How to Sleep Well Despite the Heat?

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How to Sleep Well Despite the Heat

It’s hot, and it’s already hard to bear during the day. But how to have a good night? We have listed the tricks to sink as quickly as possible into the arms of Morpheus despite the ambient heat.

Heat day (s) announced! If high temperatures are difficult to withstand during the day, they can be even more painful at night. Indeed, the body struggles to regulate heat, and therefore, to organize our sleep phases. There is no miracle recipe for joining Morpheus’s arms, but these few tricks can still allow us to sleep better.

Keep A Water Bottle Nearby

Yes, it is important to drink in case of high heat. So, we leave a bottle of cool water (not the ice) near your bed and not in your kitchen or in the fridge. A trick that avoids cutting off your night by waking up completely.

Light Dinner

If it is not so important in winter, except for weight and digestion issues, when it is hot it is recommended to eat light. Why? Because the temperature of our body rises during digestion. So as much as it is fast when the thermometer climbs.

Forget for A While the Glass of Rose

Like too rich meals, alcohol causes body temperature to rise. It is therefore strongly discouraged in case of high heat. Instead, we opt for a good bottle … water!

Taking A Warm Shower

Contrary to popular belief, one should not take a cold shower before sleeping. In addition to risking hypothermia, it is not advisable to bring down the temperature of your body abruptly before sleep. Mainly because our metabolism will try to restore our average temperature as soon as we go to bed. We prefer a warm bath or shower and to optimize the “freshness” side we do not dry completely. Once in bed, one can mist his sheets, his pillow, his face and his body with a thermal water bomb.

Go to Bed Later When it’s hot, it’s better to shift your bedtime. The reason? Because a shorter and more effective sleep is preferable to a long and fractional sleep. We wish you a nice and cool night.