10 Best Hair Fillers for Thinning Hair According to Their Ratings & Review

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For the sake of beautiful thick hair, girls go to great lengths. We go to the salon for procedures, we even do extensions – to please ourselves and catch enthusiastic glances. Hair fillers as express help are known recently. In this article we’ll discuss about best hair fillers for thinning hair.

This concentrated miracle cure is relatively safe, so you can use it at home, to the delight of practical young ladies. We have collected a maximum of useful information about hair fillers and share it with you.

We have compiled a rating from a variety of brands – here both budget and premium options. Choose the one that suits the best.

Top 10 Hair Fillers According to Their Rating and Ranking

Best Hair Fillers for Thinning Hair
Best Hair Fillers for Thinning Hair

1. Hair Filler Mask CP-1 3 Seconds Hair Filler by Esthetic House

The most popular among Russian customers – and the most inexpensive product! Filler opens our rating, deserves attention due to the combination of quality and price. The package contains 20 ampoules at once. Unlike pharmacy products, these ampoules are equipped with a lid, so there is no need to waste time opening. The packaging contains instructions for use and recommended proportions – valuable information is always before your eyes!

Most of the composition is keratin. Therefore, the product is recommended for dry, thin and brittle hair (helps to restore). However, it is not prohibited to use with a different type, you can maintain balance and provide nutrition in the transitional spring period. Bloggers warn that you should not focus on the consistency – the declared creamy texture will not work; the product will remain liquid.

Hair Filler Mask CP-1 3 Seconds

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Pros: Convenient packaging, instructions and proportions for mixing in front of your eyes; Suitable for all hair types.

Cons: For maximum effect, you will need to purchase up to 20 ampoules, some are irritated by the smell.

2. La’dor Perfect Hair Fill-Up

An equally famous product of the Korean brand, this hair filler comes in packs of different sizes (10 or 20 ampoules to choose from). Ampoules with a lid, very convenient to use and transport in a travel cosmetic bag. Concentrated keratin, collagen and silk peptides are suitable for hair after dyeing and chemical. curling. The manufacturer indicates that when using a thermal cap, the absorption time can be reduced to 10 minutes. Bloggers add that it is better to mix the filler with cool water, then there will be the desired reaction and a thick creamy texture. Do not apply to scalp to avoid allergies.

The composition claims a floral scent, although some feel an alcoholic scent. Focus on your hair length when buying; someone 1 ampoule is enough for 2 shampoos; someone needs 2 ampoules for long hair at once. The remedy is often recommended for blondes – keratin helps to recover from discoloration.

La'dor Perfect Hair Fill-Up

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Pros: Volume in the package to choose from, the presence of a cap on the ampoule, effective recovery after discoloration.

Cons: Discomfort upon contact with cool water (needed to dilute the product), not suitable for everyone.

3. Professional Hair Filler Collagen Kit

The Korean brand Magik offers an interesting solution – the filler is packed in plastic wrap, 1 portion = 1 pack. It is very convenient for use in the salon or while traveling; the packaging is easy to open and discard. In addition to the necessary keratin and collagen, orange essential oil, wheat proteins, glycerin and hyaluronic acid are added to the composition. This tool is not only for restoration, but also for nourishing hair along with masks! Hyaluronic acid provides hydro-balance, glycerin retains moisture in the cuticle, preventing it from evaporating under the influence of a hair dryer or iron. And proteins saturate hair with vitamins, give it a healthy and well-groomed look. The manufacturer indicates that the washing can be carried out at will, this does not affect the appearance. Please note, from experience of using the product is more liquid;

In addition to the sachets, you can choose a larger dispenser bottle. It comes in a beautiful package, a great option as a gift.

Professional Hair Filler Collagen Kit

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Pros: Good composition (many useful components), volume to choose from, gift wrapping.

Cons: A specific smell that is difficult to remove, a weak effect, the result.

