Wax Heater for Hair Removal: Reviews & Purchase Guide

Wax Hair Removal

The electric epilator is too painful, the depilatory cream and the razor are to be banned and laser Hair Removal is very expensive. So, it remains only Wax Hair Removal, cheap and very effective. Of course, you can go to a beauty salon, but you have to have the time and the means. The most economical is to have a wax heater, which will allow you to liquefy balls or rollers of wax, and maintain the latter at a good temperature.

Here I offer you to discover my selection of the best wax heaters on the market, I explain how to use them and I tell you in more detail about the benefits of waxing.

Comparison of The Best Wax Heaters

Wax - Hair Removal
Waxing – Hair Removal

Abody Hair Removal Waxing Kit: The Best at A Low Price

If you have a small budget, then this wax heater is surely ideal for you. It is not expensive, but very effective, and it perfectly fulfills its role. Its manufacturing quality is really satisfactory, it breaks down into 3 parts, with a removable aluminum container, which will clean very easily if needed.

The device heats up really quickly, which makes it possible to melt our wax in a few minutes. We can adjust the heating level, to adapt more easily to a wax or not to heat too hard if our skin is sensitive to heat.

If you heat too much wax, it does not matter, you can let it cool inside, there is a lid to protect it from dust. It will then be enough to turn on the device the next time, to melt our wax again. It is a very simple device, sold without spatula, and without wax, but that seduces many users. At this price, one can only really rejoice at this Abody Hair removal waxing kit.

Abody Wax Hair Removal Kit
Abody Wax Hair Removal Kit

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Surgi-Wax Waxing Kit: The Right Value for Money

This is perhaps the best known of the wax heaters on the market, since we were able to discover advertising on TV for some time. So no, it won’t allow us to have the endless legs of the top model of the ad, but we can at least have them so sweet… that’s always taken! The Surgi-wax is a very small device, which allows us to catch wax more easily, even when there are not many. Its ergonomics is really convenient.

It is a bit long to heat the wax, but it always keeps it at an ideal temperature so as not to dry our skin or damage the most sensitive skin. There are no adjustments possible, so we have to agree to wait a little.

The use is really very simple and pleasant. Excess wax can be allowed to dry inside, and it will melt again when the appliance is reconnected. Maintenance is simple and in addition the design of Surgi-wax is really successful. The wax offered inside is not of very good quality, but we can buy the wax we want to replace it. It is a very good little beauty accessory!

Surgi-Wax Brazilian Waxing Kit
Surgi-Wax Brazilian Waxing Kit

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Bfull Wax Warmer Kit: The Best Compromise?

This is definitely my favorite wax heater, and this for several reasons. The first is that it is a very complete kit, with several packs of wax beads with different scents, and 30 disposable wooden spatulas. We will be able to start our hair removal immediately after receiving our package! The wax is in addition of good quality for the whole price.

The device has a removable aluminum container, which is always quite relevant for maintenance. The use is very simple, including a thermostat that allows us to choose the temperature level. Thus, the wax can be quickly melted, without getting burned. Those with heat-resistant skin will be able to depilate very quickly, and the most sensitive skin will have the choice to lower the temperature.

Like its competitors above, it has a lid to keep wax inside if desired. We can heat it up and let it harden inside if we don’t use everything. This is a really a very good device, offered at a really interesting price. If you want a complete kit to quickly and easily start waxing, then go for this Bfull wax heater!

Bfull Wax Warmer Kit
Bfull Wax Warmer Kit

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Why Wax Epilation? The Benefits!

This is one of the most used methods in the war against hair! We have been waxing for hundreds of years, and we know very well the effectiveness of this technique. It consists in extracting the hair directly from the follicle, which allows to obtain a soft skin in a lasting way.

It’s obviously a little longer than shaving your legs, razor or hair removal cream, but you only shave with wax once or twice a month maximum. Thus, the skin rests between each epilation. Shaving irritates the skin because it is done several times a week if you want to keep your legs perfectly soft.

Removing the hairs at the roots, you get a silky skin and a truly flawless result. When you pass the hand, there is not the slightest resistance. It’s sweet, all sweet, we love it and those who share our life (or our bed) too.

Wax not only removes hair, but also cleans Dead Cells. So it’s a skin care. The regrowth will also be much finer than with any other method of hair removal.

This is a really economical method. All wax techniques are cheap, but having a wax heater at home saves money. Wax beads are not expensive at all and you can reuse a melted wax at will.

We will also be able to choose the fragrance of our wax and thus have legs that smell good at the end of our hair removal.

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Some Disadvantages?

Wax depilation is painful the first times. The skin needs to get used to it, and for that, the best is to get depilated once or twice in Institute, with depilating yourself with wax. Professionals have a safer gesture, it will hurt a little, but often less than if you do it alone. That said, after 3 or 4 depilations, it becomes much more bearable.

It should be borne in mind that hot wax is less painful than cold wax. Indeed, the heat will prepare the skin before plucking and the latter will then be much less sensitive. So I strongly advise against starting hair removal with strips of cold wax, if we have never tried hot wax, then we risk never wanting to use wax again all our life…

If the gesture is not assured, then one can provoke ingrown hairs that grow under the skin. It also happens that wax causes allergies or irritation in some people. So always take the time, as with all your beauty products, to test the wax on a small area of the leg, to see how your skin reacts.

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Which Areas of The Body to Depilate with Hot Wax?

