5 Tips to Cope with Brown Spots

Brown Spots

Still haven’t found the solution to make your brown spots disappear? Discover without further ado our 5 tips to try to get through it.

1. Use A Lightening Serum

To significantly reduce brown spots, we start by investing in a targeted anti-stain care. In cream or serum, these treatments usually enriched with exfoliating and depigmenting actives decrease the color of the spots and boost the radiance of the complexion. Day after day, the complexion becomes even and the skin brighter.

The product recommended by the editorial team: the Luminessence Bright Generator serum from Giorgio Armani. Thanks to bright Regen technology, an ultra-high – performance combination of active ingredients, it reorients light into the skin and removes light “traps” such as brown spots, redness or wrinkles.

Prima Color Control Glow Moisturizer
Prima Color Control Glow Moisturizer for Brown Spots

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2- HYDRATE and Protect Your Skin Daily

Even if the brown spots are already installed, no question to stop taking care of your skin! The first essential steps of everyday life: make-up removal and moisturizing your face every day to keep beautiful and healthy skin. Another reflex not to neglect: protect yourself from the sun, and not only when you are by the sea. For urban women, for example, we put on a day cream and/or foundation with a sun protection index.

The product recommended by the editorial team: Vichy’s Life Active Care. Formulated with Baicalin root extract for its antioxidant properties, Bifidus derived from probiotics to strengthen the skin barrier and Vichy Thermal Water enriched with 15 rare minerals, it slows the appearance of premature signs of age accentuated by external aggression such as pollution, UV, tobacco, fatigue or stress. And since the fight against pigment spots also involves UV protection, Life Active is enriched with an SPF 15.

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3 – Perform A Gentle Peeling at Home

Recently, many cosmetic brands offer their own peeling to do at home. These treatments usually contain a small dose of fruit acid (AHA) and glycolic acid, an active reference of Dermatology that is used in the practice of peels in medical practice. They allow a deep and smooth micro-exfoliation of the epidermis. By stimulating cell renewal, these gentle peels act on the complexion’s radiance and reduce brown spots on the skin. Be careful, those who have sensitive skin will prefer to use it in a cure of 3 weeks maximum, with an alternation 1 evening on 2.

The product recommended by La Redac: Lancome Crescendo visionary progressive night Peeling. It is a liquid peeling whose two phases are used successively during a full cycle of 28 nights. Thanks to its 5% natural AHA fruit dacids and quinoa bran extract, phase 1 aims to eliminate the surface layers of dead cells and boosts cell renewal. With its 10% salicylic and glycolic acid, phase 2 will regenerate the skin in depth.

Crescendo Visionary Progressive Night Peeling
Crescendo Visionary Progressive Night Peeling

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4- Cheat with Makeup to Hide Brown Spots

As a complement to the care done at home, one can make her brown spots disappear thanks to makeup. Choose a foundation that camouflages the complexion to perfection without mask effect and we add if necessary, a concealer stick. We first put the corrector on the areas to be corrected and then tap to melt the material in the skin. We then apply her make-up product for the complexion and fix it with a veil of powder.

The product recommended by La Redac: the Infallible foundation Total Cover From L’Oreal Paris, perfect combination between high coverage and long wear. Its formula enriched with camo stretch assets combines ultra-stretch texture, optimal coverage and all-day comfort. As a result, all imperfections whose hyper-pigmentation spots are perfectly camouflaged.

Total Cover From L'Oreal Paris
Total Cover From L’Oreal Paris

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5- Opt for The Aesthetic and Dermatological OPTION

To overcome brown spots, there are other much more radical solutions such as cryotherapy which consists in applying liquid nitrogen to the spots at – 190° C. a small crust is formed within 24 hours and then falls after one to three weeks depending on the areas. Another option: pulsed light that allows to target brown spots while preserving nearby tissues. Its specific wavelengths target the brown pigment for gradual elimination. By targeting melanosome (melanin reservoir in skin cells), pigment laser heat is also an ultra-effective technique on brown spots.

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Before proceeding to the act, we always ask the opinion of a dermatologist who will be the most able to determine the origin of the spots and direct the person to specific treatments to correct them. And of course, in the wake, total ban on exposure to the sun.