4. Arvazallia Hair Filler Cream

Argan oil is a real boon for hair! In structure, it is a thick mask-like product; this is why Arvazallia’s filler cream has the additional name “cream”. It is applied as a regular filler after shampoo. At the same time, it does not require washing – you can leave it as it is, or you can dry your hair with a hairdryer. Oat extract will take care of thin and damaged hair, nourish normal hair. The optimal care product for “porous” hair – according to the experience of use, keratin fills the damaged areas, allowing you to achieve smoothness.

Packaging with a dispenser, so it is convenient to use at home. For maximum effect, rub a few drops of filler into palms and apply evenly over the entire length of hair. A volume of 250 ml is enough for a long time, provided the hair is cut. The composition contains a perfume fragrance; according to bloggers, this is a pleasant sweetish smell.

Arvazallia Hair Filler Cream

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Pros: Valuable argan oil in the composition; convenient dispenser; large volume; nice smell.

Cons: Not suitable for everyone (oat extract can “stick” oily hair).

5. Hair Thickness Maximizer 2.0

The ‘Hair Thickness’ brand is renowned for its innovative designs; its formulas penetrate deep into the structure, retain moisture and provide a lift. So it was with anti-cellulite products, so it is with hair fillers. Keratin and collagen in a bottle with a dispenser do not require rinsing, it is very convenient. It is better to apply the product from the middle of the hair to the ends, so the likelihood of contact with the scalp is less (good news for allergy sufferers!). From experience, 2-3 clicks are really enough for the desired volume.

The manufacturer assures that the filler is suitable for all types. Although bloggers note that with hair prone to oily hair, the next day there is a “unwashed” effect. And too dry ends begin to split even more. The best option is to use on normal and combination hair, so the effect will be noticeable after the 1st application.

Hair Thickness Maximizer 2.0

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Pros: Convenient packaging in the form of a dispenser; does not require rinsing; enough for a long time.

Cons: Not suitable for everyone; specific application procedure.

6. Elevate Hair Building Fiber

In addition to proteins, Elevate contains coconut oil, panthenol and flower extract. A real vitamin supplement for hair! It nourishes the cuticle from the inside, seals split ends and helps restore the structure as a whole. Hair after application is smooth and shiny, smells good – the composition contains a light perfume fragrance, reminiscent of the French fragrance Eclat from Lanvin.

The product is offered in the form of a tube with a thin spout – this way you can squeeze out the desired volume and not a drop more. The set includes a dispenser, it is very convenient to use it. Detailed instructions with a photo are on the package, you don’t need to surf the Internet! Follow the recommendations for use to achieve maximum results. The manufacturer recommends heating the already mixed composition with water, or using warm towels. Filler requires rinsing.


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Pros: High-quality composition, convenient packaging, dispenser included; application time is only 10 minutes.

Cons: Not everyone likes the smell; small volume (80 ml).

7. Aminotouch Natural By Keratin Research

Keratin filler is not for nothing that it bears this name: it performs several functions at once, in addition to smoothing hair. Among them are anti-static effect, strengthening from the inside, moisturizing, etc. The product has a creamy texture, it contains castor oil and B vitamins. It is optimal for restoration in the spring or autumn, when hair requires special care.

Such a filler will look spectacular on the dressing table, it is pleasant to take it with you on the road. The manufacturer does not offer mixing with water, although the product is thick and difficult to apply to the hair in its original form.


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Pros: Useful composition; old packaging.

Cons: Thick cream is difficult to apply; you will have to adapt to squeezing out the required volume; specific smell.

8. Shape Vixen Hair Volumizing Lotion

The professional brand Vixen simply could not do without a care line, one of the products is a hair filler. Its main action is smoothing; therefore, the product is actively recommended for curly and unruly hair. The extract of algae, peat and panthenol is an unusual combination, but it has a powerful effect on the hair. According to bloggers, combing is easier, smooth and silkiness is evident.

