What Foods Improve Immunity? Top Products for Immunity

Foods Improve Immunity

Immunity boosting foods are a must in order to strengthen the body and always keep it in good condition.

The most important thing in a person’s health is the state of his immune system. The work of all organs depends on it.

The immune system, in turn, depends on the quantity and quality of consumed vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

The main foods that increase our immunity are those that saturate our body with vitamins. Today, a large number of vitamins and nutrients are found in plants.

The vitamins that the body consumes from food are energy sources and a kind of building material for the immune system. They accelerate all chemical reactions that take place in the cells of the body.

Vitamins act as catalysts in the body and provide physiological and biochemical processes in every cell of the body. Vitamins also help neutralize the effects of harmful bacteria that can disrupt the general health of a person.

Vitamins in the human body cannot form on their own. They come from food. Vitamins are synthesized only in a certain amount, and in order for the necessary rate to enter the body, you need to consume more healthy vegetables and fruits.

Do not forget about vitamin complexes, which are recommended to be taken in spring and autumn. It is during this period that nutrients are present in food in limited quantities, and climatic conditions change, which have a great impact on human health.

Main Immune-Boosting Foods

What do you need to eat to saturate the body with vitamins? First, it is worth giving preference only to proper nutrition.

It includes eating only cooked or steamed foods. Fried foods are not recommended to be consumed in large quantities. All this is due to the fact that fats are the suppliers of cholesterol to the body, and it blocks normal blood circulation and prevents vitamins from being synthesized effectively.

Especially recommended for maintaining the immune system to use

1. Vitamin A (Retinol)

It is found in all fruits and vegetables that are colored orange or red. Vitamin A is found in animal products in pure form. These are the products:

  • milk,
  • oil,
  • cheese,
  • cottage cheese and other dairy products.

Vitamin A has a great effect on the state of human vision. It is for this reason that children from an early age are advised to eat as many carrots as possible. Retinol has a very strong effect on the mucous membrane of the eye. If it is lacking, blindness may occur.

2. Vitamin E

It is an antioxidant and antioxidant. It is recommended to be taken as a prophylaxis for a variety of diseases, since it can neutralize almost any harmful bacteria. Large amounts of vitamin E are found in corn and wholemeal bread. You can buy this vitamin in capsules.

3. Vitamin C

plays an important role in maintaining the immune system. This is what the body needs every day. It is especially important to take it to smokers and people who suffer from alcoholism. Products that increase immunity with vitamin C:

  • citrus,
  • currant,
  • rosehip,
  • Strawberry,
  • horseradish,
  • and even potatoes.

But in the latter version, it is not possible to completely preserve the full-fledged composition of vitamin C during the preparation of such a product, but in a limited amount it will still enter the body. Rosehip is brewed – at the same time, it does not lose its properties and the presence of vitamin C. It is recommended to drink rosehip decoctions during the transitional periods of the year (when winter turns into spring, and summer – into autumn).

4. Vitamin B1

Lack of vitamin B1 can make a person tired. In this case, all functions of the digestive tract may be disrupted and abnormalities in the work of the heart muscle may appear.

A large amount of this vitamin contains:

  • in black bread,
  • wheatgrass and other yeast-based foods.

It is also contained in:

  • tomatoes,
  • cabbage,
  • potatoes, but only in smaller quantities.

Very frequent consumption of coffee or tea can cause vitamin B1 deficiency.

5. Vitamin B2

To a large extent, it contains:

  • in legumes: peas, beans.
  • Buckwheat is considered the main supplier of this vitamin.

It is also contained in:

  • spinach,
  • green onions and
  • brewer’s yeast.

Vitamin B2 during the heat treatment of products that contain it is practically not destroyed, which cannot be said about vitamin B1.

6. Vitamin B6

Has a beneficial effect on the activity and state of the nervous system of the body. It contains:

  • in walnuts or hazelnuts,
  • buckwheat porridge,
  • sunflower seeds.

You need to consume it regularly to ensure the normal functioning of the human nervous system, which is responsible for all processes in the body.

7. Vitamin B12

Its deficiency can cause a very serious illness – anemia.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can occur mainly in vegetarians. Since this vitamin contains:

  • in meat,
  • fish,
  • animal products
  • and yeast.

Immunity boosting foods saturate you with vitamins, protect against many diseases and help restore the body’s functioning.