How to Use Lipstick Perfectly?

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How to Use Lipstick Perfectly?

Today I am going to tell you ‘how to use lipstick perfectly?’ Bright lipstick easily creates a well-groomed look and even forgives the lack of makeup. You can skip using mascara and eyeliner if you focus on the lips. The main thing is to choose a color that suits your face.

In addition to color, you need to consider the composition of the cosmetic product. Not all lipsticks are created equal. Substances from which lipstick is made go into the mouth. Poor quality ingredients can lead to poisoning of the body. Thus, when buying lipstick, you must immediately exclude options of dubious quality, with an expired or expiring shelf life, in a deformed shell.

It is necessary to study lipstick composition if you have sensitive skin carefully, tend to allergies, or have problems with the digestive system. The composition, albeit in small print, is always indicated on the label. It is better not to use cosmetics containing carmine, lanolin, and petroleum jelly.

Use Lipstick That Protects Lips

In addition to the visual effect, lipstick has a protective effect. Good lipstick will protect your lips from drying out in summer and from chapping in winter and autumn. Even if you do not like to use decorative cosmetics daily, protect your lips with hygienic lipstick – this way, you will protect them from premature aging. Yes, lips age too.

How to Use Lipstick Perfectly?
How to Use Lipstick Perfectly?

The nourishing lipstick is formulated with natural plant wax derived from palm leaves. Sometimes the wax is replaced with other substances that have properties similar to wax.

In addition to wax, nourishing lipsticks include emollient oils, nutritional vitamins A, E, plant extracts, sunscreens, flavored fragrances, preservatives, and antioxidants.

Preservatives are needed to preserve the properties and antioxidants to prevent oxidation, vitamins A and E – moisturize and smooth the skin.

Also, the lipstick may contain aloe vera extract, sunflower, castor, and sesame oils for a comfortable feel on the lips.

Don’t Use Long-Lasting Lipstick

The invention of a long-lasting lipstick that will last on the lips from 4 hours to a day has become a real revolution in the cosmetic industry.

How to Use Lipstick Perfectly?
How to Use Lipstick Perfectly?

The girls believed the advertising slogan: “Persistent lipstick – lasting color!” and bought it, not thinking about what makes long-lasting lipstick lasting. Meanwhile, the highly long-lasting lipsticks stain the top layer of skin on the lips and only wear off when that layer peels off.

In addition, strong stabilizers made from petroleum are used to produce long-lasting lipsticks.

If Not Necessary Use Lip Gloss

Lip glosses were very popular at one time. For a while, they supplanted classic lipsticks. The texture of the gloss is lighter than lipstick, creates the effect of wet lips, and does not require a careful application from the girl strictly along the contour. But this tool also has its nuances: it spreads and does not retain its original shape well.

How to Use Lipstick Perfectly?
How to Use Lipstick Perfectly?

Considering the above disadvantages, manufacturers began to make gloss based on lighter oils with gel-like components, making the product less sticky and better retain its shape. This gloss also moisturizes and softens lips. The gloss has almost no protective properties against drying out and chapping.

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Which is Better Shining, or Matte?

Girls who like to shine, but do not like glitter, choose pearlescent lipstick. The main components of the product are high-quality natural waxes, valuable vegetable oils. It allows you to add more moisturizers to its composition without making the lipstick too heavy and sticky.

How to Use Lipstick Perfectly?
How to Use Lipstick Perfectly?

Matte lipstick hit its high point in 2021. All professional makeup artists recommended only that for use, and glossy shine was considered terrible bad manners. Following matte lips, velvet ones became topical. And at this, the peak of matte glory, if not wholly extinguished, then subsided a little.

In 2019, there are no strict restrictions on the choice of lipstick color and texture. You can choose any cosmetics you like – glossy, iridescent, or matte shine, lipstick with or without shimmery particles, cherry, orange, cyclamen shades – the main thing is that the lipstick matches your skin type and color.

How to Use Lipstick Perfectly?
How to Use Lipstick Perfectly?

The Subtleties of Applying Lipstick

  1. To make the lip contour even, expressive and neat – use a lip liner. First, select the lips with a pencil, going through the outlines. If the pencil differs in tone from the lipstick, then outline the contour with the pencil and shade the entire surface of the lips, and then apply the lipstick. The Blend, in general, it is better to choose a pencil to match the lipstick.
  2. To give your lips a shine, first apply lipstick and then cover it with a colorless gloss. Press your lips together to blend the lipstick and gloss.
  3. To prevent the gloss from spreading, trace the lips around the outer edge with a camouflage pencil before applying. It will serve as a barrier.
  4. If the lipstick has a flashy color, tone down the tone by applying a thin layer of beige or nude lipstick on top. To achieve the same effect, you can coat your lips with a beige pencil before applying lipstick.
  5. For a more natural shade, mix any lipstick color with a soft brown lipstick.
  6. To keep makeup lasting, apply a layer of lipstick, cover your lips with a thin paper towel, and dust with loose powder. Remove the tissue and apply another layer of lipstick.
  7. To add volume to the lips, apply lipstick, then on the middle part of the lower lip – a transparent gloss or lighter lipstick. Blend with a brush.
  8. To make vertical lip lines less visible. Apply lipstick with a brush in small vertical strokes – from the lip contour to the center.