The cream does not require rinsing, it is convenient. The package contains the decoding of the components and their influence – a real gift for practical people! The design includes a pump for ease of application. However, due to the tube pack, it is difficult to estimate the remaining volume inside, be prepared for this. Those who have tried the entire Kikimora line warn of possible darkening of individual strands (be careful with light hair type).

Shape Vixen Hair Volumizing Cream

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Pros: natural composition, detailed instructions on the packaging; does not require rinsing.

Cons: not suitable for everyone, parabens in the composition, high price for 100 ml.

9. Elizavecca CER-100 Hair Repairing & Protein Treatment

Elizavecca CER-100 is suitable for daily use! Good news for those who suffer from the effects of staining and want quick results. It contains a complex of vitamins based on African marula oil, coumarin fruits, panthenol. The components penetrate into the hair structure, making it elastic, saturating it with useful proteins.

The filler has a liquid consistency, 3-5 drops are enough for application along the entire length of the hair (bypassing the scalp). The bottle has a dispenser that is easy to use. Bloggers have conflicting reviews: someone considers it universal protection at all seasons, someone doubts the effect and complains about the overpriced. We can definitely say that the tool helps with combing, makes the hair smoother.

Elizavecca CER-100

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Pros: Rich in vitamins composition; convenient packaging with a dispenser, large volume (300 ml).

Cons: Does not straighten curly hair, high price.

10. Lovien Botox Filler Bi-Phasic Biphasic Hair Reconstruction

Lovien Botox Spray filler is a godsend if you don’t have time for long-term care! In an ampoule, there are 2 types of funds at once, liquid and thick. Shake the two-phase filler well before use, and can be applied directly to hair. You don’t have to waste time diluting with water, wrapping a towel and waiting. Liquid keratin with collagen is quickly absorbed into the hair, does not require rinsing. For maximum effect, the manufacturer recommends using the filler together with the shampoo of this series. The product can be used 2-3 times a week – or more often if you have problems (damaged / dull or brittle hair).

Bloggers complain about a persistent raspberry smell after use – although some might find the rich fruity smell pleasant. Original Italian production means no parabens, mineral oils, gluten in the composition. Not tested on animals.

Lovien Botox Filler Bi-Phasic Biphasic Hair Reconstruction

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Pros: Does not require mixing with water; Convenient packaging in the form of a spray, can be applied to the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles.

Cons: High price, small volume (150 ml), few reviews about the effect after application.

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How to Choose A Hair Filler?

The composition of almost all manufacturers is the same, it varies by the addition of hyaluronic acid / proteins. Therefore, we will not dwell on the label, we will suggest choosing a hair filler according to other criteria.

First, the volume in the package. Despite the quick effect (literally after 1-2 shampoos, according to bloggers), 1 ampoule is not enough. You will need to “fix the result” – therefore it is better if the box contains 10-20 glass capsules at once. It is easier with tubes and jars; the volume can be determined by eye.

Secondly, the usability. Applying a filler to hair takes 20-30 minutes, very experienced bloggers spend up to a quarter of an hour on it. If you do not have free time and go to bed right after the shower, think over the application in advance. Two-phase care or actions with ampoules is not your option; but creams are optimal.

Third, the price. Spending time and money on personal care is great! But if this month the family budget is modest, and you want to pamper yourself, pay attention to Korean cosmetics. Some brands are 1.5 times cheaper than European ones, but the composition differs only slightly.

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How to Use A Hair Filler Correctly?

How to Use A Hair Filler Correctly?

Wash your hair thoroughly with regular shampoo. This time, you need to do without applying a balm or conditioner – their functions will be performed by a filler.

Dry your hair 90%. Let some strands be slightly damp, when completely dry, the effect is less.

Open the ampoule carefully. Self-respecting manufacturers always leave a small file in the box – for quick and easy glass cutting.

