Best Hair Dryers: Top 10 Best Hair Dryers According to Their Rating & Reviews in 2020

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Best Hair Dryers

Hair dryer is an indispensable helper both in winter and in summer. In the cold season, you can make such a spectacular styling that even a hat will not be scary to her. In summer, it also gives the hair a beautiful shape. This review article will help you to choose a best hair dryer that will serve you for a long time.

A properly selected hair dryer will help get rid of many problems:

  • over drying of the scalp and associated peeling, dandruff;
  • incomplete drying of the hair, which is fraught with colds in the cold season;
  • styling problems.

We have compiled a rating of popular hair dryers. Choose a device for technical properties with the help of our expert.

Top 10 Best Hair Dryers According to Their Rating & Reviews

Top 10 Best Hair Dryers

1. CONFU 2200W Professional Hair Dryer

Our rating opens with the CONFU 2200W Professional Hair Dryer – the device optimally combines price and quality. Outwardly, the hairdryer may seem simple, but this does not affect its functionality. The power is very high (2200 W), it is useful in a professional salon (or for drying thick hair). We recommend that you be careful with the heating modes: there are 3 of them, you should choose depending on the type and moisture of the hair. The air flow is also regulated: using a button on the handle, as well as a concentrator (included with the equipment). The length of the cord is 2 meter, this is enough for laying, even if the socket is located unsuccessfully (this most often “suffers” from hotel rooms). Hanging loop provided. The hair dryer is suitable for use in hot weather because there is a cold air blowing mode. The level of noise is controversial – it seems loud to someone; someone praises it for a quiet mode of operation.

CONFU 2200W Professional Hair Dryer

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Pros: Inexpensive price, high power, nozzle included, there is a loop for hanging.

Cons: Some users complain that the buttons for switching speed and temperature are poorly distinguishable. Aesthetic kind of technique “on the B grade”.

2. Turbo Power Twin Turbo 2600 Hair Dryer

Stylish hair dryer Turbo Power will appeal to the price, functionality and appearance. Thanks to the bright blue buttons, you will not mix up the modes when drying; in addition, the bezel on the body will make it clear how the nozzle is put on. By the way, about additional options – the kit includes not only a concentrator, but also a diffuser: it is convenient for them to make volume at the roots and even correct chemical styling. Completing the external review, it is worth noting the Soft Touch coating. Light roughness of ABS plastic eliminates the risk of slipping out of your hands. From technical properties – high power – 2600 W, the hair dryer is suitable for professional use, especially since there is a loop for hanging. 3 heating modes are suitable for different hair types. The cold air flow is useful in the heat – or for express fixing the hairstyle.

Turbo Power Twin Turbo 2600 Hair Dryer

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Pros: Nice price, stylish appearance, 2 nozzles in a set at once, matte Soft Touch finish, there is a loop for hanging.

Cons: Users question the declared capacity. Feels like the hair dryer puts out a maximum of 1800 watts.

3. Bellforno Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

Bellforno Ionic Hair Dryer – recommended for hairdressers: it looks bright, will not leave anyone indifferent. The manufacturer offers 4 colors to choose from: classic black, as well as light red, coral and wine shades of the case. A colored hair dryer will delight the client in the salon, and will cheer you up for the whole day! In terms of technical characteristics, the hair dryer is also pleasantly pleasing: the power of 2200 W is suitable for both thick hair and thin hair – if you need to dry it quickly after dyeing. 3 heating modes, 2 speeds are conveniently switched on the handle. You should be careful with the maximum temperature – the case may overheat and the associated specific smell. Only a hub is included, however, for professional hairdressers, skill and skillful hands decide a lot. There is a loop for hanging, the length of the cord is as much as 3 meter.

Bellforno Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

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Pros: Choice of colors, high power, nozzle included, very long cord.

Cons: It may seem heavy to someone; the hand gets tired with prolonged use.

4. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Dyson hair dryer is a compact travel hair dryer. The handle is conveniently folded, the technician takes up a minimum of space in the bag. Weighing only 470 grams, such a device will appeal to a fragile teenage girl (her hand will not get tired when laying). Despite its modest size, the hair dryer has something to “boast”: the power is 2000 W, such indicators are good for thick and long hair. However, you cannot count on long-term use, keep this in mind (to avoid breakage). The built-in overheating protection will work if the voltage suddenly rises. In the design of 2 modes, cold air blowing is provided; this is a useful feature for short haircuts and dry hair. If you turn on ionization, your hair will be less electrified. Comes with a hub-attachment. The hanging loop comes in handy,

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

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Pros: Compactness, there is an ionization function, a nozzle included.

Cons: Not suitable for long-term use.

