Fear of Illness: Should You Be Afraid of Illness? How to Get Rid of Fear?

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Fear of illness

Fear of illness can seriously disrupt your normal life, interfering with it at work, school, at home, or in your relationships with people. Fear of illness is one of those phobias that include more than one fear. For example, a fear of illness may actually be a fear of germs, of hospitals, or even a fear of death or hell.

All of these can do their part to create a fear of illness. In fact, some of these fears can actually be the source of the fear of illness.

A person who is struggling with the fear of illness is wasting not only his physical energy, but also his mental energy.

What Causes Disease Fears?

It may just appear, as adults, for example, tell a child: “Immediately go to the bathroom and wash your hands, otherwise you will get sick from all these germs on your hands.” With the wrong word or wrong intonation, the child can transform this into a feeling that his own hands can cause illness.

Illness, in turn, can lead to physical pain. The end result may even be this – a person has a belief that just touching something, it can lead to death. In fact, this is a “perverted” faith or, in other words, fear.

Fear eventually develops into something debilitating and overwhelming. Those who experience this fear find it difficult to focus on other things besides the only subject – the very fear of disease and suffering. They may try to talk about something else, but often return to their fears.

They may even try to deny the fear and thoughts about it, but in a stressful situation it becomes apparent that they have very little control over it, and that their fear dictates what they should do.

 Symptoms of Fear of Illness

  • Constant worry
  • Panic attacks
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Irregular or increased heart rate
  • Shiver
  • Fainting
  • Desire to run
  • Desire to wash your hands

How to Overcome Fears of Illness?

Do not suffer in vain. Don’t wait a minute to get rid of the fear and this unnecessary suffering in your life.

One of the greatest tools for overcoming fear is helping your brain understand the difference between an emotional response (based on fear) and a rational or logical response. This is the first big step. The second step – finding the real (real) source of fear – will also be essential in developing a plan to overcome fear.

Understand that the chances of a fatal illness are extremely low. In most cases, people who have contracted a fatal disease have received it due to mistakes that very rarely happen. You don’t have to be extremely anxious all the time, but only when life really requires it.

Take a vacation. Yes, you heard right. Fear of illness is often triggered by stress. Take a weekend to relax. Visit something like a beach or a beautiful forest. Just take a break from just a couple of days in a quiet location. Relax where you like and you can be with whoever you like. Just make sure it’s a great place to get away and forget all your troubles.

You were not given a life to waste worrying about disease. Live with faith in the best, not fearing the worst. As long as you live, make it fun. Don’t run ahead of yourself thinking that you are going to die at a young age.

See your doctor if you really need it. Let him tell you more about your concerns than anyone else would. Hope the doctor knows what he is doing to help you stop worrying about disease or infection.

Share how you feel. Find someone who can listen to you and whom you can trust. Keeping everything “locked up” inside of you will not help anything. By releasing your feelings, you can make them go away. If you have no one to talk to (or in addition to the conversation) – express your feelings and thoughts on paper. To do this, you can keep a diary with your entries. Many people are helped only by the expression of their feelings and then their fears can disappear.

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