WTF: The World’s Most Painful Face Mask

Most Painful Face Mask

To get rid of black dots, some would be ready for anything. Beauty addicts latest craze? A coal-based mask that does more harm than good… Here is the world’s most painful face mask: Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask by Milky Piggy.

When an Anti-Blackhead Mask Scares the Canvas

All methods are good to cope with black dots! After the fashion of the blackhead vacuum cleaner on social networks, beauty addicts we found the revolutionary new product (or almost): The Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask from the Korean brand Elizavecca Milky Piggy. This charcoal-based anti-blackhead mask is supposed to effectively remove these small blackheads in seconds. A promise to put it mildly enticing that YouTube use beauty quickly hastened to try face Camera. And contrary to their expectations, the result has nothing to do with what they hoped for…

Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask
Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask

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A More Painful Mask… How Effective

If the American YouTubers were the first to try this mask, the French Enjoy Phoenix in turn decided to do the test in video.

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And the title of the video says a lot! “The most painful mask in the world”, as she calls it, still leaves him bad memories! Because yes, once applied to the face, this mask is almost impossible to remove. Between cries of pain and sometimes even a few cries, the Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask tears the skin more than it removes blackheads. Also watch out for those who would have a little down on the cheeks, EnjoyPhoenix explains that the mask acts a bit like a wax strip… not cool! So, are you ready to test the mask of hell?

World's Most Painful Face Mask
World’s Most Painful Face Mask

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