How to Remove Makeup Without Aggressing Your Skin?

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Make-up removal is a must for any woman who wants to take care of her skin. Nevertheless, few of them realize that the skin can be attacked by too abrupt gestures or products unsuitable for their skin. Learn how to remove makeup without aggressing your skin, it’s an art.

Use Skin-Friendly Products

The skin needs to be cleaned of all its impurities to be able to regenerate and be perfectly oxygenated, at least during the night. Make-up removal is therefore a daily care, which can sometimes be done several times a day, hence the importance of favoring gentle products for your skin.

Organic Makeup Remover Oils: Ideal for The Skin

Face makeup, whose composition is often greasy in nature and tends to cling to the skin, make-up remover oils are of remarkable effectiveness. Their texture, also greasy, will cope with the slightest trace of foundation or lipstick.

But this is not its only strong point since the makeup remover oil, preferably organic to avoid the addition of chemical components that can be aggressive, is perfect for sensitive skin. This will give preference to an organic make-up remover oil to restore the epidermis of sensitive skin. Sunflower, avocado or coconut oils are the richest.

Micellar Waters: Quick and Fresh Make-Up Removal

Micellar waters are the allies of women in a hurry and who want to remove makeup while refreshing their face. Some, enriched with glycerin, are also perfectly suited to fragile skin as makeup remover and moisturizing premium. Micellar water is particularly gentle, making it the preferred form of makeup remover to remove makeup residues, especially on fragile areas such as the eyelids.

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Take the Right Gestures to Pamper Your Skin

If the idea of not removing makeup from your skin, for fear of aggression, has already touched your mind, forget about it immediately. This step is essential to remove impurities accumulated during the day (dust, fragments of pollution, excess sebum, etc…), whether you are wearing makeup or not.

Place to Practice

What is the point of looking for the ideal makeup remover if you come to attack your skin with your sudden gestures? Make-up remover is a story of softness, so it’s about massaging your make-up remover on your skin with your fingertips and not rubbing.

Mistakes to Avoid When Removing Makeup

Removing Makeup

1. Use Cotton, Too Abrasive for The Skin

If it is customary to use cotton to remove makeup, it is not the most tender gesture for the skin. Indeed, their slightly abrasive surface turns out to be irritating by force of use, especially on dry skin. Prefer him washable wipes in cotton, organic Of course, much softer and environmentally friendly as a bonus.

2. Do Not Look at The Components of Its Make-Up Remover

Most makeup removers contain substances harmful to the skin, including sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which tends to dry the skin. It’s enough to tell you that daily applying this ingredient with detergent action on the skin is daunting.

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3. Want to Clean Your Skin with A Cleansing Brush

If this gadget is raging, sold as one of the most effective instruments to sanitize the skin, this rotating brush only aggregates your skin during its progression. Usually supplied with fine-bristled heads and other stiffer heads for gumming. But, much more than a scrub, these brushes offer a real face-lift and will not sublimate your skin, quite the contrary.