Hair Botox: All About Botox Hair Treatment

Hair Botox

Botox for hair is a medical procedure aimed at improving the structure of the hair shaft, reducing fragility, and making curls of extraordinary smoothness. We tell about the nuances of the ‘Hair Botox’ procedure at home in this article.

Unfavorable environmental factors, coloring, stress, lack of vitamins, negatively affect the appearance of the hair. In order to improve their condition, use a procedure such as Botox – an instant gift to every woman with shiny, flowing curls. Let’s talk about the nuances of the Botox procedure for hair.

What is Hair Botox?

Botox for hair is a medical procedure aimed at improving the structure of the hair shaft, reducing fragility, and making curls of extraordinary smoothness.

What is Hair Botox?
What is Hair Botox?

The method of the procedure is based on the complex effect of special preparations that create a kind of frame inside the hair shaft – due to this, the hair becomes smooth, like silk, rises from the roots and grows faster. Most professional preparations for the Botox procedure involve a formula of two components – liquid and concentrate. The combination of the two phases promotes the correct reaction, which enhances the penetration and action effect. The composition of such a cocktail for hair beauty can be different, first of all it depends on the manufacturer. Among the active components of the drug are:

Amino acids – make up for the lack of protein, strengthen hair follicles, and also normalize the water balance in the hair structure.

Keratin and collagen- they fill the voids inside the hair shaft, thanks to them, the so-called elasticity framework is formed, therefore, the hair is less susceptible to brittleness and stretching.

Hyaluronic acid – maintains the necessary level of moisture and strengthening of the hair.

Complex vitamins – A, B, C and D are filled at the cellular level, hair structure, forming the desired immune protection against adverse impacts.

Essential oils and plant extracts – provide softness, create manageable strands, and give a healthy shine to hair.

After the first Botox procedure, you can already see the amazing results. All useful components of the drug are consistently distributed in the hair structure and are sealed for a long time, thereby continuing to have a positive effect from the inside.

Types of Hair Botox Treatment

There are two types of Botox hair treatments: cold and hot.

Hair Botox Treatment
Hair Botox Treatment

Cold Hair Botox Treatment

Cold Botox aims to restore hair health. The method is based on applying the drug to the strands with the subsequent consolidation of the result with another tool from the kit. At the same time, Botox builds useful substances into each hair, so you are not afraid of the influence of external environmental factors for a long time. Suitable for owners of dull, weak and lifeless curls, as well as brittle and dry hair. In addition to the therapeutic effect, you also get a cosmetic one – the curls become incredibly well-groomed. Also, this method is suitable for home use. The result after the first procedure, lasts about 1 – 1.5 months, subject to proper hair care.

Hot Hair Botox Treatment

Hot botox is aimed at smoothing and straightening the hair. The method is based on the cold botox technique, but with the subsequent study of the strands with the help of an iron. It is the length of the curls that is exposed to the thermal effect without affecting the root zone. Suitable for those who suffer from the effect of excessive “fluffiness” in wet or rainy weather, as well as for those who want to transform their hair into flowing silk and not stand every day with an iron in their hands, creating a smooth styling. The result after the first procedure lasts from 2 or more months, but again, subject to proper hair care.

The effect of any type of Botox procedure is cumulative. Hair gains manageability, elasticity and incredible shine. True, with the hot method, the result is a little more expressive and persistent. The cold method, in turn, is perfect for weakened hair, which is categorically contraindicated for additional thermal stress on the hair follicles.

Benefits of Hair Botox Treatment

Botox treatment is the best way to get shinning stylish hair instantly. There are following benefits of the Botox treatment for hair.

  • Improvement of the hair structure;
  • strengthening;
  • activation of hair for growth;
  • elimination of fluffiness and porosity;
  • easy combing;
  • additional volume;
  • shine and silkiness;
  • hair becomes stronger and denser;
  • split ends are sealed;
  • the process of baldness is suspended.

Cons of Botox For Hair

After the Botox procedure, unpleasant symptoms may appear in the form of: itching and rashes on the scalp. In some cases, dandruff appears.

