How to Lower Blood Cholesterol?

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How to Lower Blood Cholesterol?

Let’s talk in more detail about how to lower blood cholesterol from the body. Probably, many of us have thought at least once about how to lower cholesterol at home without resorting to medications. Of course, it is best to contact a doctor who will provide qualified assistance with this problem.

However, if you do decide to act on your own, then before proceeding to active actions, you first need to learn how to check your cholesterol level at home.

In order to find out how much cholesterol is in the patient’s blood; doctors use a standard biochemical analysis.

What can you use at home to measure cholesterol and get similar information?

Fortunately, we live in a highly technological age, and ordinary people have in service many previously exclusively medical devices, for example, a kit for determining the level of cholesterol or blood sugar.

After all, there are such categories of people (patients with diabetes mellitus or people with severe cardiovascular diseases) for whom it is vitally important to have such information. Since cholesterol is conventionally divided into “good” and “bad”, a specialized kit for home use allows you to determine the level of both subspecies of biologically active compounds.

In some embodiments, the kit also includes a test strip for determining the level of triglycerides in the blood. The kit contains several test strips that act on the principle of litmus paper, i.e. change their original color when interacting with cholesterol.

Moreover, the shade of the test strip depends on the level of cholesterol in the blood. To carry out the analysis at home, you need to wash your hands, then with a special lancet, which is in the kit, pierce the pad of your finger and touch the test strip. On the screen of the device, a number will be displayed indicating the amount of cholesterol present in the blood.

Electronic Cholesterol Meter
Electronic Cholesterol Meter

To successfully pass the analysis in a medical laboratory, the patient must follow a number of rules and recommendations that are also relevant for conducting research using a home kit. Since the concentration of cholesterol directly depends on many factors, before a home check you should not smoke cigarettes, drink alcoholic beverages, even lower and in small quantities.

Oddly enough, even the position of a person’s body affects the accuracy of the analysis. It is believed that the most accurate result can be obtained in a sitting position.

A person’s diet is extremely important for checking cholesterol levels.

What to eat and avoid before testing your blood for cholesterol?

About three weeks before the biochemical test, doctors advise patients to follow a simple diet, the main feature of which is that you need to eat meals that contain the least amount of animal fats. Priority should be given to fruits, vegetables, fermented milk products and vegetable fats.

The emotional and psychological attitude of a person before the analysis is also important. Stressful situations, as well as worries about your health, can affect the result of your cholesterol test. Therefore, before taking the analysis, doctors recommend not to be nervous and spend some time in peace, you can, for example, sit down and think about something pleasant, in general, relax.

So, let’s move on to the answers to the questions about what reduces the level of a harmful compound in the blood and how to quickly lower cholesterol at home. If you are faced with the above problems, then you should start adhering to the following recommendations.

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What Reduces the Level of Cholesterol?

Go in for sports. Many cardiologists claim that regular physical activity not only strengthens the entire human body as a whole, but also helps to eliminate cholesterol blocks accumulated in the arteries. Remember, it is not at all necessary to be a professional athlete; to maintain health, you can simply take long walks or do exercises in the fresh air every day, in general, move.

After all, as the ancients said: “Movement is life”. Scientists have shown that people over the age of fifty who regularly take walks in the fresh air for at least forty minutes are less susceptible to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases than their sedentary peers.

Movement is life
Movement is Life

It is also beneficial for the elderly to walk at a slow pace to prevent heart attack or stroke and clear blood vessels of harmful cholesterol. However, it is worth remembering that when taking walks, the pulse of an elderly person should not deviate from the norm by more than 15 beats per minute.

Give up bad habits. You can call this advice universal for any ailment, because smoking or drinking alcohol in large quantities harms all people without exception. We think it makes little sense to talk about what harm cigarettes do to the body, everyone is already well aware of how nicotine kills human health.

Smoking increases the risk of developing atherosclerosis, one of the main causes of which is considered to be high cholesterol. As for alcohol, then everything is not so simple, since there are many adherents of the theory that a small amount of strong alcoholic beverages (no more than fifty grams) or two hundred grams of dry red wine help to normalize cholesterol levels.

Smoking Increases the Risk of Cholesterol
Smoking Increases the Risk of Cholesterol

According to many reputable doctors, alcohol, even in small quantities and of good quality, cannot be considered a medicine in this case. After all, many people are prohibited from drinking alcohol, for example, those with diabetes or hypertension. Such “alcoholic” medicine can seriously harm, not cure such people.

Balanced Diet is the Key to Health
Balanced Diet is the Key to Health

Eat right. This is another universal rule, because a person’s health depends not only on his lifestyle, but also on what he eats. In fact, eating so that you can live a healthy and fulfilling life is not difficult at all. It just takes some effort, like learning how to cook healthy meals that are rich in various compounds important to good health.

A balanced diet is the key to health. Doctors and nutritionists have been repeating this simple truth to their patients for more than a decade. In the case of bad cholesterol, this statement becomes even more important. Because it is thanks to the right diet that you can get rid of the problems associated with such a substance as cholesterol.