Hair Highlighting – The Most Fashionable Dyeing Trends of 2020

Hair Highlighting

 Hair highlighting involves a complex dyeing process, as a result of which individual strands are chemically exposed. The rest of the head remains intact. Any beauty salon or hairdresser can make fashionable highlights.



Highlighting dates back to the 20th century. Fashion historians believe that celebrities such as Brigitte Bordeaux and Jacques Dessange were involved in this event. It was Desange who was the first to experience Hollywood highlighting on Bordeaux’s hairstyle. After that, this color option began to gain popularity among noble French fashionistas.

Types of Hair Highlighting

Types of Hair Highlighting

Like any hairstyle, beautiful highlights have advantages and disadvantages. Before doing such a procedure, you need to become well acquainted with its nuances.

If done correctly, highlighting will add visual volume to the hairstyle. The hair will acquire shine and smoothness. The color should be renewed every 2-3 months. This way you can avoid unnecessary costs and save time. Highlighting does an excellent job of masking gray hair.

Women who want to turn into blondes, but cannot decide on drastic changes in one dyeing procedure, highlighting on dark hair will be an ideal option, and over time the woman will get used to the new image.

Disadvantages of Hair Highlighting

If we talk about the negative aspects of highlighting, then first of all it is worth considering that it should not be carried out on damaged and split ends. To begin with, it is advisable to do in advance to improve the hair, and as soon as they acquire a beautiful appearance, you can start dyeing. The process takes about 4 hours, which is quite long.

You should not expose hair to highlights after normal dyeing or using henna. If you neglect this recommendation, then the hair as a result of highlighting may acquire a greenish color.

Today, hairdressing professionals are looking for improved highlighting techniques. More and more often new paints and methods of application are being invented. The most common types include: classic modeling and American. The first option is to discolor certain strands, the second is to dye individual strands with a different shade using foil. There are also European highlighting, English highlighting, highlighting on the floor of the head and small highlighting photos of which can be found below.

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Hair Highlighting at Home

Hair Highlighting at Home

When you can’t visit a hairdresser, you can do highlighting yourself, even at home. This will save you time and money. The necessary materials and cosmetics for this can be easily done by hand. You will have to buy special paint brushes and combs in advance. Which tools to use will depend on the selected type of highlighting.

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Classic Hair Highlighting

In order to get the so-called “feathers”, you need ordinary rubber bands. This option is perfect for women with short to medium hair. A large highlight of the photo can be viewed under the heading.

It is necessary to distribute all the hair into parting zones. Each of them must have a certain number of thin tails. The dye should be applied to the hair with a brush at the ends of the separated ponytails. The dye or bleach should be kept on the strands according to the instructions in the instructions. Rinse off the paint from the strands without removing the gum.

At the end of the procedure, if the highlighting looks uniform and does not need to be adjusted, then the head should be rinsed using a mild shampoo.

The classic type gives the effect of regrown roots, that is, the hair near the roots looks darker than at the ends. If you wish, you can do modeling with several shades of paint. For example, a darker color than the roots will give the original veil effect due to the more pronounced shade on the outside of the hair.

In addition to rubber bands, the use of plastic film is allowed. It must be firmly fixed on the head. Using a crochet hook, small holes are made in it. Then you need to pull the strands through them. As soon as the required number of strands is drawn out, you can start the painting process.

The above methods of highlighting are suitable only for bleaching hair or dyeing in one shade. In order to make multi-colored highlighting (graduation), you need to use foil or parchment.

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Professional Hair Highlights

Professional Hair Highlights
Professional Hair Highlights

To create this type, you need to divide your hair into 3 zones. Namely, on the parietal, temporal, occipital. After the stage of preparation of the coloring components, you can start painting, starting from the lower parts. A strand is placed on the selected material, paint is applied and wrapped. It is necessary to control that all strands in each of the zones are at the same level, since they will have their own color. Next, you need to wash off the paint with shampoos.

By choosing this type of highlighting, you can apply 2-5 colors. The longer a woman’s hair is, the more shades can be applied.

The current fashion demands imply natural beauty, so the correct selection of shades when highlighting can give the perfect result.

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How to Care After Hair Highlighting?

How to Care After Hair Highlighting?
How to Care After Hair Highlighting?

Hair that has been subject to highlighting needs careful and regular care. It usually consists of correctly selected funds. These include shampoo with a gentle composition, balm, various masks, serums.