It is possible to depilate absolutely all body with hot wax. It is enough to simply manage the amount of wax necessary for hair removal of the area in question. This is the most effective technique for the jersey, but also for the armpits. You can spread the wax as you want and give it the shape you want. For facial fluff, it is also very effective.

How to Shave with Hot Wax? Our Advice!

The first uses of a wax heater can be tedious. Wax is a sticky material, and so when you are a little clumsy, you can put some on the tile, on a towel, have full fingers… in short, you need a little training and listen to the right advice. So, here’s how to handle the spatula and hot wax, like a pro!

Before Hair Removal

For many, hair removal is a chore that we want to ship “quickly done, well done”. However, it is essential to follow a few steps to have as flawless skin as possible after hair removal. So here are some tips before you start.

The first thing to do is to properly choose the period. Indeed, hormonal changes can have effects on the sensitivity of your skin. When you are indisposed, blood circulation increases, and hair removal will tend to mark the skin more, and be more painful.

Also be careful never to depilate skin that is irritated. Irritations, redness, inflammation, should be taken care of, before thinking about an aesthetic care that could aggravate your skin problems.

If all goes well, then we start with a scrub. Exfoliation will remove part of the dead cells and will prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs. The skin will be smoother, which greatly facilitates hair removal, and makes it more effective.

You can use a scrub, but also a body brush or an exfoliating glove. By the way, you will tighten your skin and fight cellulite. What a bonus! We then take a hot shower that will start preparing the skin to heat quietly. This will also open the pores, so that the hairs are removed more easily. You will then avoid the risks of pimple.

Hairs should be of sufficient length. Some manufacturers assure that the wax allows you to remove hairs by 0.05 mm, but this is wrong. They need to measure between 2 and 5 mm to tear off effectively. If they are longer, it will be more painful.

For some sensitive areas, such as armpits or jerseys, it is recommended to disinfect beforehand with a wipe. You can also pass a little talc if you sweat easily.

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The Timing of Hair Removal

The wax heater melted our wax balls, and all we have to do is take action to slaughter hair! We take the necessary wax with a spatula, and we turn it with the wax up until we reach the area to be depilated. This avoids seeing it sink on the floor and then scrape for 1 hour to clean everything up.

Of course, we’ll have checked the heat of the wax so it doesn’t burn out. If a wax heater is used without adjustment possibilities, unless there is a technical problem, the wax never exceeds 42 or 43°C, so there is no risk of burning. Models with a thermostat heat up faster, and up to 100 or 120°C. So there is a risk of burning and you need to be more vigilant. If really the wax seems to us too hot, then we can blow a little on the spatula, as we would with a tablespoon before swallowing it.

Then apply the warm wax in the direction of the hair. It is enough with a thickness of 1-2 mm. if you put too much, the wax will take time to dry, and you risk pulling on it while the hair will not be well taken. Depending on the wax, it is necessary to wait between 30 and 60 seconds for it to be perfectly dry. Important: remember to leave an extra small bead of wax at the end of the strip, so you can easily grab it when you remove it.

To tear off the hair, it is necessary to pull the wax strip in the opposite direction from the shoot. The gesture should be dry and fast, with a rotational movement of the wrist. It is not necessary to pull up, but to follow the direction of the shoot well. It is a blow to take, but it is taken quickly, since the faster and well-directed the gesture, the less pain is present. This is a good way to progress … if there are still small pieces of wax stuck to the skin, we can remove them by tapping a used piece of wax.

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After Epilation

If there are still some rebellious hairs left, it will be necessary to start the finishes with tweezers. A few bits of wax can also be firmly attached to the skin. In this case, a little body oil is used, which will allow everything to peel off without scratching or forcing.

When the hair removal is complete, we will be able to pamper our pretty smooth skin a little. The first mistake not to make is to apply care or perfumes containing alcohol. A non-alcoholic moisturizing milk or oil will be perfect. For the most sensitive skin, in order to avoid pimples or irritation, a little hexomedin can be very useful.

Thermal spray water is also a very good choice for all skin types. It will moisturize and relieve all the bad sensations of scratching or tingling that can be felt after hair removal.

Others prefer to use talc, which again will soothe the skin, avoid pimples and make the depilated area even softer. Avoid, however, for dry skin that is likely to dry even more.

Of course, one avoids sunbathing the first days of a wax depilation. This is the best way to avoid redness, allergies, or worse, pigment spots that would have a lot of trouble being erased.

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Make Hair Removal Last as Long as Possible

Hair removal went well, although it is never a real pleasure. We would now like to be able to keep very soft skin for as long as possible. There are now some anti-regrowth treatments that will allow you to gain a few days.

Creams or Serums

This type of care comes in the form of cream, serum or sometimes deodorant. They will act directly at the root of the hair to curb its regrowth. Usually they are composed of natural actives of lemon or papaya, rather acidic therefore, which lighten the hair and destroy the less robust and thinnest hairs. They also have soothing assets including many essential oils that will purify and moisturize the skin.

Post Wax Cooling Gel
Post Wax Cooling Gel

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No Miracle but Convincing Results

Anti-regrowth care will delay the return of the bad hair, but it will not eliminate it. So, there is a regrowth one day or another and the term “anti-regrowth” is a bit overrated. So, we will gain a few more days before seeing the black dot of the hair pointing to the surface of the skin.

Some users earn up to 7-8 days more, which is still very interesting. For this, it is necessary to use the care at the right time. So you need to apply the care the day after a hair removal, or 48 hours after for the most sensitive skin.

Of course, this type of care works only on depilations that tear off the hair. If you shave your legs with a razor, anti-regrowth care will have absolutely no effect.