Is Hair Transplantation Effective and Durable?

Is Hair Transplantation Effective and Durable?

To treat baldness, hair transplantation turns out to be one of the best solutions that are available to you. If many seem to resort to this cosmetic surgery, it should also be known whether it is effective and durable.

What Benefits to Grafting Your Hair??

One of the main advantages of using hair transplantation to treat a hair problem is that the patient is left with a healthy and natural hair after the operation. Generally, this surgery does not show any scars. As for the duration of the yield, it is necessary to wait 3-4 months to see your hair, filled with vitality, grow again. Then it is necessary to wait about 12 months for your new hair to be long enough with a better density, and this, permanently. It goes without saying that the optimal results are observed after a year.

Nowadays, a hair transplant is undoubtedly the best option to combat the problem of hair loss. Although there are cosmetic products to care for the hair, the only lasting and effective intervention is that of hair implant since it grows the hair naturally. For those who wonder if there is a difference between grafted and old hair, the answer is that both will grow in the same way. Not only will they have the same texture and shape, but also, they will have the same length. Better, the effectiveness of the technology used gives you the certainty that they will never fall again.

What About Limits??

Despite its effectiveness and durability, it is unlikely for some patients to regain their youthful hair as a result of a hair transplant. Since organisms are not the same, it is no less rare for the patient to notice hair loss between the 2nd and 6th postoperative week. However, this problem is temporary since the root is not affected. So, the hair will grow back over the weeks.