Compression Underwear: Is It Possible to Lose Weight Using Special Underwear?

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Compression Underwear

Dreams of fast weight loss are visited by many, especially ladies. To achieve the goal, everything that is possible is used: diet, exercise, and even compression underwear. Many are based on the idea that it squeezes and tightens, and is often quite dense, due to which it allows you to quickly part with the hated kilograms and centimetres. But does this method really work?

Losing Weight with Compression Underwear?

Often people simply replace the concept of “losing weight” when using compression underwear. Compression allows the body to be pulled down, including in problem areas. It is enough to put on high-waisted shorts to hide and visually remove a couple of centimeters. But the key word here is “visual”.

Compression Underwear
Losing Weight with Compression Underwear

Today, the assortment of lingerie is quite large: panties, pantaloons, corsets, bodysuits, leggings, stockings and even a special underwear. With their help, you can quickly get a toned belly, firm buttocks and high breasts. Slimming underwear reduces body volume, moreover, due to compression, it allows you to redistribute fat so that the body looks more attractive. This option is called simulating. But, as the name suggests, this is just modeling. Marketers argue that if you keep your body tied with such underwear for a long time, then it will retain its shape for several hours after removing the underwear. Again, you need to follow the concepts: keep in shape, and not burn extra pounds.

Compression Ratio

Compression garments have certain degrees of compression. The first is considered the weakest. Such underwear does not reduce body volume. It is often offered even in regular stores: for example, panties with a special drawer insert. The second degree is called intermediate, it can be felt on the body akin to a bandage. This, experts say, can be used to mask a large number of kilograms: up to 10. The third degree is strong. In this case, we are talking about linen with special inserts. This practically does not last. A similar option is assigned only in very special cases.

When Use Compression Garments?

Usually, compression garments are still used more for medical purposes. So, it is suggested to wear it during and after operations for a speedy recovery and to avoid serious consequences. It is also used to rehabilitate and maintain the body after all the same operations, for example, special underwear after operations on the chest or abdomen. The doctor examines the situation and recommends the selection of an option: by the type of compression, by the country of origin, and by size, and by appearance.

Compression Underwear
Compression Garments

Are There Any Dangers?

Of course, compression garments should be prescribed exclusively by a doctor based on the history and situation. It is important to understand that self-selection of such knitwear can lead to negative consequences. So, for example, you should not use a more powerful compression in order not to get problems with blood circulation. Doctors are totally opposed to heavily draining underwear, and in some cases even medium dragging. Too long exposure in this case disrupts the breathing of the skin, creates problems with blood circulation and lymph circulation, negatively affects the muscles, and sometimes the internal organs.

Compression Underwear
Compression Underwear Are Dangers?

Also, do not indulge in slimming underwear so that the muscles do not weaken. So, compression underwear with a slimming effect is most often a one-time option, for publication for several hours.

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Of course, be sure to read the instructions and study the contraindications before buying linen. As for the crux of the matter, compression underwear does not help to lose weight at all. That is, pulling yourself down for a while and making your figure visually slimmer and more beautiful, at the exit you will not lose anything in terms of weight.

“Everyone wants to have some kind of magic pill, a means to cope with the problem. And that’s okay, we are all human. Especially when it comes to figure and weight loss. Shorts, belts, food films, everything is used, even compression underwear! Recently, there is an opinion that, having pulled down in this way, you sweat more intensely, and something magical is happening there, and the fat burns before our eyes.

None of the above burns your fat. Fat is burning in the kitchen. Compression underwear is created for another, and then these goals cause eternal controversy among doctors and scientists. Knitwear today can be prescribed with or without reason. The most common is the presence of varicose veins, but there are questions here. Try not to be led by marketing. This is money wasted! Exercise in loose, body-friendly clothing. All other dreams of outside help are your laziness,” says Alena Murlaeva, fitness trainer, healthy nutrition specialist, expert of the National Health League on physical activity. Therefore, you should not try to create the illusion of quick weight loss with the help of improvised means. It is better to visit a doctor, find the optimal exercise option, as well as go to a nutritionist and build a healthy diet. This will create an optimal program for harmonious weight loss and body shaping. And compression garments should be used only on the recommendation of a doctor and under certain indications.