Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Permanently through Electrolysis

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Permanently

Electrolysis is a procedure that should be done regularly. It is also one of the most popular and effective method in cosmetology to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. New methods of artificial hair removal are created every year. Each of them claims to be the most effective. However, despite the efforts of the researchers, removing unwanted hair using electrical devices is a method that is currently unrivaled.


What is Electrolysis?

The electrolysis procedure is pretty simple. Its essence is based on the effect of the thinnest needle electrode. The current, creating a high temperature, has a destructive effect on the hair root. Destruction also occurs as a result of chemical attack. The effectiveness of the procedure provides an integrated approach, involving the simultaneous use of two methods.

The skin after electrolysis does not just become smooth – in the area treated with this method, hair growth stops altogether.

The result of electrolysis depends not only on the quality of the device or the experience of the service provider – the effectiveness of the procedure is influenced by various factors, including the individual characteristics of the skin and hair.

Varieties of Procedure

Electrolysis of a bikini and other skin areas is a procedure that is based on one of the principles:

  • heating;
  • chemical exposure.

In the first case, we are talking about thermolysis. This method is extremely effective, however, only an expert can perform high-quality thermolysis.

Electrolysis is a method that involves getting rid of unwanted hairs using a galvanic current and is usually used by women on their own. Unfortunately, even to perform such a seemingly simple procedure requires experience, because it is almost impossible to correctly calculate the current strength on the first try.

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Permanently: Nuances of Electrolysis At Home.

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Permanently: Nuances of Electrolysis At Home.

Beauty requires not only sacrifice, but also patience. Therefore, despite the fact that electrolysis devices that allow you to get rid of annoying hairs without having to visit a salon have been invented for a long time, not every woman decides to buy. The reason for this is the tediousness of the procedure, which takes a lot of time. However, some women are not afraid of this, and they are happy to acquire various devices.

How to Choose an Electric Epilator Model?

Devices can be:

  • needle-like;
  • spring;
  • disk;
  • tweezers.

Needle apparatuses are used by experts. Such a device is not cheap, and therefore its purchase is justified only for those who make money on electrolysis. With the help of a needle type device, it will be possible to get rid of hairs forever.

Electric Epilator

Three other types of devices are not capable of this. Moreover, it is recommended to purchase any of them only if only electrolysis of the legs is required. Removing hairs in other areas is a procedure that should be entrusted to a professional.


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Electric Hair Removal in The Salon

Electrolysis of hair, carried out by a qualified professional, includes several stages:

  • Application of an anesthetic drug;
  • Hair removal (insertion of a needle into the hair follicle);
  • Applying a sedative.

After the procedure, the specialist gives the client recommendations for the care of the treated skin areas in the following days.

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Permanently through Electrolysis

The first and third stages of professional electrolysis are not difficult, but getting exactly into the hair follicle during the removal process is not so easy. That is why, even despite the fact that visiting a salon is much more expensive than conducting a cosmetic procedure at home, sane women prefer not to risk it. Even a small burn with a non-professional approach will cause quite unpleasant sensations.

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How to Choose A Specialist?

We learned about what electrolysis is. The turn has come to answer the question of how to choose a specialist. It is recommended to devote time to the selection of a salon – you should not go to the first beauty center you come across. When looking for a good professional, the following details are taken into account:

  • availability of a certificate;
  • type of electrolysis;
  • type of equipment;
  • method of sterilizing devices (some substances cause allergies);
  • the regularity of replacing the needles (of course, a specialist must change these parts after each client);
  • type of tools used;
  • the experience of a cosmetologist in carrying out such procedures.

There are many ads of private craftsmen on the network. Among them there are “specialists” whose knowledge in medicine is zero. Nevertheless, women turn to them.

Electric Hair Removal in The Salon

Electrolysis, which costs at least 35 dollars per session, is a very popular procedure. That is why the specialty of an expert performing hair removal with the help of special equipment has become one of the most profitable. At the same time, few of the clients are interested in the performer’s medical education and certificates of completion of the relevant courses.

A good master not only has a diploma, but is also constantly interested in new products in his profession. A specialist who can be trusted to perform electrolysis uses reliable equipment that meets the latest developments.

Epilation of Various Zones

Any woman strives to have smooth, well-groomed skin. This desire increases in the hot season. Electrolysis of armpits in the summer season is becoming one of the most demanded services in beauty salons.

Electrical hair removal is safe for the lymph nodes. The procedure is always performed with the use of anesthetic drugs. The armpit area is characterized by a particularly thin and delicate skin. You can achieve the desired result after the tenth session. The interval between sessions is at least six weeks.

Every person has vegetation on their hands. In natural blondes, it is a barely noticeable light fluff, as a result of which electrolysis of the hands becomes unnecessary for them. However, burning brunettes are in dire need of such procedures.

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair
Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Permanently at Home

The duration of the first session lasts up to two hours, but after the first procedure it becomes clear that a significant part of the hair on the wrists will never grow back. In order to completely get rid of the problem, you need to go through at least five sessions. It should be remembered that the procedure cannot be carried out in summer and late spring, as small burns remain on the skin, which are extremely sensitive to sunlight.

In a woman’s body, hormonal disruptions can occur, leading to increased hair growth on the mammary glands. Electrolysis on the chest is a service that is also included in the price list of many salons. An anesthetic gel is applied before the procedure. And this is not without reason, because removing hair from the chest is associated with unpleasant sensations. That is why the choice of a qualified specialist must be taken especially seriously.

The Cost of Electrolysis

Many women say that electrolysis has no price, hinting at the effectiveness of the procedure. However, the real cost of hair removal may even scare some. Of course, the price of the procedure depends on the zone of its implementation and is charged per minute. Naturally, one session in New York will cost more than in any other city. The minimum cost is 3 dollars/min.

It will take the longest to epilate your legs. In order to get rid of hair, you need to go through about ten sessions, each of which lasts an average of three hours. If you make an approximate calculation on the basis of the figures given, you will get an impressive amount. However, firstly, the interval between sessions is about six weeks, and, secondly, completing the full course will allow you to forget about unused hair forever.