Kate Middleton Eating Plan: Hot Spices, Minimum Meat and No Sugar

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Kate Middleton Eating Plan

To always remain flawlessly slim, Kate Middleton goes in for sports every day and a lot. Proper nutrition plays an equally important role – the Duchess has set many restrictions for herself. We’ll discuss about Kate Middleton Eating Plan in this article.

The way Kate Middleton’s mother of many children always manages to remain flawlessly slim is of much more concern to many than her difficult relationship with Meghan Markle or social activities. It seems that after the birth of three children, the wife of Prince William has become even slimmer than before.

The reason for this is not only the duchess’s enviable genes, but also hard work on herself.

We already talked about how Kate taught herself to get up at dawn and immediately dive into the pool – or run a few laps around the palace.

Such active sports burn a lot of calories – however, Middleton still prefers to limit her diet as much as possible.

So, the royal person reduced the consumption of sugar to zero, preferring to feast on confectionery only at festive family dinners or social events.

According to insiders, for breakfast, Kate prefers a smoothie made from berries and herbs and traditional English oatmeal. And in order not to get hungry until lunch, during the day, the woman again drinks fruit smoothies – but based on almond milk.

And although Kate does not consider herself a vegetarian, she is trying to reduce her intake of animal products. So, the Duchess almost always dines with fish or herbal ingredients. She loves sushi, gazpacho soup and various salads with vegetables and cereals.

As one of the cooks serving Cambridge told reporters during the trip, both Kate and William prefer to put more emphasis on vegetarian dishes.

Opposite to all supporters of proper nutrition, Middleton pays special attention to the dinner, which she prefers to cook herself. In the evening, the duchess allows herself poultry meat, pasta, and very hot Indian spices, which she loves so much. Kate is experimenting with new recipes, trying to please both the tastes of her husband and children and her desires.

By the way, in the evening, the royal can afford a glass of white wine – but no more. After all, alcohol also contains sugar, and there is no benefit from it.

Photo: Getty Images, @kensingtonroyal / Instagram