5. Soocas H3S

The cylindrical shape of the Soocas H3S hair dryer is considered by some to be better suited for everyday use. This does not affect the airflow; rather, it simplifies the actions. Please note that there are no attachments included, not even a hub. Such a tool is suitable for light hair drying – complex procedures such as volume at the roots or curling require a clearly directed stream of air. The manufacturer warns about the aluminum alloy body (be careful not to burn yourself!) And equips the hair dryers with rubber mats. There are 2 colors to choose from – bold red and versatile silver. The design has 3 heating modes, there is an ionization function. The latter will be useful if the hair is thin and brittle; eliminates electrification, makes styling smooth. Built-in protection against overheating, the device is equipped with a 1.7 meter cord.

Soocas H3S

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Pros: The ability to choose a color, there is an ionization function; built-in overheating protection.

Con: Buyers complain about the lack of a European plug, they will have to buy an adapter. Not suitable for problematic scalp (hot air without a nozzle goes in a continuous stream, discomfort is possible).

6. Philips HP8230 Thermo Protect Ionic

Thanks to Thermo Protect technology, the Philips HP8233 hairdryer is perfect for loose hair. In this mode, you can dry your head after dyeing, perming – which is what professional hairdressers use. An additional ionization function closes the hair scales, and this is a smooth styling and even preservation of the dye in the cuticle for a long time. Cold air blowing is provided, in total 6 operating modes. A removable filter protects the device from dust and fine hairs, which are so typical for salons. A very good investment! There is a loop for hanging, an 1.8 meter cord without rotation function, you will have to adapt to use (otherwise it will twist). Includes 2 nozzles: concentrator and diffuser. 2200 W of power is enough to work with thick and unruly hair.

Philips HP8230 Thermo Protect Ionic

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Pros: ThermoProtect technology for brittle hair; high power, there is an ionization function, a removable filter, 2 nozzles in the set, there is a loop for hanging.

Cons: The button for blowing cold air must be clamped for maximum effect. Despite the declared weight of only 600 grams, many find it heavy, difficult to hold in their hands for a long time.

7. Conair 1875W Cord Keeper Hair Dryer

The Conair brand is recommended by professional hairdressers – despite the significant price, the hair dryer is optimal for different procedures. The ceramic coating with the addition of tourmaline heats up evenly, the hair does not burn, the scalp does not suffer. Drying, styling, complex haircuts are created using 2 concentrators 75 and 90 mm. The design includes a removable filter (can be cleaned after a haircut) and a hanging loop (easy to store).

The hair dryer has only 6 operating modes, there is cold air blowing (by the way, unlike the rest of the mass market, you won’t have to wait long for a really cool stream – it is supplied immediately). When the ionization function is on, negative particles fall on the cuticle, “gluing” it. Hence the sleek appearance, minimum electrification and even color for a long time.

Conair 1875W Cord Keeper Hair Dryer

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Pros: Ceramic coating with tourmaline dusting, 2 nozzles included, there is an ionization function, a removable filter, there is a loop for hanging.

Cons: High price. The hairdryer is not suitable for short haircuts and fine hair (power is too high). Many are uncomfortable with a long cord – almost 3 meter.

8. Xpoliman Professional Hair Dryer with Ionic Ceramic Technology

Despite the deliberately “home” shape (many hairdressers prefer to use hair dryers with a “pistol” handle at an angle), the Xpoliman Hair Dryer is offered by the manufacturer for salons. This explains the high power (2000 W), the presence of cold airflow (convenient after cutting) and ionization (hair does not electrify). A removable filter prevents small hairs from entering the motor and prevents overheating. Hanging loop provided. The cord length is impressive – 2.5 meter will help ensure ease of movement.

The 3 main operating modes are easily switched with the toggle switch. It is located under the fingers, but you cannot accidentally switch to another mode (unlike standard buttons). Concentrator and diffuser are included. The first attachment is very convenient to add volume to the hair, the second – to work with curling. The weight is significant, almost 600 grams, you will have to get used to a small amount of weight.

Xpoliman Professional Hair Dryer

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Pros: High power, there is an ionization function, 2 attachments included, a removable filter, there is a loop for hanging, a very long cord.

Cons: High price. Due to the special shape and load, not everyone is comfortable to use.

9. Revlon 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryer

Professional hair dryer Revlon Infrared Heat Hair Dryer is able to “accelerate” up to 1875 W – this power is suitable for salons. If necessary, you can use it to dry your heavy and unruly hair at home. The attachment is only 1 – the concentrator – but with the proper skill, you can make a beautiful styling or volume. The control buttons are located on the side, despite the 3 heating modes, some hairdressers practice simultaneous speed switching – up to 6 different ways of air supply are obtained. The weight is significant, almost 600 grams, you have to get used to. A cord length of 2.8 m is enough to style your hair with ease. Please note that the hairdryer requires cleaning and sorting out the details – according to the reviews of hairdressers, at least 1 time per year. The instrument is equipped with a real Italian-made motor, so the technique is really long.

