Why Clean Your Skin Every Day?

Why Clean Your Skin Every Day

Dermatologists do not stop repeating this: it is necessary to clean your skin every day, morning and evening. But for what reasons? We tell you everything.

Cleansing your skin is an indispensable gesture that must be repeated every day and ideally, morning and evening. And this, even if you do not wear makeup. We are constantly told this and yet we do not always respect to the letter this gesture that requires a lot of discipline. It even happens to us sometimes to skip this step. But maybe if we had in mind, or a post-it stuck on the mirror reminding us of the many benefits of this regular cleaning for our skin. We would not miss it anymore. A booster shot is required.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Skin Every Morning?

To be honest, the cleaning we often miss is the morning one. Either because of an alarm clock that does not ring or because of a lack of motivation to spray your face still warm and sunny with cold water. We know! Still, even if the day is just beginning, the skin really needs this morning cleansing.

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Morning Skin Cleansing is Indispensable For:

  • Remove sebum and impurities that reject the skin by sweating overnight.
  • Rid the skin of dirt (dust and other) attached to the pillowcase or sheets, which it eventually captures.
  • Remove possible make-up residues.
  • Prepare the skin to receive various Care: Serum, moisturizing cream and foundation, among others.
  • Get a clean, pink and fresh complexion.

How to Clean Your Skin at The Jump from The Bed?

Exit the cleaning agents and aggressive, the cleaning should be gentle. For this, we turn to foaming gels or micellar waters at physiological pH, without soap and alcohol.

Micellar Water: Pure Active Micellar Solution All In 1 from Garnier. Formulated without perfume and paraben, this facial provides a feeling of purity and comfort.

Garnier Micellar Cleaning Water
Garnier Micellar Cleaning Water

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Why Do You Also Have to Clean Your Skin Every Night?

Although it is true that after a well-watered evening, we sometimes have the urge to go through the “bathroom” box, usually, after returning from a busy working day, we rarely zap the stage of makeup removal / cleaning. We feel that the skin needs to be washed and we are not mistaken.

Evening Cleaning is Indispensable For:

  • Take off your makeup.
  • Get rid of impurities accumulated throughout the day and especially pollution residues.
  • Absorb, if necessary, excess sebum.
  • Allow the skin to breathe all night.
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How to Clean Your Skin Before Going Under the Duvet?

The right gesture to save time and go to bed faster: use 2-in-1 products that remove makeup and cleanse the skin at the same time.

Ultra-Makeup Remover: Ultra Makeup Remover from La Roche Posay. This care removes makeup and cleanses the skin deeply and gently thanks to Sodium Hyaluronate. The skin is clean, clean and ready to recharge the batteries.

La Roche Posay Makeup Remover
La Roche Posay Ultra Makeup Remover

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Should Tap Water Be Avoided to Clean Your Skin?

Tap water can be rich in limestone. This can weaken the epidermis, cause skin disorders and make the skin reactive. Our tips to calm the tugging.

The limestone content of a water differs from region to region. The hardness of it can explain skin reactions in the most sensitive skin such as pulling, drying, but also itching.

Tap Water to Use Wisely

However, it is not necessary to ban tap water, according to dermatologist Michel: “the use of running water should be done wisely. The important thing is to preserve the optimal quality of the hydrolipidic film acting as a protective barrier to the surface of the skin. “For this, only one solution: be listening the skin. If it pulls, and has redness. Understand that limestone and chlorine irritate it.

He adds: “but this is not a reason to completely do without it. “Applied fresh to the skin, it tightens the pores and stimulates its radiance.”

Don’t Wet Your Face Anymore?

Faced with this finding, some women have chosen to ban tap water from their face routine judging its aggressive properties on the skin. Among them, Sandrine tells about the change made. “At first it was not obvious, I had my habits and my fanciful beliefs. She explains that she has replaced the usual jet of water from the shower with thermal water, and seems very satisfied with this new beauty routine: “I take much more pleasure in pampering my skin, and begins to feel a real difference. My face no longer has surprising redness and is less and less responsive ” she details on her blog.

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Thermal Water, Micellar, Tonic Lotion: Alternatives

Indeed, the results are not immediate, it is necessary to wait several weeks before feeling a real change on our epidermis. This new beauty routine, free of running water on the face is also made possible by the use of care without rinsing like micellar solutions or tonic lotions.

And if it is possible to evaluate the limestone content of its water, thanks to strips that allow the hardness of the water, solutions exist to reduce its limestone content.

In case of particularly calcareous water, it is advisable for example to use a water softener. It costs between 600 to 2,000 dollars, a substantial budget, but the guarantee of a softer water and therefore suitable for the most sensitive skin.