual.

1. Alkalize the Body

This white powder triggers a formidable effect, that of lowering the pH of your body. The mechanism? This product reduces the acidity of the body, a beneficial action for those who suffer from reflux and gastric disorders by neutralizing the acidity of the stomach as emphasized by health professionals.

And we owe this phenomenon to the carbonic acid present in baking soda. A convincing argument to sprinkle more often in our morning water.

2. Fight Against Urinary Infections

Thanks to its annihilating mechanism on acidity, this ubiquitous product in our kitchens is a suitable remedy for fighting urinary infections. It prevents these inflammations of the canal even in chronic and recurrent cases.

And this assertion is scientifically proven since according to the study, baking soda triggers positive effects on women suffering from this disorder. An inexpensive medicine for those who suffer from this inconvenience.

3. Boost Your Physical Performance

A real magic potion to increase your energy tenfold. You guessed it, it’s sodium bicarbonate. According to this study, this ingredient could improve the intensity and performance of high intensity exercise.

Thus, it is desirable to consume it before sports activity because this powder reduces fatigue related to lactic acid released during sports. Become a Superman by diluting it a little in water that you will drink before the effort. You will see, your performance will be amazing and you will suffer less pain. Amazing, isn’t it?

4. A Powerful Antiseptic

To kill bacteria, baking soda is strongly recommended. And for good reason, this is a formidable antiseptic that fights inflammation. It can also be used for sore throat. This study is formal: this powder acts by neutralizing the pathogenic elements. A reason enough to incorporate it more often in our morning drinks.

5. Ending Aphthae

These small painful ulcers have their solution. This fine white powder soothes these small oral or gingival lesions. According to the study, the latter is effective as a regular oral treatment, via mouthwashes and teeth cleaning to also prevent dental plaque. One more of the wonderful properties of this product that we would be wrong to deprive ourselves of.

6. For Difficult Digestion

If you add a teaspoon of this powder in a large glass of water, you alleviate the symptoms due to difficult digestion. And for good reason, the latter is alkaline and decreases acidity in the body that triggers nausea and reflux.

How to Take My Drink with Baking Soda?

If the consumption of baking soda is excellent for overall health, it is essential to know how to consume it because an excess of its use can harm you. To enjoy its effects without risk, here is the preparation to concoct. The ideal amount is half a teaspoon per 200 millilitres of water.

This dose is the optimal intake to be able to observe the beneficial effects of this product without any danger. Prefer to consume it after each meal.

Other Uses of Baking Soda

In addition to being an invaluable health ingredient, baking soda can also perform other functions. This powder can also be used to sanitize the smell of a refrigerator, as a cleaner for fruits and vegetables and teeth whitening.

It is also an outstanding beauty product since, prepared in paste, it can regulate the sebum that causes acne and blackheads. And that’s not all. It mattifies the skin by reducing spots due to imperfections and sun exposure. So many virtues that make this system remedy an indispensable of your kitchens.