Pro or Anti-Age? How to Maintain Beauty and Health During Menopause?

How to Maintain Beauty and Health During Menopause?

For a long time, anti-age was considered one of the most popular women’s topics – an inexorable struggle against any age-related changes. This approach has fueled and cultivated the most important female fear – getting old. Fortunately, women began to realize that by denying their age and trying to cheat the time, they not only earn neurosis, but also deprive themselves of the opportunity to enjoy life. The anti-age movement is being replaced by pro-age to smart age and health management, which is based on competent self-care. What this means in practice – let’s figure it out in our article.

What Does Pro-Age Have to Do with It?

Climax with its unpleasant symptoms is sometimes perceived as the capture of the body by some alien enemy. In fact, this is a signal that it is time to take control of your own body into your own hands. To do this, you need to understand what is happening to the body and help it function as efficiently as possible. The essence of the pro-age approach is to intelligently select personal care to prevent aging, not combat it.

5 Aging Factors

The way we meet menopause is a direct consequence of our previous lifestyle, accumulated due to it errors in the body. Aging is provoked by five main factors, each of which is some kind of imbalance in the body that can and should be adjusted.

Factor # 1: Hormonal

The value of estrogen for the female body can hardly be overestimated. They are responsible for the reproductive function, for the health of the bone, nervous and cardiovascular systems of a woman, for the beauty of the skin and even the state of the brain, namely for memory, attention, learning and sleep. It is not hard to imagine how stressful the body becomes when the production of this essential hormone decreases. It immediately reacts by increasing the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which at times worsens mood and sleep, and also increases the synthesis of the hunger hormone ghrelin, which makes you eat sweets and starchy foods with pleasure.

Hormonal imbalance affects all body systems, while the manifestations of menopause symptoms are only the tip of the iceberg of ongoing internal changes.


To restore hormonal balance is possible not only with the help of synthetic hormones. In recent years, doctors have less and less resort to hormone replacement therapy, they do it mainly in severe cases. In their arsenal there are no less effective and safe helpers – non-hormonal substances of natural origin phytoestrogens. They are substances from medicinal herbs that act like the female hormones estrogens in the body. They can be safely used for a long time and thus maintain your hormonal balance. The most effective phytoestrogens from the extract of red clover, Vitex sacred, as well as the “queen of women’s herbs” Angelica… Such an optimal set of all strong phytoestrogens is contained in one non-hormonal bio-complex – Nature’s Way formula.

Factor # 2: Metabolic

Most women entering menopause have a decrease in their body’s insulin sensitivity. This hormone, acting as a kind of key, helps the glucose obtained from nutrition to enter the cell, which, in turn, converts it into energy. If the cell loses its insulin sensitivity, the storing liver stores glucose in fat, “for a rainy day.” What was previously naturally disposed of, “due” to metabolic imbalances, now accumulates fat around your waist in the form of an unsightly “life buoy”. This is not only unattractive, but also hazardous to health. The presence of such a “circle” is associated with the risk of diabetes, as well as cardiovascular disease.


Sitting on strict diets during menopause is not only ineffective but also harmful. Severe restrictions will cause stress and return even more pounds. You just need to remember that after 45 years of age the need for calories decreases, which means that you should cut down on carbohydrates, especially fast ones, replacing them with high-quality protein and good fats. Feelings of hunger will not haunt you if your food is of high quality, nutritious and varied. Dinner at 5-6 pm and an eight-hour break from food until the next morning will help burn those extra calories.

Weight gain can be stopped with proper nutrition in combination with the intake of natural non-hormonal agents with the same phytoestrogens, as well as with Japanese maitake mushroom extract. This unique ingredient has many health benefits, including the ability to prevent weight gain. It increases insulin production and lowers blood glucose levels, enhances metabolism. Maitake mushroom extract, as well as phytoestrogens, supplemented with all essential vitamins and minerals, can be found in the bio-complex Nature’s Way formula – Menopause Hormone Free Formula… The bio-complex will help prevent fat deposition in problem areas – on the thighs, abdomen and forearms. This is another problem that he solves in addition to eliminating the symptoms of menopause.

Don’t forget about physical activity. Low-impact aerobic exercise is most effective for normalizing metabolism. This includes brisk walking and swimming. However, any kind of exercise you like will do.

Factor # 3: Toxic

Throughout our lives, we expose ourselves to chronic poisoning, breathing in city air from day to day and eating groceries. Of course, our liver and other organs work tirelessly to cleanse the body, but, alas, these hard workers cannot cope with everything that gets inside. By the age of menopause, it becomes more difficult for the body to excrete excess water and toxins. Adipose tissue also accumulates toxins, and where there are toxins, there is inflammation, which is now considered one of the main causes of aging in the human body.


Get your weight under control, move actively, and drink plenty of clean water. However, try to cut back on your drinking 2-3 hours before bed. Physical activity and intake of antioxidants contribute to the elimination of toxins. They are contained in the same phytoestrogens, vitamins, perfectly remove carcinogens and maitake mushrooms (this is another of the beneficial properties of this unique plant).

Factor # 4: Intestinal

The microbiota, the balance between “bad” and “good” bacteria, fungi and yeast in the gut, hugely determines all aspects of our health, both physical and psychological. By the way, the presence of a large abdomen, which no dietary and physical effort can drive away, speaks, more likely, of dysbiosis and chronic inflammation in the intestines.


Try to stick to a proper diet, monitor the condition of your intestines, avoid constipation, and ideally consult with a specialist who will assess the condition of your gastrointestinal tract and give personalized recommendations.

Factor #5: Stressful

Worsening health, rejection of inevitable changes, fear of being left out of life can lead to real depression itself and negatively affect all aspects of a woman’s health.


Make sure you have a good night’s rest. It will have a beneficial effect on both appearance and well-being. To do this, you need to observe sleep hygiene: you should have a comfortable and pleasant bed, fresh air and a complete rejection of gadgets at least an hour before going to bed. Another popular non-hormonal bio-complex will help you forget about stress – Nature’s Way formula AM/PM… The night formula of the bio-complex of extracts of passionflower flowers, valerian root and hops will help to normalize night sleep, red clover extract will eliminate night hot flashes. The daily formula of Ginseng Root Extract, Flax Seeds and Green Tea Leaves will provide vigor and good mood during the day. Thanks to the action of the bio-complex, you will feel calmer, more active, more collected, it will be easier to enter the correct comfortable sleep and wakefulness regime.

Try to follow our advice, do not forget about supporting the body from the inside with the help of phytoestrogens, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial plant components. This will help minimize the harm of the main factors of aging and “rewind” your biological age by 10-15 years ago.