Men’s Hair Implant: Why Not?

Hair Implant

Faced with nascent baldness, some men choose to assume it, others to camouflage it. Indeed, men affected by the progressive loss of their hair now have the choice to accept, or suffer, this scourge or to resort to techniques (such as hair implants) to erase the signs of age on their appearance.

Men’s Hair Implants: The New Eldorado?

Among these techniques, men’s hair implant have experienced a real boom in recent years, especially for the speed of the procedure and its final result.

Resorting to men’s hair implants requires surgical intervention under local anesthesia. For this, the doctor takes a strip of scalp, about 1 cm wide by 20 centimeters long, located at the level of the nape, an area not affected by hair loss. This will leave a slight scar on the back of your head, very inconspicuous from the area where it will be located.

Hair Implant: How Does It Work?

The hair taken will then be re-implanted on the bald part of your skull per follicular unit (including 1 to 4 hair). Since the follicles, that is, the base of the hair, are implanted, the hair will normally grow back in the months following the procedure.

To resort to this technique of hair implantation, you will need to have about 4 hours of operation under local anesthesia, without the risk of rejection as may be the case in other types of transplants. The healing is fast but, before you find a well-stocked hair, you will have to wait a small year.

Hair Implant: How Much Does It Cost?

For this operation, which can only take place in a dermatological center, you will need to pay the area, not negligible, about 4000 euros (between 3000 and 5000 euros on average). A certain cost for a guaranteed result!

To finish convincing yourself, take inspiration from some stars, well known to the public, who have resorted to this type of techniques. This is the case for example of the famous French singer Florent Pagny or the famous English footballer Wayne Rooney who, far from assuming their nascent baldness, have skipped the step of hair implantation.

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Male Hair Implant: Some Examples

Celebrity Who Tried Hair Implants
Jamie Foxx Hair Implants
Bald Male

How Does Hair Transplantation Work?

Hair transplantation is a medical operation that allows hair bulbs to be re-implanted in areas of the skull affected by baldness.

Hair loss can affect both men and women, it is a painful moment in the life of those affected because it represents concretely the logical evolution of the passing time.

However, today there are medical solutions to remedy this problem by removing bulbs from the back of the patient’s skull. Here are the different techniques that allow implantation of new hair:

Rogaine for Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth
Rogaine for Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth

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The Technique Was

This technique is aimed at all people with Capillary areas to cover, the doctor takes one by one the bulbs to be re-implanted in the areas in question by taking grafts of 0.7 mm in diameter. It is a very effective technique and recommended by customers because it has proven itself with many patients. It allows you to see impressive results shortly after the procedure.

By appealing to professionals who master this technique, you are sure to get the hair you dreamed of. The session lasts between 5 and 10 hours and provides visible results quickly, without leaving scars. Specialists also offer to use these techniques for beard or eyebrows, depending on the needs of the patient.

Hair transplantation is an important operation and for this reason quite expensive, do not be tempted by too tempting offers abroad. Indeed, this medical operation requires specific equipment and knowledge. In addition, the monitoring of the evolution of the operation is important so trust referents in the field by reading testimonials from other patients for example. For a Paris Hair transplant at challenge ‘hair Paris, for example, you are assured of a result that meets your expectations.