How to Keep You Calm for Your Well-Being?

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How to Keep You Calm for Your Well-Being

Life situations often lead you into confrontations or power relationships where emotional intelligence becomes more important than your ability to reason or think. This is the peculiarity of human relationships and social interactions, some of which can have a toxic nature. Faced with an unpleasant person, the instinctive reactions of each are different. Some give the impression of remaining “marble”, where others could come to their hands. For your well – being, here are some tips to help you keep calm and preserve your mental health in unpleasant situations.

Master Your Breathing

When you find yourself in front of a person who makes untenable remarks to you, the first reaction you feel is not intellectual, but physical. In particular, an acceleration of the heart rate, your breathing accelerates and at first you do not see what you could do to delay this. You can’t help it; it makes you sick. The heart accelerates, the pressure rises and it is the adrenaline that is about to pour into your head. Let us not give in to anger, its effects can be more devastating than the initial friction. Also, to manage the stress of the situation, try to master your breathing. To lower the level of stress, you will need a good dose of abstraction, in a word “deaf ear” as for example, by counting your breaths or the space between your breaths. Nothing magical, but simply by focusing your attention on the words of your interlocutor, you maintain the pressure.

Divert Your Attention

When you’re in your living room couch, watching TV with the remote in your hand, what do you do when you hear an inappropriate comment from a political figure you can’t stand? You’re zapping. You have the power to switch to another channel, choose a cartoon or a Discovery show so you do not have to undergo an umpteenth opinion about what you need to do or think. Burn-out and other burn-out situations often arise in our inability to zap the situation. When you are faced with repeatedly unpleasant situations and do not know how to get out of it, you crack. Also, during a stormy meeting, divert your attention to a neutral element. Re-read your notes, check if you still have coffee in your cup, look elsewhere, study the reaction of others if you are in a group, do not focus on your detractor or stress at work could become a personal matter.

Let go?

To allow you to keep calm, you also need to know what it looks like. Indeed, if your life is punctuated by a succession of stress from morning to night, it is all the more difficult to be able to show a form of – letting go in a difficult situation. Chronic stress and its lot of anxiety, will leave you energized. So, you have to have time for yourself and times when you can relax by doing fun or pleasant intellectual activities, such as reading, relax in order to lower the pressure in your brain, maybe even take the time to discover sophrology, meditation, ASMR to improve your well-being.

Finally, we can only advise you too much to show assertiveness. Indeed, there is a limit between managing your stress in a delicate situation and the lack of respect that can be communicated to you. Also, you need to be sure that the words that are held respect you. Firmness is not aggression, and politely cropping your interlocutor if he goes beyond the boundaries will always be more effective than entering into a sterile conflict.