Basics For Hair Care Tips

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Basics For Hair Care Tips

Every girl wants long and beautiful hair, but her hair needs constant care. To take care of your hair, you do not have to go to hairdressers and spend a lot of money, because you can take care of your hair at home., here are basics for hair care tips.

We put our hair at risk in different ways every day, which makes our hair worse.

To make your hair thick and silky, follow these simple hair care rules:

1. Do not wash your hair in very hot water. Hot water destroys the hair structure, as a result, your hair will become greasy faster, therefore it is recommended to wash your hair in water at room temperature.

2. Do not brush wet hair. When combing wet hair, you harm the entire hair structure, therefore it is advised to wait until the hair is a little dry, and only then comb it, or comb it with your fingers or a comb with rare and wide teeth.

3. Use an air conditioner or mask. After washing your hair with shampoo, you need to use a hair balm, because it will help soften your hair, give it a natural shine, and most importantly, will help easy combing.

4. Drying with a hair dryer. You can dry your hair with a hairdryer only 10-15 minutes after shampooing, using not hot, but warm air. It is recommended to use a hair dryer only on rare occasions, and to dry your hair naturally, this will help prevent split ends.

If you follow these rules, you can save your hair from split ends, and in the future from hair cutting, because the split ends are very difficult to put in order, and they only need to be cut off, thereby shortening the length, which the owners of long hair really do not want.

There Are Several Types of Hair

1. Oily hair. Girls with oily hair are subject to daily hair washing or every other day, have a dull sheen. For such hair, it is worth choosing the right shampoos, it is best to purchase them at the pharmacy, there are a lot of choices for treating oily hair, which cleanses the scalp, normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, restores the hair structure, and also gives volume.

Oily hair.
Oily hair.

2. Normal hair type. Hair with normal hair type sparkles in the sun, is easy to comb and style, and retains its lively appearance for more than three days. Owners of normal (healthy) hair type are very lucky, because hair care does not cause much trouble.

Normal Hair
Normal Hair

3. Dry hair. This type of hair is highly fragile, in most cases it is very thin and brittle, the ends are split. The use of additional softeners, for example, balms, conditioners, masks, can help your hair, they will help nourish.

Dry hair
Dry Hair

4. Mixed hair type. This type of hair is the most common and is characterized by oily roots and dry ends. This is due to improper hair care and nutrition. Such hair should be nourished with various oils (coconut, almond, burdock) before shampooing, and after washing, do not forget about applying conditioner or balm.

Mixed hair
Mixed Hair

The condition of the hair depends not only on what you are doing with the hair, but first of all, the health of the hair depends on the health of the body, so you should monitor your health, remove parasites from the body, take vitamins and minerals.