Keratin Hair Restoration

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Stages of Hair Straightening with Keratin

If the hair lacks keratin for some reason, then it looks damaged, frizzy, does not shine and is constantly electrified. Their lifeless appearance completely deprives them of their natural beauty.

Therefore, a restoration technique was developed based on the saturation of the hair with keratin, which they lack.

The master determines the type of hair and assesses its condition. Based on this, he selects the appropriate composition. The correct dosage is very important. Only then will this procedure give the desired result.

Then you need to comb thoroughly and wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo. Only clean hair will fill well with keratin.

Keratin is applied to damp hair. It is very important to distribute the keratin evenly over the entire length of the hair. The mixture should not touch the hair roots. After a while, when the keratin is absorbed, the hair is completely dried with a hairdryer.

At the final stage, the hair is divided into strands and smoothed with an iron. This is done in order to completely seal the keratin inside the hair.

If the master does everything right, then the hair scales will completely close and will closely adhere to each other. Keratin makes the hair heavier and smoother. Because of this, they align.

A properly performed procedure has a healing effect on the hair, therefore it is called healing.

The Main Advantages of The Keratin Complex

  • Keratin treatment makes the strands heavier, but not much. They look natural.
  • After the procedure, each hair naturally breathes. Hair volume remains much longer, it becomes less dirty.
  • Hair treated with keratin can be curled over time with a curler or curling iron. After that, they will not lose their silkiness and shine.
  • Keratin hair straightening can be done regularly, it does not harm the hair. If the keratin is poorly absorbed into the strands, the keratinization can be repeated every other day.
  • This hair treatment does not take long. Medium length hair will take about an hour.

Hair Care After Keratin Restoration

To consolidate the result, the hair must be provided with certain conditions. The most important are three days after the procedure. During this period, the following rules must be observed:

  • hair should not be pinned, braided and collected in hairstyles;
  • hair cannot be washed;
  • wetting the curls is also prohibited.

After keratinization, you need to use only ammonia-free shampoo, otherwise the entire keratin coating will be washed off the strands. Also, you cannot use ammonia dyes and dye your hair until two weeks after the procedure. After washing your hair, you need to use a mask or conditioner based on natural ingredients. Despite the good condition of the hair after keratinization, oils, crystals and fluids are also needed by the hair for extra care and shine.

Keratin hair restoration is the most advanced cosmetic procedure today. In addition to hair care, it helps to restore its structure.

The Negative Side of Keratin Straightening

This procedure also has a negative side. Keratin hair straightening has its drawbacks.

  • The price of hair restoration with keratin in the salon is quite high and not acceptable for everyone. Many people cannot pamper themselves with such a procedure. For short hair, on average, it is 45 dollars. And for long ones – about 100 dollars.
  • Shampoos for washing hair and care products after restoration are also expensive.
  • At first, you will have to give up hairstyles, elastic bands, hairpins and other accessories. Hair should not be collected, and not every girl is comfortable.
  • You can’t change the parting either.
  • Keratin and high humidity are incompatible things. Therefore, you will have to abandon the sauna, pool, sea water. Do not let your hair get wet in the rain or snow.
  • Hair soaked with keratin becomes heavy. Hair follicles may not cope with their task, and hair will fall out intensively.
  • Straight hair gets dirty faster.
  • Keratin straightening will not work for very fine hair. Aligning will make them visually thinner.
  • The effect of this procedure is short-lived. After a few months, the hair may return to an even worse condition than before the keratinization.

The negative side of this procedure is also important to know. This will help you decide if your hair needs such a procedure and make the right decision.

Hair Keratinization at Home

Well-groomed hair is not something to save on. But the high cost of keratin recovery in the salon makes many girls look for an alternative. You can do this at home using a round brush, a spray bottle, a hair dryer, and an iron. But the main component is a professional keratinizing product. You can buy it at specialized stores. According to experts, the best keratin for hair is the one sold in ampoules. It does not contain impurities, and its main component is building protein. After preparing all the necessary, keratin hair restoration is carried out at home in several stages:

  • initially you need to wash your hair twice with a special shampoo, which contains keratin;
  • then you need to wrap your head with a towel so that moisture is absorbed;
  • comb your hair well;
  • all strands need to be collected at the back of the head;
  • then it is necessary to fill the spray bottle with a solution for keratinization;
  • the strands should be separated from below with a thin layer and the agent should be evenly sprayed on them;
  • strands with applied keratin are immediately combed – this will ensure its absorption into the hair;
  • then the next layer of hair is separated and worked in the same way;
  • after applying the liquid to all hair, you need to wait 15 minutes for the keratin to be well absorbed;
  • hair soaked in the product is dried with a hairdryer;
  • then you need to completely straighten the hair with an iron;
  • at the end, a little serum with keratin is applied to the hair.

Keratin recovery is considered safe. It is an aesthetic and therapeutic hair straightening treatment using keratin. This technique is suitable for both straight and curly hair. But the key to success lies in a good specialist. When performing the procedure at home, you need to strictly adhere to the instructions and use a high-quality product. Proper hair care is essential. Then keratinization will really show the expected effect.