Contradicts Hair Coloring

If the Botox procedure is done immediately after the planned hair coloring, then a quick washout of the pigment can occur and all the work of the hairdresser will go down the drain. The best solution would be to postpone the Botox procedure a little, postponing it for one week.

Not Suitable for Frequent Use

Hair Botox should not be used too often, as the hair will only thin out and become too brittle and brittle. The required break interval for a single use will be about 3 months.


Before the procedure, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the contraindications: individual intolerance to the components of the drug, the presence of inflammation, micro-trauma and abrasions on the scalp, pregnancy and lactation, the client’s age is 60+, the period of menstruation.

The Best Botox For Hair

There are many drugs that are similar in effect for a Botox session for hair. When choosing, do not rush to immediately choose the most budgetary option, because the effect of the drug may seem mediocre to you or not manifest at all. It is preferable to choose for yourself the means of professional brands, which have long and positively proven themselves in the cosmetic market. Here are several popular drugs that are in demand by professionals, and are also suitable for home use:

Kerazon Hair Botox: The main ingredient of the hair Botox treatment, which literally integrates into the hair structure and continues to work there for a long time. In addition to the main molecule there are other useful substances: hyaluronic acid, beauty vitamins, amino acids, keratin, elastin, etc… Exposure of the product will be about 10 minutes. The result of the procedure lasts up to 2.5 months.

Kerazon Hair Botox
Kerazon Hair Botox

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ARGANBELL Botox Hair Treatment: Innovative transformation and health improvement of hair, with the help of a rich composition, which contains such components as: Prakaxi and green tea oil, elastin, cysteine, beauty vitamins, etc. Exposure of the product does not require too much time, about 10-15 minutes. The effect of the procedure performed lasts up to 2 months.

ARGANBELL Botox Hair Treatment
ARGANBELL Botox Hair Treatment

Price: $49.95 – Get It on Amazon

Kallos Hair Botox – ready-made ampoules filled with nutritious and useful components, they include hydrolyzed keratin, collagen, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, castor oil, etc. The technique of performing Botox is extremely simple, you just need to distribute the composition to washed and dried strands. The exposure of the product will be about 15 minutes. The effect of the procedure performed lasts up to 2 months.

Brazilian Hair Bottox

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How is the Botox Procedure for Hair?

Hair botox is a safe procedure, but if the technique is not followed, adverse reactions may occur. The procedure does not require special preparation, but this hair transformation method works only on wet hair. How long the Botox procedure will last depends primarily on the length and thickness of your hair.

In beauty salons, the hair botox procedure is carried out in several subsequent stages:

  • Cleansing the hair from dirt is done with a special shampoo. Hair is dried a little with a hairdryer on a cold blowing mode or with a towel to remove excess water.
  • Application of the drug is done with a syringe on clearly separated strands with successive movements. The composition is applied only to the strands with a slight indent from the roots of about 1 cm.It is important to distribute the entire concentrate along the entire length of the curls, and then walk gently with a comb, removing excess serum.
  • The thermal effect is produced by drying with a hair dryer (cold blowing), while the active substances are sealed into each hair. This drying phase lasts about 20 minutes, after which the hair needs to cool naturally.
  • The completion of the procedure may imply a different set of actions that directly depend on the instructions of the manufacturer of the drug you have chosen: just washing off the active substance with water, sealing it with an iron or applying a fixing mask that does not require rinsing.

The sequence of the hair botox procedure is listed, which is performed both with the cold method and with the hot one. In the first case, the drug is kept and the contents of another bottle from the kit are reapplied to the head for a while. Then the composition is washed off and a special reconstructing mask is applied. In the second case, an iron is used, which is passed over each curl several times. The process ends with rinsing the hair and drying with a hairdryer in the cold blowing mode.

