Collagen: Its Benefits for The Skin


What is collagen and how to boost it? We explain how to give the skin a youthful look by taking care of it and to influence its production in the skin.

Collagen: What Exactly Is It?

Indispensable reinforcement to the dermis…

Protein naturally present throughout the body mainly in the form of fiber, it forms the armature of the dermis. The role of collagen is to ensure cohesion between the epidermis and the dermis (much like glue) and to guarantee mechanical resistance to stretching. That is, it determines the degree of tone and suppleness of the skin.

In addition, it promotes the regeneration of all tissues of the body. Massively present in the body, it accounts for about 1/4 of the body’s protein mass and there are 20 different types of it. For example, collagen 1 is found at the level of the skin, and collagen 3, is found at the level of muscles and blood vessels.

… But That Decreases with Age

While collagen is essential to guarantee the strength and youth of the skin, its production is not continuous. Indeed, “from about 30 years, women lose 1% of collagen every year, or 6% of the thickness of the skin every 10 years,” explains Nina, dermatologist and author of the book a skin in great shape (solar editions). Then at menopause the loss of collagen accelerates. A physiological change, which results in sagging skin, sagging volumes and the appearance of wrinkles.

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When Lifestyle Influences Collagen Quality

The way of life also influences the production of collagen in the skin. Oxidative stress (induced by pollution, UV exposure or even an unbalanced diet) destroys these proteins, inhibits its synthesis and impairs the proper functioning of the skin. Formidable,” this oxidative stress aggravates the manifestations of skin problem and contributes to the acceleration of skin aging” confirms Nina.

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How to Boost Collagen for Younger Skin?

Boost Collagen for Younger Skin

Massage and Stimulate

Did you know that massages help to raise the level of collagen in the face? Indeed, stimulating the epidermis puts the skin cells back to work, softens the tissues and boosts the production of collagen and elastin. So, do not deprive yourself of a good face massage in Institute. At home, take the time to perform massaging gestures (touches, compression points), always rising from the inside to the outside of the face.

Make the Full of Vitamins

Essential fatty acids participate in the production of collagen and in fine to maintain the beauty of the skin. From the age of 50, do not hesitate to chew some almonds to taste and prefer legumes such as beans or fatty fish such as salmon. Do also, stock up on foods rich in vitamin E, C and A. their antioxidant virtues make it possible to fight against oxidative stress.

Targeting Care

From 30 it is advisable to change her beauty habits. Because prevention is better than cure, change your moisturizer, against a care enriched with anti-aging active (such as magnolia essential oil with redensifying power) or antioxidant (such as Baicaline) to preserve your collagen. On the other hand, creams enriched with collagen, do not boost production at the level of the skin, but remain very good moisturizers.

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