Best Shampoos for Colored Hair 2020

Best Shampoos for Colored Hair

Everyone likes beautiful, well-groomed hair. Unfortunately, for rich, vibrant color, you often have to paint. Shampoo for colored hair will strengthen the result and provide care. We have selected the best shampoos for colored hair of 2020 and talk about their pros and cons.

Such shampoos can be used not only after dyeing – due to the nutritional components, they are well suited after perm or hair straightening.

Top 10 Best Shampoos for Colored Hair in 2020

Best Shampoos for Colored Hair

1. Natura Siberica Shampoo Protection and Shine

Natura Siberica shampoo consists exclusively of natural ingredients. This is confirmed by the ICEA certificate – it is issued by the leading institute of ecology in Italy, which cannot but delight fans of clean cosmetics. The declared properties are color strengthening, nutrition, shine, antistatic effect. All this is possible thanks to beeswax, chamomile, extracts of wheat and Manchurian aralia, sea buckthorn and soybean oil. Several types of packaging, the smallest volume (50 ml) can be taken as a sample.

Natura Siberica Shampoo

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Cons: Does not wash hair at the roots (according to bloggers), does not suit the oily type.

2. Pureology Hydrate Sheer Shampoo

Hair dye manufacturer Pureology has not ignored post-procedure care: the line includes Caring Line Color Care shampoo. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for all hair types. The composition contains vitamin E, which is important: it is responsible for smoothness and elasticity. Beauty experts are delighted with the sweet smell of caramel. Suitable for daily use, but requires the advice of a specialist: with frequent use, individual allergies (dandruff) are possible. The 1000 ml jar differs in design from 250 ml, more ergonomic packaging (the product does not settle on the walls).

Pureology Hydrate Sheer

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Cons: Not everyone likes the smell.

3. Tresemme Keratin Color Shampoo

French shampoo for colored hair comes with argan oil – a “jewel” in the world of cosmetics. Bloggers love this ingredient for its softness and silkiness, as well as enhanced nutrition. With frequent use, even very dry and split ends get a healthy look. Keratin strengthens the structure, the ends are “sealed”, can be grown to any length. The manufacturer claims up to 10 weeks of color retention. Many girls note the ease of styling after application.

Tresemme Keratin Color Shampoo

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Cons: Highly chemical composition; not suitable for oily hair.

4. BIOLAGE ColorLast Shampoo

Biolage colorlast shampoo is based on 2 principles: “moisturizing and strengthening”. For the first, hyaluronic acid and aloe extract are responsible. Vitamins E and C provide nutrition, which is important for chemically colored hair. Thanks to its rich formulation, the shampoo helps fight split ends. Lactic acid completes the picture by increasing elasticity. The declared properties are color retention, improved combing. Packaging in the form of a test tube, tapering upwards; it is convenient to squeeze out the product, it does not remain on the walls.

BIOLAGE ColorLast Shampoo

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Cons: According to users, the shampoo has a specific smell.

5. Bielita & Vitex Professional Line Care Shampoo

Inexpensive shampoo from the Bielita will become your reliable “companion” if you have to frequently paint. Suitable for recovery after a perm. Packaging – as much as 3 liters, the product lasts for a long time (the smallest volume is 1 liter). Thanks to wheat germ, the shampoo strengthens and nourishes the hair, makes it soft when combing. The line includes a conditioner balm, the manufacturer recommends taking the products in pairs for maximum effect. Daily use possible.

Bielita & Vitex

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Cons: It can get bored over time.

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6. L’ANZA Healing ColorCare Color Preserving Shampoo

A professional brand like L’ANZA cannot do without care products: this is how Color Preserving shampoo was born. It has a super-fast formula that delivers vibrant colors (recommended after staining with the same brand for maximum compatibility). Nutrition has not been canceled: passion fruit extract and orange peel are responsible for it. The latter contains vitamin C, which is optimal for the winter season without the sun. Suitable for dry hair. Bloggers note that the bottle is convenient to use.

L'ANZA Healing ColorCare Color Preserving Shampoo

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Cons: The first time does not wash the head.

7. L’Oreal Professionnel Shampoo Expert Vitamino Color Soft Cleanser

Thanks to green tea extracts and aloe, L’Oreal shampoo perfectly moisturizes freshly colored hair. The French brand is suitable for use in summer – there is UV protection from the sun. Declared properties: strengthening of color, shine (vitamin C copes well with the latter). The manufacturer warns about the concentrated composition and suggests applying half the usual amount when washing. Depending on the volume, different packaging – a bottle or a bottle with a dispenser. There is a perfume fragrance.

L'Oreal Professionnel Shampoo Expert Vitamino Color Soft Cleanser

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Cons: An individual allergic reaction is possible.

8. Cocochoco Clarifying Shampoo for Colored Hair

CocoChoco Shampoo – not only for colored hair, but also for dull / brittle hair. Vitamins B and E, as well as argan oil, aloe, hyaluronic acid will take care of them. The product is suitable for daily use, if you choose a volume of 500 ml, you get a convenient bottle with a dispenser. The product is recommended by hairdressers after keratin hair straightening. Due to the natural ingredients, the shampoo has a special herbal smell. Stylish design and bright yellow color will adorn the professional salon.

