Best Lip Enhancement Method and Proper Lip Care After Lip Enhancement

Best Lip Enhancement Method and Proper Lip Care After Lip Enhancement

Today’s topic is “best lip enhancement method and proper lip care after the lip enhancement procedure.” Why do women pay so much attention to their lips? It is rare to find women who do not wear lipstick or lip gloss to give them expression and sexuality. Perfectly shaped plump lips always attract male attention. Psychologists note that when talking, a person pays great attention to the lips of the interlocutor.

However, not all women manage to correct the shape of their lips with the help of cosmetics. But cosmetology and medicine do not stand still; effective and safe methods of increasing and correcting the shape of the lips are being developed, the result of which will delight the owner of plump lips for a long time.

Surgical methods for correcting the shape and size of the lips are practically not used due to their trauma and an extensive list of complications. The most popular lip enhancement methods inject safe and natural remedies that can recreate the desired lip odds like those of the sexiest American actresses.

Best Lip Enhancement Method – Lipofilling

Injections are performed in the clinic’s treatment room, sometimes several sessions may be required, but this depends on the woman’s characteristics and wishes. The first result of sexual sponges is visible already at the end of the first procedure.

Best Lip Enhancement Method
Best Lip Enhancement Method

The main method for lip enhancement and correcting the shape and size of the lips is lipofilling.

Lipofilling with Fillers

Lipofilling is an injection method for improving the shape and size of the lips, in which the patient’s fat cells are used. The material for the procedure is pumped out of the problem areas of the woman’s body, for example, the abdomen or thighs. With the help of this unique technology, the taken fat deposits are processed and cleaned.

The fat is introduced once or in two or three sessions. After the procedure, rehabilitation does not last long, and the result lasts for two to five years.

The Lipofilling technique allows you to correct the precise contour of the lips, eliminate fine wrinkles around the mouth, raise the lowered corners, give the effect of the most popular shape of the lips, Mona Lisa or like Angelina Jolie, increase the volume of the lips, give them greater expressiveness.

Best Lip Enhancement Method
Best Lip Enhancement Method

With the help of fillers, the standard shape of the lips is restored in the presence of asymmetry. The crucial areas are filled with special preparations after consulting a cosmetologist and choosing a mass for injection.

The most popular is hyaluronic acid, which is considered a natural and safe material; it is naturally contained in the skin and helps restore its tissues. Complications do not accompany hyaluronic acid injections, and the recovery period is significantly reduced.

Proper Lip Care After the Lip Enhancement

For quick healing, without complications and violations of the recreated form, experts recommend adhering to simple care rules:

  • Use of antiseptics and ointments with analgesic effect;
  • Apply cold chamomile compresses;
  • After the procedure, it is recommended not to go to bed for 8 hours; it is necessary to sleep on the back for the next week, with the head raised (on a high pillow);
  • During the day after injection, hot, cold drinks and meals should be excluded;
  • Exclude kissing on the lips, physical activity within seven days.

Indications to Use Lip Enhancement Method for Lip Correction

Correcting the contours of the lips, their size, thereby giving the appearance of sexuality, is required for women who have too thin lips from birth.

Indications to Use Lip Enhancement Method for Lip Correction
Best Lip Enhancement Method

The main indications for the procedure:

  • Age-related changes, in particular the loss of the previous volume, wrinkles;
  • Excessively thin upper lip and at the same time sagging lower lip;
  • Short and thin upper lip;
  • Teeth are visible if the mouth is closed;
  • Folds around the mouth;
  • Lip defects, congenital or acquired as a result of trauma;
  • Papillomas, cysts, or other neoplasms in the area of ​​the lips of a benign nature;
  • Violation of the symmetry of the lips;
  • Uneven size of the upper lip concerning the lower.

The Advantage of Lip Enhancement

The results after correcting the volume and shape of the lips often exceed initial expectations. It is the ideal shape of the lips and the safety of modern methods of correction that make the procedure more and more popular.

The Advantage of Lip Enhancement
Best Lip Enhancement Method

Among the advantages of the lip enhancement procedure:

  • You can get results and perfect lip shape after just one correction session;
  • The introduction of natural preparations or autologous fat – it is safe, such substances are easily distributed and well accepted by the patient’s tissues;
  • There is no likelihood of developing allergic symptoms;
  • Duration of results – beautiful and lush lips will delight women from one to 3-5 years old, depending on the drug used and the method;
  • The procedure is performed after 18 years of age and subsequently has no age restrictions;
  • Correction is made at any time of the year;
  • After the correction session, the woman receives beautiful lips with ideal volume and shape and a natural look.