The longer the hair, the more volume. A short haircut requires 1 ampoule, an average length of 2. For thick hair, you will have to spend 3 ampoules at once. Do not skimp on filler, an opened package is still valid only once. If the product is in a bottle, follow the instructions for use.

Mix filler in a ceramic or glass bowl with water (1: 1 ratio). You should have a viscous, creamy texture.

Apply the mixture to your hair, bypassing the roots and scalp. Particular attention should be paid to the tips.

The holding time is 15-20 minutes. For maximum absorption, you can roll your hair in a towel or cover with a shower cap.

After the time has passed, wash your hair again. There is no need to apply care products. When drying, you can notice the remains of filler – nothing terrible will happen, the effect of “dirty hair” will not work. It’s just that the product is absorbed on each type individually. If this is annoying, you can play with the volume of filler and water by adjusting the addition.

Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers


Especially for you, Mally has collected common questions about hair fillers. We tried to give the most detailed answers together with Christina, a dermatologist, an expert at the Lavia clinic.

Question: Are There Any Contraindications for Hair Fillers?

Answer: Unlike serious medicines, there are no special restrictions on their use. General contraindications:

  • individual intolerance to one or more components;
  • acute inflammation or exacerbation of a chronic process.

Question: Does the season affect the frequency of use? For example, the spring and autumn transition periods…

Answer: Autumn and spring are just the periods of “recovery” after heat and frost, when hair needs nourishment and strengthening. During these periods, you can increase the frequency of use.

Question: How is a filler different from a regular hair mask?

Answer: The main difference is the consistency, it is liquid. Hair fillers are in ampoules (like serum). Most often, ampoules are disposable, due to this, the concentration of substances is preserved (they do not evaporate). And the liquid consistency gives better penetration into the hair shaft and its restoration.

Question: Can a brand be trusted without widespread awareness?

Answer: Here you need to look at the composition, ideally with a percentage, in order to understand whether the drug will work. Most often, brands that specialize in hair products give guarantees of the result

Question: How long does it take to get the effect from the application?

Answer: Depends on the composition, but usually after the first shampoo, or in a short time, due to the consistency and high concentration.

Question: How often do you recommend using hair fillers?

Answer: Better to follow the instructions. Each manufacturer has its own percentage of funds, and therefore, the frequency of use is also different.

Question: What is a hair filler?

Answer: It is a colorless liquid with a high concentration of nutrients. Depending on the specific manufacturer, the composition may vary, but in general there are:

  • Keratin is the substance that makes up 90% of our hair. Penetrating into the structure, keratin fills in the missing areas, provides an even surface and even new hair growth.
  • Collagen is a component responsible for firmness and nutrition. It is distinguished by its ability to retain moisture well, for which Korean women of fashion love it. In addition, collagen is called “the protein of youth” – the more it is in the skin and hair, the more beautiful we look.
  • Silk amino acids – in addition to smoothing the cuticle, the substance ensures the “sealing” of the ends, color stability (if you resort to coloring). And a well-groomed look, of course!

Question: Who can and should buy a hair filler?

Answer: For those who are upset from a thin head of hair. And also, after numerous dyeing and straightening – when the hair loses its elasticity, becomes dull and as if “porous”.

Pros and Cons of Hair Filler

“As many experts, so many opinions” – the saying goes; Indeed, dermatologists and physicians have not agreed on how much the filler affects the hair. Someone considers it a drug (and suggests using courses), someone is more liberal and refers to ampoules as cosmetic care. We will present the obvious advantages and disadvantages, and you yourself decide whether to use fillers.


  • improves the overall appearance, removes “fluffiness”;
  • healthy, smooth hair;
  • after a course of procedures, the staining lasts longer;
  • a positive mood when you see yourself in the mirror is guaranteed!


  • at least 30 minutes of your time for application;
  • you cannot count on a chic volume; the substance makes the hair heavier;
  • you will have to spend money on a course of 5-20 ampoules.

Do you use a hair filler? How? Share in the comments.