Garlic Benefits: Garlic Fights Against Diseases and Boosts Libido


For many years, garlic has been prized by adherents of traditional medicine for its many therapeutic benefits. With antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this condiment is a formidable health ally. Indeed, this must – have of your kitchens has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, which should be known to take full advantage of. In this article, discover 3 health benefits of garlic.

In a context of food abundance where access to junk food and sweet drinks has been trivialized, many suffer from obesity and other chronic diseases. If we add to this a constant stress related to professional, family and personal obligations, the person often ends up suffering.

To protect the body from pathogens that can attack it, the return to a natural diet is therefore imperative. To this end, garlic, considered a superfood, has attracted the interest of several health professionals including Franck, a nutritionist and author of the book garlic and its benefits.

The latter highlights the antioxidant properties of this condiment that fight against free radicals and “counter aging by capturing the toxicity of oxygen”. In addition, the allicin it contains is “an antibacterial, anti-infectious and virus-fighting sulfur compound”.

But the properties of garlic do not stop there. Here are 3 therapeutic uses of this condiment:

1. Disinfects and Heals Wounds

For millennia, garlic is considered a natural treatment of dermatological ailments. Rich in sulfur compounds including allicin, it has a powerful antiseptic effect and promotes wound healing. This finding, validated by scientists, justifies the use of this natural remedy to treat skin conditions.

2. Fight Against Winter Diseases

Garlic has antibacterial and antiviral activities that allow to preserve the body from several pathologies. In winter, the immune system is often weakened and becomes vulnerable to pathogens. Nevertheless, scientists report that garlic is an antimicrobial that fights against fungi and yeasts like Candida albicans, but also against certain viruses. Thus, the consumption of this condiment protects against the rhinovirus, which is responsible for colds as well as influenza A and B viruses, which cause colds.

3. Alleviates Acne Pimples

Garlic has proven itself as a cosmetic product that is both economical and efficient. Acne pimples are caused by excessive production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. The latter can become clogged and cause inflammation responsible for unsightly red pimples. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory power of garlic, it can be applied topically to reduce acne pimples. However, be careful if you have sensitive skin. It should be rinsed immediately if discomfort arises.

Garlic has many benefits for our health, for libido, cholesterol and many other cardiac health problems its a great home remedy. I am collecting more information about the health benefits of garlic and update this article in few days.