5 Shock Cleansing Gels for The Face

cleansing gels

The cleansing gels are the essential product to perfect its makeup removal. We help you choose it right, depending on your skin type.

Acure Care Cream Cleansing Gel

For Whom? Sensitive skin prone to redness.

Why do we love it? Thanks to its hybrid technology, halfway between a cleansing gel and a care cream, this Cleansing gel suitable for sensitive skin leaves the skin cleansed and soothed. Its enveloping and delicately foamy texture remove impurities without skimping on the comfort brought to the skin.

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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel All In One

For Whom? Oily skin with a sensitive option.

Why do we love it? Its overall action removes makeup from all types of makeup, including waterproof. While micelles gently capture and remove impurities, sebum and makeup by causing an emulsion on the skin, purifying zinc brings a feeling of freshness and comfort to the skin. This is my best choice and best selling product in all cleansing gels product range.

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Toleriane Softening Foaming Gel From La Rock Posay

For Whom? Intolerant skin.

Why do we love it? To allow intolerant skin to regain the pleasure of water, this best cleansing gel is formulated without soap, fragrance, preservative, alcohol and dye, which minimizes the risk of allergy. Its 21% glycerin respects the natural pH of the skin and its surfactants gently remove impurities as well as makeup. This foaming gel’s limestone neutralizing agent prevents the risk of drying out and irritation after rinsing.

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Vichy Purete Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel

For Whom? Skin exposed to pollution.

Why do we love it? Enriched with Moringa extract (known for its detoxifying action, effective against pollution particles) and equipped with amylite technology (which helps in particular to obtain a moisturizing foam), this cleansing gel gently cleanses the skin of impurities without drying it and leaves it durably soft and fresh.

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Biotherm Purefect Skin Cleansing Gel

For Whom? Oily skin.

Why do we love it? This Cleansing Gel sanitizing anti-shine deeply purifies the skin thanks to the Laminaria Digitata, a seaweed of the coasts of the Altlantique with purifying and antibacterial power, which combined with zinc, is ultra-effective to target bacteria.

Result? The skin is mattified for 8 hours, imperfections and pores are significantly reduced. This is one of the best selling product in cleansing gels category on Amazon.

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These are few best cleansing gel available in market today. I will try to review few cleansing gels in next article for all of you.

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Quick Beauty & Cosmetics Tips

Quick Beauty & Cosmetics Tips

Beauty Products: How to Decrypt Labels?

Triclosan, Phenoxyethanol, Propylene Glycol… at a time when certain components such as parabens are questioned, how to decipher the labels in order to choose the best its beauty products? Here is our guide:

With their scientific name, many of the assets contained in beauty products are beyond the knowledge of consumers, whose need for transparency is growing.

However, these components are subject to strict regulation by the ANSM (National Agency for the safety of medicines and health products) and the DGCCRF (Directorate-General for competition, consumption and the suppression of fraud).

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Labeling Subject to Strict Rules

The number of ingredients that make up a product for cosmetic use, their indication on the label and especially their quantity is thus governed by strict guidelines.

“The list of ingredients in the product shall be drawn up in descending order of their importance in terms of weight or volume. Ingredients with a concentration of less than 1% can be mentioned in the disorder after those with a concentration of more than 1%,” explains the Ministry of Health.

In order to better understand the “INCI list” (International nomenclature of cosmetics ingredients) Babillages gives some tips of sites to consult to get information directly: “if I want to have more information about a product, in addition to ‘translating’ the name of the product into English, some sites give information about their role in the composition of your product”.

She thus evokes the internet sites the truth about cosmetics, or even the Observatory of cosmetics and points out that deciphering labels “yes, it takes time. And not only a little, especially if you are not used to exercise”.

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Toxic Components?

In September 2015, a study by the magazine 60 million consumers reveals “that one product in two contains at least one molecule that is problematic” but that “rather than give in to panic” it is better to ” use this awareness to change your habits. For there is nothing inevitable. Depending on the cosmetics you choose, you will be able to greatly limit the number of unwanted molecules to which you are exposed.

For their part, if manufacturers regularly reformulate their products according to the molecules involved, some substitutes can in turn provoke reactions. This is the case in particular of methylisothiazolinone (or MIT), a preferred substitution molecule of industrialists, replacing parabens, pointed by some dermatologists because it would promote eczema.

What About So-Called “Natural” Beauty Products?

Faced with doubts, many opt for certified products. A label that implies that “95% minimum of the total ingredients must be natural or of natural origin”.

Pay attention all the same to some of these components, such as essential oils. Their use in its pure form is not to be taken lightly. Indeed, some, poorly dosed or simply dermocaustic can cause irritation, skin reactions and even burns. Here, again, it is better therefore to inquire before heading head down to the bio radius.