Fitness and Its Effect on The Body

Fitness and Its Effect on Body

Today we will analyze with you – what is fitness? Physical activity is a necessary condition for life itself.

The course of human evolutionary development predetermined the normal functioning of all your organs and systems under conditions of active motor activity.

Inactivity destroys the soul and body. Restriction of physical activity leads to functional and morphological changes in the body and a decrease in life expectancy.

A high level of physical and mental performance of people involved in physical exercise lasts much longer than that of those who do not.

Decreased active motor activity (hypokinesia) has a detrimental effect on health. First of all, it contributes to the development of cardiovascular disorders, leads to metabolic disorders.

Exercise prevents atherosclerotic changes in blood vessels, reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, etc.

The ability to counteract the changes in the internal environment that accompany the performance of physical exercises is a specific property of a trained organism. At the same time, physical exercise also increases the so-called non-specific, i.e. natural, protective resistance of the body.

A person acquires a reliable ability to actively fight against disease-causing agents of the external environment.

Among the factors of maintaining and strengthening health, the leading role belongs to physical culture and various methods of increasing physical activity.

One of these methods is fitness. The word “fitness” is firmly rooted in the modern language, and fitness training has become an integral part of the full life of an active person, ready for achievements in various fields. From English “fitness” is translated as: “to be in shape”, “to be ready.”

Fitness is not just a complex of physical exercises, it is a system of general health improvement of a person through a certain physical activity, combining strength and aerobic training, supplemented by the development of flexibility and providing for a certain diet.

Fitness is so multifaceted that anyone, regardless of age, gender, lifestyle, health status, can adapt the system to their needs. After all, everyone wants to see themselves healthy, vigorous, successful, attractive outwardly – in a word, happy.

The Impact of Fitness on The Human Body

Being fit a person can solve several health problems at once.

  • health improvement (maintaining good physical shape, strengthening immunity, preventing various diseases);
  • achievement of sports results (maximum development of muscles, strength, endurance and the solution of other sports tasks at a high level; at the same time, efficiency and activity in all spheres of life are growing);
  • body aesthetics (formation of a beautiful and harmonious figure, improvement of proportions and shape of muscles, reduction of body fat);
  • psycho-therapeutic effect (acquiring concentration and relaxation skills, combating stress, creating a cheerful mood due to the production of endorphins during training).