Expression Wrinkles: Before and After Using These Expert Advice

Expression Wrinkles

Mimicry is our everything. We laugh, raise our eyebrows in surprise or indignation, frown in the sun or think about something. Did you notice its all because of expression wrinkles. In adolescence, while the skin is young and elastic, wrinkles do not form on the skin after mimic movements, just a couple of minutes and it is smooth and even again.

With age, often after 25-30 years, the fibers that make up the skin frame and are responsible for its elasticity become less and less and after active facial expressions it is already possible to trace static wrinkles (those that do not disappear even in the absence of facial expressions for some time).

Creases can be superficial or deep enough, even at a fairly young age, it depends on the degree of activity of facial muscles and the quality of the skin. Most patients who apply for facial wrinkle correction believe that they add to the face at least several years.

Most often, wrinkles from facial expressions are formed in the area:

  • Forehead.
  • Eyebrows.
  • Contour plastic (volumetric correction with fillers).
  • Near the eyes (“crow’s feet”).
  • Corners of lips.

Now there is a great opportunity to prevent the formation of creases or, if they have already formed, significantly reduce them.

Preparations based on botulinum toxin type A (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, etc.) temporarily block unwanted facial expressions in whole or in part, thereby preventing the muscle from contracting and forming wrinkles. There are options for thread lifting. Before the procedure, the doctor must conduct a full consultation, find out the indications and possible contraindications, and answer all questions in detail.

The patient reviews and signs an informed consent. The procedure itself consists in injecting a solution of botulinum toxin in micro doses into the desired muscle, it is well tolerated. The result is increasing from the 3rd to 10th day. The result is assessed after 2 weeks.

The regularity of the procedures is on average once every 6-8 months.

Purse and Age Wrinkles (Before and After)

Age Wrinkles (Before and After)
Age Wrinkles (Before and After)

Barcode, this is how mimic wrinkles near the lips are usually called. A softer name is purse string, but the essence remains the same. They stretch from the red border of the lips to the nose, often leaving quite visible creases on the skin at a young age. In addition to the main disadvantage – adding age to the owner, they still cause a lot of inconvenience with makeup, foundation and powder are collected in the folds, lipstick and gloss mercilessly spread along the wrinkles from the lips.

The opinion is false that purse-string wrinkles occur only during menopause and in older women. In my practice, I regularly observe such a picture on the lips, starting from the age of 30. Of course, not everyone has predisposing factors – smoking, lack of protection from the sun during frequent sun exposure, active facial expressions, skin characteristics (more often dry), heredity.

To wave your hand at these wrinkles is not the best option, because it is precisely such mimic marks that create the look of an aging face.

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The Causes of Expression Wrinkles on Face

Causes of Expression Wrinkles on Face
Causes of Expression Wrinkles on Face

The origin of wrinkles lies deeper than the level of the skin and different areas of the face have their own reasons – excessive mimic activity, anatomical features, sleep on the face, drooping of facial tissues with age, decreased skin tone, photoaging (from sunlight).

What is A Wrinkle?

A wrinkle is a hall of the skin, where it is constantly subjected to mechanical compression and squeezing. Most often, wrinkles arise from the work of facial muscles. This mainly occurs on the forehead, in the area between the eyebrows, near the eyes and lips. Often, these creases form on the cheeks when the fibers of the laugh muscle are woven into the skin. Wrinkles form on the face during sleep – such wrinkles differ from the rest in the direction of the rays and in an unusual arrangement (vertical), they are more often one-sided, and can aggravate existing facial wrinkles, for example, nasolabial wrinkles.

What is A Wrinkle?

There are dynamic and static wrinkles. Dynamic ones appear only when facial expressions are active, and with a calm face they quickly and completely disappear. This is typical for people with good skin tone, more often up to 22-25 years old, or for people older, but with weak mimic activity.

Static wrinkles can be seen without facial expressions, they remain in place for a long time or even forever, even if the face is motionless. They appear at any age with very high mimic activity or when the skin tone decreases for various reasons.

