Is Nail Design A Luxury or A Necessity?

Is Nail Design A Luxury or A Necessity?

Today we’ll discuss about nail design (manicure) and figure out ‘is nail design a luxury or a necessity for a modern woman? Maybe the classics are enough? Why do I want to talk about this now?

Look in public places at the surrounding women, girls and their hands.

• Are there many well-groomed hands?
• Can you see the age from them?
• What is the condition of their nails?
• Is there a lot of French manicure?
• And how many of those who have nails in an interesting design?
• Do you rejoice in such women with eye-catching design – nails?
• Why am I intriguing?

Remember your feelings and thoughts at the sight of “killed” hands in a seemingly not homeless girl or woman. A pity? Look away quickly, as if you haven’t seen this sad picture.

And when you see extended nails or with strengthening and all as one with a classic jacket? A slight annoyance that the faceless army is straight, there is nothing to see, I guess?

But a friend or colleague comes running after a beauty salon, hairdresser or private manicurist and brags about a new nail design. Or in transport, some lady is holding onto the handrail and you see that her nails are in the original design. In the line for shopping, the girl in front of you holds out money and you involuntarily notice her nails and they have some kind of unusual pattern.

  • What’s the reaction? Interest. Delight. It clings.
  • I would like to spy, see, be impressed, right?
  • Well, now, after all the analysis, tell me – is nail design a luxury or a necessity?

Yes, this is a necessity, but for many it is still luxurious, unfortunately. The average price tag of high-quality nail design is $60-$100.

Now the notion that nail design is a luxury disappears. On the contrary, it has become incredibly affordable, and its sophistication, jewelry, speed and ease of execution is simply amazing.

What is it, you say?

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Stunning Nail Designs for Less Than $10

Stunning Nail Designs

Intrigue again? Are we talking about newbie manicurists? No! The technology of express nail design called “stamping” (stamping) appeared. For example, the brands KONAD (South Korea) or Leslie, or bundle monster (USA), etc.

All of Europe is on the ears. Fast, simple, millions of options and, most importantly – many times cheaper than hand-painted nails.

Amidst a faceless mass of handles adorned with stunning designs from good quality stamping, you’re sure to grab attention.

Remember – our hands are always in sight! And if you can take your hair into a ponytail, hide it under an interestingly tied scarf, be without makeup – you never know what the reason, but hands involuntarily give you away.

You will say – there is no time and so many means to do nail design regularly?

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With dexterity, a stamped nail design will take about 10 minutes. And the effect is worth a million.

Is Nail Design A Luxury or A Necessity

A set of a stamp, discs (or boards), and a scraper (scraper) is practically eternal. 1 jar of varnish (15ml) is enough for about 500-700 nails. The benefits are obvious! Agree, looking luxurious has become even more affordable!

Do not confuse with fakes under Konad Nail Art | Conad or Leslie | Lesly or bundle monster / Bundle monster, etc. – for fakes, a clumsy drawing is obtained, the impression is poorly transferred, and not jewelry lines and the finest details. (Here is the amazon link for Konal Nail Art.)