To maintain the result after the performed procedure, you must follow some rules for hair care:

  • Refuse to wash your hair and visit the salon for three days. This time is necessary for all nutrients and medicinal substances to be absorbed in the structure of your hair;
  • For hair care, select special products – gentle, sulfate-free shampoo;
  • Drying with a hairdryer must be performed every time, after the next shampooing, while at your discretion you can choose a cold or hot blowing mode;
  • Additionally, moisturize your hair with nourishing masks based on herbal ingredients;
  • The use of any styling products, flat pans or irons, can quickly erase the result.

Service Price

The cost of one procedure in different salons is based on the type and specific manufacturer of Botox for hair, as well as on the length of your hair.

On average, the cost of Botox for hair ranges from 45 to 65 USD.

Required Time for Botox Treatment

If you want to try botox for your hair for the first time, then it is worth having the procedure in a beauty salon. A specialist, based on your characteristics and hair type, will choose the right drug and method of exposure. In the future, you can carry out this procedure yourself at home, while strictly following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Botox hair treatment will take 3 to 6 hours, depending on the length and structure of your hair.


The botox procedure for hair does not require special preparation, but there are some recommendations:

  • It is not necessary to wash your head before the procedure, since the salon will still do it for you with a special deep cleaning shampoo;
  • Do not apply the procedure immediately after dyeing or toning your hair. If more than 2 weeks have passed since the dyeing, then in this case you can apply botox for hair;
  • If you recently dyed your hair and then decided on the Botox procedure, then you should postpone this for about 2 weeks. During this time, the composition will be fixed inside the hair and will not interfere with coloring in the future, and the originally planned hair color will appear correctly.

Can I Do It at Home?

The use of Botox for hair at home is quite possible, just be careful and careful. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly – do not overexpose the composition on the head, work only with gloves, carefully work out all the strands.

If you doubt your own abilities and do not want to take risks, the best solution would be to contact a salon.

Botox Hair Treatment - Before and After
Botox Hair Treatment – Before and After

Specialist Reviews About Botox For Hair

– The meaning of the procedure is revealed as a result – each hair is sealed with a preparation with amino acids, keratin, vitamins. Visually, your hair becomes truly beautiful and well-groomed. But such a procedure does not cure them, but only creates an illusion. After the composition is completely washed out of your strands, your hair becomes dehydrated. This condition is due to the presence of formaldehyde in the composition of the drug.

In general, Botox hair treatment is possible for a single application, for example, before an important event – in this case, it will not negatively affect the condition of your hair. If you resort to frequent use of Botox, then you risk getting excessive dryness, loss of elasticity and a sloppy look of the strands.

Popular Questions and Answers


1. What hair is Botox suitable for?

Hair Botox is ideal for dry, split and brittle hair. Also, the procedure will restore dull, unruly hair, which is difficult to style, and when moisture occurs, it frizzy.

2. Which is better to choose Botox or keratin?

Keratin acts only on the surface of the hair, while it does not penetrate into their structure. When exposed, it seals the cuticle scales, smoothing the hair to a perfect condition. Botox, in turn, aims to restore the structure of the hair shaft from the inside. It penetrates into the hair, fills in all the voids formed, while the hair also acquires smoothness and beautiful shine. If you have a desire to simply straighten unruly and porous hair, the keratin straightening procedure is ideal. But, if your hair is too damaged, dry and brittle, then Botox will be an excellent option – it will heal the strands and give them a well-groomed look. As for the duration of the acquired effect, there is approximately the same period – 2 – 3 months, provided proper hair care.

3. Is it possible to dye hair after Botox?

Coloring, regardless of Botox, is a chemical process of giving the desired color to the hair. This process alters the physical characteristics of the hair anyway. Any hair dye loosens their structure – they become more porous, more susceptible to the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation. The principle of Botox is the opposite of staining. Botox seals the scales of each hair, making it smooth. That is why there should be a small gap between the two procedures – about 2 weeks. Otherwise, the result will greatly upset you.

4. What shampoo to wash your hair after Botox?

Shampoo for shampooing, after the Botox procedure, should be gentle, not containing sulfates, preservatives, dyes. You should also avoid silicones in the shampoo – they will only make the hair heavier. When buying, give your preference to well-known brands or those that your specialist has advised.