Cocochoco Clarifying Shampoo for Colored Hair

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Cons: High price, not suitable for all hair types.

9. Matrix Shampoo Total Results Color Obsessed Antioxidants

Matrix professional shampoo is recommended for use in beauty salons. Together with other products in the Color Obsessed line, it provides maximum color depth and durability (8 weeks or more). Can be used after highlighting and perming. Vitamin E is the main source of elasticity, smoothness and health of hair. The product is suitable for frequent use without risk to the scalp. Different packaging depending on the volume (300 ml or 1 liter). Users note the neutralization of yellowness. Light “non-chemical” smell due to the perfumed scent.

Matrix Shampoo Total Results Color Obsessed Antioxidants

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Cons: High price, not suitable for warm paint tones.

10. Wella Professionals Shampoo Invigo Color Brilliance

Wella shampoo guarantees bright color for up to 2 months! This is possible due to special copper microcapsules interacting with the paint and preserving the outer layer. In addition to the stated resistance, the agent stimulates growth (thanks to the amino acid histidine). The composition contains finger lime (or lime caviar) – an extract of an exotic plant that nourishes and strengthens hair. Overall, this is a great product for professional hairdressers and stylists. The manufacturer offers 2 types of volume to choose from.

Wella Professionals Shampoo Invigo Color Brilliance

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Cons: High price.

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How to Choose The Best Shampoos for Colored Hair?

Any dyeing procedure, even the “purest” professional composition, does not pass without leaving a trace on the hair. In the absence of care, they begin to get dirty more often, become thinner. And most importantly, the color is washed off. To prevent this, you can buy colored hair shampoo.

What Should Be in Its Composition?

  • Natural oils or vitamin E – provide nutrition, restore the hair structure, “closing” the cuticle scales.
  • Keratin or Wheat Proteins – Promotes hair growth.
  • Hyaluronic acid or aloe vera extract is essential for moisturizing, as any dye dries out the hair.
  • Additives of copper or zinc – enter into a chemical reaction with the dye, “fixing” it inside the hair itself.

Sometimes bloggers complain that shampoos don’t wash well and conclude that they are useless. However, we are talking about the absence of sulfates (surfactants) – they lead to strong foaming. Many eco-activists and trichologists believe that the fewer chemically complex compounds, the better for the hair. We suggest that each girl decide on her own and not worry about the lack of a foam cap.

In addition to the main components, you need to pay attention to special ones – depending on the hair color. So, chamomile extract is useful for blondes (but with caution: if you have an ashy hue, chamomile can give unwanted yellowness). Cocoa butter, hazelnut butter is suitable for brunettes. And red hair will gladly accept cinnamon and henna extracts.

Recently, pH has become popular – more and more people are looking at numbers. This is a natural percentage of scalp and hair oil; paints and shampoos change it. If in alkaline products for coloring, perm and straightening the indicator is 8-12, then a softer pH is required for restoration and neutralization. On average, it ranges from 3.5 to 6.

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FAQs and Expert Opinion By Dr. Mally Carrey


We asked Dr. Mally about best shampoos for colored hair – a dermatologist and beauty blogger whose business card is a spectacular pink haircut. Now she is blonde, she has tried many professional brands of shampoos – and is ready to share her experience with you.

Question: What component in the shampoo must be in the care of colored hair, in your opinion?

Answer: I cannot single out any specific component, but I always pay attention to the presence of antioxidants in the shampoo, which protect against aggressive environmental influences. Colored hair is more susceptible to it than natural hair. First of all, the color that we want to preserve for a longer time suffers.

Question: Do I need to alternate shampoos – regular and for colored hair?

Answer: In the first 10-14 days after dyeing, it is recommended to use only products for colored hair: this is not only shampoo, but also a conditioner and a mask. This will help maintain color longer, give shine, restore and hydrate hair. Then, before the next staining, you can mix shampoos for a week, add, for example, nourishing or moisturizing. Depending on the condition of the hair.

Question: How often can you use shampoo for colored hair?

Answer: Let’s not forget that the main purpose of the shampoo is to cleanse the scalp and hair, and secondarily to protect the color, restore, etc. Therefore, focus on your feeling of cleanliness of hair and scalp. Someone needs to wash their hair every day, someone every other day, and for someone they look great after 3-4 days. There are no strict rules, everything is individual. But if we are talking about shampoos with pigments, for example, purple to neutralize yellowness in blondes, then such shampoos should not be used every day on an ongoing basis, they dry the hair quite a lot. Therefore, to maintain a cool blonde shade, use them 2 weeks after dyeing and no more than 1-2 times a week, depending on how often you wash your hair.

Hope this review article will help you to source the best shampoos for colored hair. Please share this article with your friends who are using hair colors for perfect look.