Hair Pulling Sensation on Scalp: Why Do Hair Roots Hurt?

Hair Pulling Sensation on Scalp

Hair pulling sensation on scalp can cause severe discomfort, preventing you from fully resting or working. In this case, in some cases, pain can also occur because of the hair, which is why there is a feeling that the root zone of the hair hurts a lot. In today’s article we will tell you why the hair roots on the head sometimes hurt and how to deal with it.

Why Hair Pulling Sensation on Scalp Hurts So Much?

Most often, the discomfort associated with pain in the hair roots looks like this. The person begins to experience compressive, monotonous pain on the entire surface or in certain areas, for example, on the back of the head. Quite often, such painful hair pulling sensations are accompanied by itching and burning. As a result of all this, it seems to the patient that a very tight helmet is put on his head, which gradually narrows. In modern medicine, there is even a special concept of “neurasthenic helmet”, when a patient speaks of severe pain that has a girdling effect, because of which it seems that a very heavy and tight hat is being worn on his head.

In fact, a person cannot feel pain in the hair roots, since they do not have nerve endings, so the pain that he feels is associated with the skin of the hair. Indeed, in the scalp there is an extensive network of blood vessels, and nerve endings are also present. However, even though it is not the hair roots that hurt, this pain can cause severe discomfort to a person.

Such pains can appear in people of all ages, regardless of the length of their hair. It is for this reason that pain in the area of the hair roots can be experienced not only by those who have very lush and thick hair, but also by the owners of the most gentle hairstyles.

The Main Causes of Painful Sensations in Hair Root Zone

Causes of Hair Pulling Sensation on Scalp

It is no secret that hair is a real indicator of our health, and in the event that it begins to fall out or break, the reason for this may be the symptoms of very serious diseases. A similar situation is present in the event of pain in the hair roots, since most often these uncomfortable sensations are the result of the following ailments:

  1. Diseases resulting from circulatory disorders;
  2. Cardiovascular dystonia;
  3. Psoriasis;
  4. Seborrheic dermatitis;
  5. Migraines;
  6. Pinching of nerve endings.

In some cases, pain in the area of the hair roots can occur as a result of malfunctions in the functioning of the human body. Such failures may include:

  1. The presence of malfunctions in the hormonal system;
  2. Systematic or constant finding of the human body in a stressful state;
  3. Avitaminosis;
  4. Constant overwork.

Can A Healthy Person Experience Pain in The Hair Roots?

Healthy people can also experience pain in the hair roots, most often they occur for the following reasons:

  1. The presence of abrasions or scratches on the scalp;
  2. The appearance of skin burns due to the inaccurate use of curling devices, hair dryers and hair curlers;
  3. Chemical burns when using low-quality dyes made by little-known and unverified manufacturers;
  4. Too tight hairstyle, which can cause pain in the top of the head;
  5. Painful sensations as a result of pressure on the hair roots, which occurs during hair extensions;
  6. Appearance of allergies to cosmetics or shampoos;
  7. Use for combing combs made of artificial materials;
  8. A large number of hairpins when creating a complex, multi-tiered hairstyle;
  9. Systematic or constant wearing of very tight headgear.
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How to Get Rid of Pain in The Hair Root Zone?

How to Get Rid of Pain in The Hair Root Zone?

In the event that you constantly or systematically experience pain in the root region of the head, then this is a good reason to make an appointment with a doctor in order to undergo a medical examination. To do this, you need to make an appointment with a therapist, who in turn can refer you to a trichologist, cardiologist or neurologist.

If for some reason you cannot or do not want to receive medical care, then try to independently determine the cause of headaches by excluding the most common causes. For example, you can replace your regular shampoo with specialized hypoallergenic detergents or skip complex hairstyles.

It is worth saying that after such changes, just after a few days, you can determine whether the factors you excluded were the cause of pain in the hair roots. In the event that, even after all the changes, the pain has not gone away, then you should definitely make an appointment with a doctor.

Prevention of Pain in The Skin of The Hair

The rules that allow for the prevention of pain sensations arising in the scalp will be especially relevant for those beautiful representatives of humanity who are looking for information on the Internet: the hair roots on the head hurt badly, what should I do? So, in order for the pain in the horses of the hair not to bother you, adhere to a few simple rules:

  1. Always select cosmetic products in accordance with your hair type.
  2. Try to use various hairpins to decorate your hair as little as possible.
  3. Refuse to wear hairstyles in the form of tight tails, buns or braids.
  4. Purchase and use a natural comb with comfortable teeth.
  5. Try as little as possible to use specialized products for styling and fixing hairstyles.
  6. Be sure to wear hats to protect your scalp from hypothermia or overheating.
  7. Try to get enough rest so that your body can fully recover and not accumulate chronic fatigue.
  8. Walk a lot and get regular physical activity.
  9. Carefully monitor the hygiene of your own hair.
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Getting Rid of Pain in The Scalp with Medications

In the event that pain in the area of the hair roots gives you a lot of anxiety and does not allow you to fully rest or work, you can get rid of them with the help of medications. However, before you start using them, it is best to first consult with your doctor, who will recommend a remedy that is best suited for your situation.

It is worth saying that most often, specialized ointments and sprays are used to get rid of pain in the area of the hair roots, and in the event that pain is present in a certain area, then it is quite possible to perform injections. An excellent remedy for getting rid of pain in a certain area of the scalp is the application of Lidocaine to the affected area in the form of aerosols.

In the event that pain in the area of the hair roots is the result of disorders or nervous shocks, doctors recommend taking an infusion of motherwort or valerian to get rid of them. It will not be superfluous to drink specialized multivitamin complexes, especially if pain began to arise in the autumn, winter or spring.