Expression Wrinkles

Wrinkles on Face Mainly Under Eyes. Before and After
Wrinkles on Face Mainly Under Eyes. Before and After

Botulinum therapy (botulinum toxin injections) is, after all, precisely the prevention of wrinkles. The drug does not affect the quality of the skin, it does not fill, it just turns off facial expressions. This means that if there are pronounced creases on the skin, then they will most likely remain even after the procedure, there will be only slight smoothing due to the lack of facial expressions in this area.

That is why, in order not to have to use additional techniques in the future to eliminate the wrinkles that have already formed, patients prefer not to let them form. As soon as you begin to notice that the lines on the forehead, near the eyes, in the area between the eyebrows remain for more than 2-3 hours or do not go away at all, then it’s time to go to the procedure to the beautician.

In this case, the patient has precisely prevention. She has wonderful elastic skin, but very thin, this leads to early wrinkles in the mobile areas. We treat these areas with Botox every 6 months and you can evaluate the result. Smooth skin without wrinkles. At the same time, it is noticeable that there is no complete absence of facial expressions, the slight mobility of the eyebrows is preserved so that the face is “alive”.

Beautician Work:

  • Smooth skin without wrinkles
  • Brow mobility
  • There is facial expression
  • “Living” face
  • Botulinum toxin injections
  • Prevention

Expression Wrinkles

Heavy on The Neck. Before and After
Heavy on The Neck. Before and After

The straps on the neck, as well as the arms, give out age very strongly. In women from 35-40, they may not be so much noticeable, due to the still good skin tone, but still attract attention when moving, turning the head to the sides, laughing or just talking. Such cords appear due to the increased tone of the neck muscle, which is called platysma. It is very thin and wide, covering the anterior and lateral surfaces of the neck, so the strands can be observed both from the side of the collarbones and under the chin.

It is impossible to control the process of its tension, so if you don’t like the cords and it seems to you that they “age”, then you need to relax this muscle. The most effective method is microinjection of botulinum toxin preparations. The procedure is very well tolerated and takes just a few minutes. The effect begins from the 3rd day and increases until the 10th. The interval between treatments is usually 6 to 8 months.

In this case, we evaluated the result after 2 weeks, the patient was satisfied with the received effect. The neck began to look much younger, although we just relaxed the platysm and have not yet worked with the quality of the skin.

Beautician work:

  • The neck is younger
  • Relaxed platism
  • result in 2 weeks
  • Microinjection Botox
  • Interval up to 8 months

Expression Wrinkles

Expression Wrinkles
Expression Wrinkles

In this case, the task was precisely to smooth out the purse-string wrinkles in order to smooth the skin on the upper lip and visually rejuvenate the face. In order to quickly achieve the result, it was decided to use a filler based on hyaluronic acid. The lips were slightly beautified and purse-string wrinkles were “stitched”. We evaluated the result in 2 weeks.

As a result, the lips did not increase in size, but simply became smoother and fuller, the contour became denser, due to this, new creases will not be formed during facial expressions. The same creases that were filled in very delicately. Nothing betrays the intervention of a beautician.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes about an hour with consultation and pain relief. It is transferred comfortably, rehabilitation is 3-7 days, swelling and bruising are possible. The effect is on average up to a year.


  • Smooth lips
  • Dense contour
  • No beautician intervention visible
  • Smoothed out the skin from wrinkles

Expression Wrinkles

Wrinkles on The Forehead. Before and After
Wrinkles on The Forehead. Before and After

I guess, yes. But for some reason, when you see them in the mirror, they are not at all pleasing. Especially when you’re 30 years old. The option to control facial expressions is not suitable for everyone, since it is not for nothing that this facial expression is called involuntary. A person often does not even notice how his forehead is shaking.

In this case, Botox or Dysport work well, the light block and the skin is much smoother both on the forehead and around the eyes. The eyes still “laugh” with a smile, there is no amimity, and at the same time the look is fresh and rested. The procedure is one minute, easily tolerated, the effect occurs from the 3rd to the 10th day, the procedure is repeated every 4-8 months.


  • One-minute procedure
  • Easy to carry
  • Effect in less than 10 days
  • Repeat after 4 months
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Expression wrinkles are the most common issue after 30 years of age, using above mentioned treatment and selfcare you can prevent expression of wrinkles for a long time and get a healthy glowing skin forever.