Brazilian Manicure: How You Can Do It at Home?

Brazilian Manicure

Brazilian manicure appeared relatively recently, but in such a short time has already managed to earn a reputation for itself. The reason for this popularity is obvious – ease of implementation, sterility, hygiene and absolute safety. In this article we’ll discuss how you can do Brazilian Manicure at home.


Getting yourself a Brazilian manicure at home is not difficult. You just need to buy a set and follow the instructions described below.

Benefits of Brazilian Manicure

Thanks to the effect of the glove composition, the skin of your hands will become smooth and silky, and your nails will be strong and well-groomed. But what is the advantage of this innovative treatment method over the classic trim manicure? More details:

  • the composition of the mask is suitable for all skin types;
  • disposable set provides a high degree of hygiene and safety;
  • the risks of injuring the delicate skin around the nails or bringing in an infection are reduced to zero due to the absence of cutting and stabbing tools in the set (with the exception of the use of nail scissors with a very coarse cuticle);
  • ideal for dry skin of hands, relieves inflammation, promotes healing of microcracks and small wounds;
  • well aligns the surface of the nail plate, whitens the tip of the nail;
  • suitable for restoration and strengthening of nails after extension.

Due to the fact that our masters got to know the Brazilian manicure relatively recently, not all salons provide such a service. This is the only disadvantage of the procedure. But buying such a set in a cosmetic store is not difficult. So, we can carry out a similar procedure at home.

Despite the fact that the idea of ​​developing a unique formula for nail care belonged to a Brazilian company, the well-known international organization Greenpeace became the first and main customer. A pharmaceutical company was directly involved in the development of the composition.

Brazilian Manicure Set: What’s in The Package?

When buying a set for a Brazilian manicure, in it you get an orange stick for removing cuticles, a disposable abrasive file for processing the free edge of the nail and gloves filled with a special compound.

Brazilian Manicure
Brazilian Manicure

It is in this emulsion that substances valuable for the skin of hands and nails are contained:

  • allantoin for moisturizing dry skin and removing dead skin cells;
  • witch hazel, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that promote healing of small wounds and scratches;
  • tea tree oil – a powerful antiseptic used to disinfect the skin;
  • keratin – a regenerating agent for a damaged nail plate;
  • calcium to strengthen nails;
  • polymer that provides a protective coating to nails before applying varnish;
  • beeswax to soften the cuticle and remove it safely.

The cost of such a set is about 10 dollars. Not too high a price to pay for well-groomed pens and healthy nails.

In the salon, such a procedure will cost an order of magnitude more. But you can cope with the caring procedure on your own at home.

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How You Can Do Brazilian Manicure at Home?

Brazilian manicure and pedicure are performed according to the same scheme. The only difference is the gloves included in the kit. Instead, the packaging for the pedicure includes cellophane socks for feet filled with the same caring composition.

Brazilian Manicure
Brazilian Manicure

And now step by step instructions:

  • The first step is to disinfect the skin of the hands. To do this, wash them with antibacterial soap or simply treat your skin with an antiseptic.
  • Remove any remaining old varnish with an acetone-free liquid.
  • Correct the shape of your nails with the included file.
  • Use an orange stick to slightly push back the cuticle so that it is better saturated with the emulsion.
  • Put on the gloves from the set, sliding the cream inside closer to the cuticle area, spreading the remainder evenly over the brush. Leave the nourishing mask for 7 minutes.
  • Tear off the tip of the glove in the area of ​​one nail or gently cut with nail scissors.
  • Use an orange stick to cleanse the cuticle and lateral ridges. If more than a month has passed since the last manicure, and the cuticle has become very rough, remove it with nail scissors (do not forget to pre-treat them with alcohol or another antiseptic).
  • Repeat the procedure for all nails.
  • Take off your gloves and massage your hands thoroughly, allowing the remaining emulsion to absorb. Remove the remaining cream with a regular napkin.

If you wish, you can complete the manicure by coating the nail plate with varnish, having previously degreased it.

In the end, you will spend no more than half an hour on the entire procedure, unlike the same French manicure, manicure with a pattern or using rhinestones. A classic trim manicure will take you much longer. After all, just one bath for nails will take you 15-20 minutes.