Hair Growth: How to Care for Your Hair to Speed Up Its Growth?

Hair Growth


Hair growth is possible quickly only if additional efforts are applied to this process. Strictly and regularly following the recommendations of specialists, you can achieve that the curls will begin to grow many times faster. Moreover, this effect can persist even after taking a course of special hair therapy.

Causes of Slow Hair Growth

How to make hair grow fast? To answer this question, it is necessary to identify the reasons for the slow regrowth of curls. You should approach this problem thoroughly in order to figure out what measures should be taken subsequently. The correct approach and consistent implementation of the recommendations will lead you to a positive result. First, let’s figure out how the hair growth process itself takes place.

The typical human hair cycle goes through three main stages. The first stage usually lasts about five years; the hair grows very well. The intermediate second stage takes a short period of time; hair growth slows down, but they still live. In the third stage, hair begins to fall out. In order for hair growth to continue, it is necessary to adjust the hair life schedule by increasing the time of the first stage and reducing the last stage as much as possible.

Hair Growth
Hair Growth

Lack of oxygen and nutrients is the primary cause of poor hair growth. In order for them to be in excellent condition, there is not enough energy. Slow circulation and inadequate nutrition greatly inhibit growth. Upon receipt of the necessary nutrients, the hair resumes its growth.

Slow hair growth can also be caused by:

  • genetic factor;
  • hormonal disruption associated with stressful situations;
  • diseases of the human body;
  • the use of alcoholic beverages and nicotine;
  • age.

Also, experts in the field of medicine have identified external factors that negatively affect hair growth. Among them are the following types of impact:

  • thermal (for example, the use of thermal electrical appliances or exposure to direct sunlight at low air temperatures);
  • physical (using rubber bands or metal hairpins, improper combing);
  • chemical (chemical waving and coloring, as well as the use of styling products).

What is dangerous for hair?

Constant use of an iron and curling iron causes burnout, which threatens to increase hair breakage and loss of shine. The hot air of the hair dryer also has a detrimental effect on the structure of the hair, thoroughly drying it out. If it is absolutely necessary to dry your hair, you can do it under a stream of cold or warm air. The hair dryer must be kept at a short distance, making movements with it in the direction from the roots to their tips. Very fast hair growth is possible only under the condition of minimal use of the above-mentioned electrical appliances or their use in the most gentle modes.

Don’t use strong chemicals. When dyeing, the presence of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia is unacceptable in the composition of paints. Frequent coloring, straightening, bleaching and perming will damage your hair and slow down its growth!

Be careful with chemistry

A strong concentration of bleaching agents leads to breakage and porosity of hair. Hydrogen peroxide makes hair very thin. Extremely frequent and long-term use of various hair styling products – varnishes, gels and foams – clogs hair follicles and prevents hair growth.

It should be remembered that you should not go to bed with braided hair, as in this state they stop feeding on oxygen. Wigs and hairpieces not only slow down hair growth, but also disrupt the heat exchange of the head. They should be worn no more than 5 hours a day, and after removal, comb well. It is better to avoid long tension of curls, as this worsens their condition. Therefore, do not get carried away by pulling your hair with hairpins, hairpins and rubber bands.

Wind, snow, frost, rain, and even the sun can have a negative effect on hair. Dangerous exposure to ultraviolet rays can destroy the hair sheath. In autumn, due to a decrease in daylight hours, hair begins to fall out, and their growth slows down significantly. In winter, the low temperature makes the hair brittle and very dry. At any time of the year, headwear should be protected from various weather conditions.

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Recommendations for Accelerating Hair Growth

A useful procedure for hair growth is combing with individual personal hygiene items – combs and brushes made from natural and high-quality materials. It is necessary to approach their choice in more detail. When buying, pay attention to the rigidity of the teeth – they should not be hard and sharp. Poor quality combs can injure your skin.

For fast hair growth, it is recommended to use a massage brush that combines combing with a pleasant massage. The brush should have a soft pad and special rounded ends on the teeth. For the effect of the massage to be brighter, the bristles should be as sparse as possible. Even the thickest hair can be brushed well by choosing a brush with bristles that are bundled and spaced apart.

Daily and gentle brushing with a comb for up to 10 minutes a day will help you have well-groomed hair. This is also a head massage procedure. This increases the blood flow to the skin and its uniform circulation. The hair follicles receive optimal enhanced nutrition when combing.

Hair Growth
Hair Growth

Important Tips for Combing

  • it is absolutely not necessary to comb after washing immediately when the hair is wet – you must wait until it dries;
  • damp hair is combed neatly along the strand with movements from the ends to the roots themselves;
  • the hair should be combed about 3 times a day with smooth movements;
  • combing each strand should be done no more than 10 times;
  • hair should be combed from the back of the head;
  • the comb must be moved in all directions;
  • hair when combing should hang down freely;
  • when brushing, you can tilt your head down.

Effective hair growth is achieved by regularly trimming the ends to the split length. This procedure gives the hair not only volume, but also a healthy look. It is advisable to cut the ends with hot scissors. This method allows the hair to be sealed, which prevents new split ends. The systematic implementation of the recommendations for hair care will help you to achieve the desired effect as quickly as possible, in which even the fastest hair growth will become not a dream, but a reality.