Belly Button Piercing: How to Get Your Belly Button Pierced Correctly and Safely?

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Belly Button Piercing

Many girls dream of getting a belly button piercing, the care of which is the first thing to know. At first glance, a puncture seems only a tribute to modern fashion, but people have decorated themselves in this way since ancient times – for example, the ancient Egyptians did their belly button piercing only when they got freedom.


Today, navel piercing is the second most popular piercing after earlobe piercing, and is also suitable for jewelry with rhinestones or even real precious stones. By the way, it should be noted that this type of piercing is beginning to attract the attention of the stronger sex. But in any case, before going to the salon, you need to find out a few rules.

How to Get Your Belly Button Pierced Correctly and Safely?

Typically, the upper fold of skin is punctured above the navel, but sometimes punctures are made from the bottom or the side, depending on personal preference. The so-called jewelry bar is 6-12 mm long, therefore, before making a piercing of the navel piercing, you need to consult with a specialist who will determine whether the structure of the navel is suitable for piercing.

How to Get Your Belly Button Pierced Correctly and Safely?

For the rest, it is advisable to follow these rules:

  • Check that the selected specialist has a license to carry out this activity, and also make sure that the equipment used is sterile, the needles and gloves are disposable, and the jewelry for the navel is made of safe materials.
  • Refuse strenuous physical activity on the day of navel piercing, and also avoid intense sports for the next two weeks.
  • Choose loose clothing – trousers with a low belt, a T-shirt or sweater that does not fit to the stomach, etc. It is important that nothing pressures and does not rub the puncture.
  • Do not piercings during menstruation or when you are feeling unwell, or when chronic illnesses worsen or if you are at risk of an allergic reaction to metal. Poor blood clotting is also a contraindication.
  • To go for the procedure in late spring or early autumn, as in the hot season it can cause a puncture to fester, and in winter the recovery process can take too long, including due to wearing thick warm clothing.
  • Concentrate on your breathing during the procedure to help the muscles relax and thereby reduce discomfort, and afterwards wear jewelry that was selected by the piercing master – they are made of medical steel, so they will not cause rejection. Other jewelry will become available after healing.
  • For several weeks after navel piercing, refuse to take baths and swimming in various bodies of water, as this can be fraught with infection.

Seek medical help if redness, swelling and soreness persist at the puncture site for a long time, since even if suppuration and the appearance of a yellowish crust in this area are a normal process of skin healing, their prolonged course indicates the presence of some problems.

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How to Care for Your Belly Button After Piercing?

The algorithm for navel piercing itself is as follows – the master marks the puncture site, treats this area with an antiseptic and, if the client wishes, applies local anesthesia. This is not necessary, since during the procedure, the area of ​​the skin near the puncture site is tightly grasped by a special clamp, which serves as a kind of pain reliever due to the cessation of blood flow to this area.

How to Care for Your Belly Button After Piercing?

Next, the needle itself pierces the skin itself, and the jewelry is inserted into the tail of the needle and dragged along with it (due to which it is securely fixed in the skin), after which it is fixed from the outside with the upper ball. Then the puncture is again treated with an antiseptic and smeared with ointment, and then closed on top with a special plaster.

But no matter how well the navel piercing is performed, caring for it is mandatory. When leaving the salon, clients usually receive a special memo with the rules for caring for this area and an indication of what it is strictly forbidden to do until the puncture heals.

How Long Does a Belly Button Piercing Take to Heal?

About 2-3 months. In general terms, the recommendations look like this:

  • do not remove the immediately inserted jewelry until the final healing of the puncture;
  • avoid visiting baths, saunas, swimming pools, spa treatments, etc. (also until complete healing);
  • several times a day to treat the puncture site and decoration with chlorhexidine, removing the accumulated ichor, it is prohibited to use alcohol solutions;
  • do not try to take out the jewelry yourself and try not to rotate it, as this is dangerous and can reduce all navel care after piercing to zero;
  • during the first month, topically use anti-inflammatory drugs, if signs of an inflammatory process appear at the puncture site, if the inflammation does not subside after a couple of days after using the drugs, go to the doctor;
  • do not wear woolen things on a naked body to avoid skin irritation, in addition, the jewelry can catch on the threads and injure the skin, which is risky, too tight synthetic things should also be abandoned for all this time;
  • refrain from doing exercises on the abdominal muscles during the entire recovery period, and in general, be wary of any type of activity.
  • An important point in how to care for your navel piercing is also thoroughly washing it with antibacterial soap – during the first three days in the morning and in the evening, and for the next several weeks already twice a week.

To do this, you must first wash your hands well with soap, then moisten a cotton ball and remove with it the crusts formed on the puncture. Gently lather the navel and wash with warm water.

Thus, we can conclude that, subject to simple safety rules and careful attention to the process of belly button piercing and your health, the puncture will heal quickly and without complications. As a result, it will be possible to demonstrate your body with a beautiful decoration to everyone, getting pleasure from it.