Revlon 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryer

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Pros: High power, nozzle included, removable filter, extra-long cord.

Cons: High price. Bloggers complain about the cold air blower button – it is inconveniently located, all the time you have to press it manually.

10. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer hair dryer is loved by many bloggers for its combination of technical characteristics and appearance. The instrument is one of the most powerful – 2000 W, the air flow can be adjusted manually. This is either a nozzle (2 concentrators of different sizes included), or a speed switch (2 modes + 3 degrees of heating). Blow off hairs after cutting or do express drying with the cold air button. It is marked in bright blue, located on the handle just under the fingers – easy to figure out. Thanks to the ionization function, even fine and dry hair does not become electrified during drying.

Comfortable wire length (2.7 m). The hair dryer is heavy (more than 0.5 kg), but with prolonged use you get used to it according to bloggers. There is a hanging loop, and the air filter can be easily removed for cleaning – and there are more reasons to get equipment in your salon.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

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Pros: High power, 2 nozzles included, there is an ionization function, a very long wire, there is a loop for hanging, a removable filter, stylish appearance.

Cons: For home use – high price. Some complain about the strong vibration of the engine when turned on.

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How to Choose A Hair Dryer?

It would seem like an ordinary hair dryer – I bought it and use it for health. However, not all so simple. Global brands offer many models that are easy to get confused about. Which is better, a powerful model with 1 nozzle or a weak but multifunctional device? Which hairdryer to choose for the salon, how important is the brand?

How to Choose A Hair Dryer?
How to Choose A Hair Dryer?

Having our recommendations at hand makes the choice of best hair dryers easier. Pay attention to the following parameters:

Type of Hair Dryers

Household, compact or professional – such a classification “walks” on the Internet, although its boundaries may seem blurred. In fact, everything is simple: a travel hairdryer is called compact. Its dimensions are not larger than a cosmetic bag, it fits into any suitcase, and it has enough power for express drying (for example, after the pool). Professional models are “stronger” and larger.


Varies from 200 to 2300 watts, but it is a mistake to assume that the highest is the best. Focus on your hair type – the thinner and shorter they are, the easier the impact should be. Thick, heavy hair dries faster with a 1600-1800 W device.

The Presence of Temperature Conditions

Nobody indicates degrees of Celsius, it is difficult to navigate in them. Experts distinguish weak, medium and strong heating. In professional models 6-12 modes are possible.

Additional Options

These include cold air drying and ionization. The first is useful for thin and brittle hair, the second will “save” from electrification – the ions “settle” on the hair, making them a little heavier. The result is a smooth styling.


The most interesting and difficult part! On the one hand, I want to save money. On the other hand, several details at once provide ample opportunities: not only drying, but also styling, volume, curling, even straightening! The most common attachments are diffuser (wide plastic comb), concentrator (cone-shaped), brush (for styling), curling iron (curling). How to understand what exactly you need? Focus on your skills: if the hair dryer is used only for drying, you only need a concentrator (included in the price of many models). With skillful hands, you can try curling and straightening. Powerful models are selected for the salon with the number of attachments at the request of the master.

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Expert Advice About Choosing Best Hair Dryers & FAQ


We discussed the choice of a best hair dryers with “Rockey” a professional hairdresser and a YouTube blogger. He professionally deals with haircuts and coloring, tries different tools in practice and uploads reviews. Rockey has kindly agreed to answer a few questions.

Question: A large set of hairdryer nozzles – an option or a waste of money?

Answer: As a rule, professional masters do not think about it. The styling result is directly related to the technique of movements. For home use, attachments should be chosen depending on the length of the hair. If you have long hair and need to stretch it – yes, you will need a diffuser. Or you can turn on free drying, but use a round comb. With a short haircut, you can dry your hair without a nozzle.

Question: How important is the feedback from other customers when buying a hair dryer?

Answer: Honestly, reviews are often written to order, so I would not pay attention to it. As a hairdresser, power, cord length and manufacturer’s brand are important to me – how long it has been on the market, how it has proven itself.

Question: Do I need to apply a hair protectant before drying?

Answer: I consider it a deep misconception that a hairdryer aggressively affects hair. For some reason, this statement is often found on the Internet and in the media. In fact, the hot stream is more capable of affecting curly hair: the more often you pull it, the more its structure changes, the curl is completely straightened. However, protective agents help against UV rays, due to the composition, there can be a slight styling effect. For this purpose, they should be applied.