Best Lip Color for Blue Eyes: The Best Lipstick Shades for Brunettes with Blue Eyes

Best Lip Color for Blue Eyes - The Best Lipstick Shades for Brunettes with Blue Eyes

A reader of my blog asked me to write about the best lip color for blue eyes and this post is dedicated to her question. Blue eyes plus dark hair is not just a bright but a truly exotic combination. Should I emphasize it with an accent on the lips?

It is believed that brunettes have the greatest freedom of creativity in lip makeup: the thing is that girls with dark hair are suitable lipsticks of bright colors, and almost any. True, when making makeup, you also need to take into account the shade of the eyes.

Best Lip Color for Blue Eyes

When it comes to eyes with transparent gray or blue shades, you should still find out which lipstick will complement them best.

Best Lip Color for Blue Eyes - The Best Lipstick Shades for Brunettes with Blue Eyes
Best Lip Color for Blue Eyes

1. Fuchsia Lipstick

Go for a fuchsia lipstick like the Fuchsia Fuse 103 from Revlon for brunettes with blue eyes. Combined with thickly colored eyelashes or thin black arrows on the eyelids, such an accent on the lips will harmoniously decorate the image. The bright color on the lips will create an expressive contrast with the delicate blue of the eyes.

fuchsia lipstick

2. Pure Red

Red without impurities, light, clean, saturated, with a slight bias in orange – what blue-eyed brunettes need. Choose lipsticks with a wet finish (for example, NYX Professional Matte Lipstick, with a light moisturizing formula). The luminous texture will complement the transparency of the eye color.


3. Juicy Raspberry

Berry shades seem to be made for brunettes. But crimson is perfect for dark-haired girls with blue eyes. Thanks to him, spring freshness appears in the image, which suits those with dark hair, no worse than dramatic makeups with dark lips and smoky eyes. When looking for a raspberry lipstick, check out the shade black rose – Raibaubl Lip Stain Long Lasting Lipstick collection.


4. Bright Coral

Another option is coral lipstick. Its color should not be soft but juicy: for example, Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish, Liquid Lipstick from Revlon. However, delicate coral colors are also suitable for those cases where the brightness of the accent does not matter.


By the way, makeup artists advise brunettes with blue eyes to play with textures when doing lip makeup. Semi-sheer lipsticks like Lancome’s Shine Lover are just what makes a noticeable color accent, but at the same time fits into the daytime look.

For the evening, it is better to choose lipsticks with a denser coating of saturated colors – for example, the novelty of Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet is worthy of attention.

Do you match your hair and eye color? Please comment below.