Lard Diet for Weight Loss

Lard Diet for Weight Loss

The greasy diet is an effective way to lose weight, which is based on the unique properties of this pork delicacy. This product is not just fat, which is usually avoided when drawing up diet menus, it is a national product, pride and centuries-old traditions of cooking and then eating this cold snack.

It is clear that fat is satisfying and easily digestible, and the benefits of this product are in the presence of arachidonic acid, which has an amazing effect on the regulation and normalization of the work of the heart muscle, the vascular and hormonal systems. Forms endogenous cannabinoids during non-oxidative metabolism. In addition, a rich vitamin composition is noted – in fat there is a monounsaturated oleic and polyunsaturated fatty acid, vit retinol (A1), ergocalciferol (D2), E and β-carotene.

Of course, there may be people who will object and say that it is impossible to lose weight on fat, because it is very high in calories, in 100 g of the product there are over 750 calories, 50 g is enough for an adult and to fill the entire daily need for fat. But the point is not in the calorie content, but in the special effect of high-quality pork fat on the human body. To begin with, the lard needs to be prepared at home in a special way to make sure that not a single nuance is missed.


Modern doctors began to attribute a dietary menu that includes lard:

  • obesity no more than 25%;
  • people after operations, weakened after illness;
  • to improve visual acuity and skin condition;
  • to lower the level of “bad” cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Allowed Products

The list of permitted types of food is quite large, the menu consists of:

  • 30 gm lard;
  • cereals and pasta and whole grain breads;
  • vegetable salads, legumes, stews and lean soups, flavored with 1 tablespoon of good vegetable oil;
  • dietary meat – chicken breast, steamed turkey, rabbit, quail cutlets;
  • seafood (crayfish, algae, molluscs), low-fat fish – cod, tuna, pollock, bream, blue whiting, river perch, pike perch, pike, roach, bream, mullet, flounder.

Diet and Lard

Due to the unique composition of fat, the diet becomes balanced, while many programs severely limit the body in essential essential fats, health suffers – hair, complexion becomes worse, metabolism is disturbed. Therefore, if you have a question: is it possible to eat lard on a diet? Then the answer will be unequivocally – yes. The main thing to remember is that it must be of high quality and properly prepared:

  • when purchasing lard, ask the seller for a quality certificate issued by the veterinary service and only after making sure of its freshness and safety, buy the product;
  • pay attention to the appearance of the fat, it should be uniformly white, without inclusions and inclusions, for example, bloody streaks, not hard, but not loose, medium-high is best – about 5 cm;
  • fat may have a layer of meat (up to 15%);
  • on the course of the diet, you should purchase 1 kg of fat, which must be divided into 30 pieces for each day.

Approved Products Table

Proteins (gm)Fat (gm)Carbohydrates (gm)Calories (Kcal)
Vegetables and Greens
Green Onion1.30.04.619
Salad Pepper1.30.05.327
Cherry Tomatoes0.80.12.815
Nuts and Dried Fruits
Flax Seeds18.342.228.9534
Dried Apricots5.00.450.6213
Candied Pears0.00.091.6343
Dried Apples2.20.159.0231
Buckwheat Porridge Viscous on Water3.20.817.190
Oatmeal on the Water3.01.715.088
Boiled Brown Rice2.60.922.8110
Flour and Pasta
Bakery Products
Rye Cake8.018.344.2376
Whole Grain Bread10.12.357.1295
Meat Products
Turkey Cutlets18.612.28.7220
Steamed Chicken Breast23.61.90.0113
Boiled Chicken Eggs12.711.50.7157
Fish and Seafood
Brown Algae1.70.68.343
Boiled Bream20.94.70.0126
Blue Whiting16.10.972
Fresh Sea Crayfish18.81.30.589
Baked Cod6.03.78.090
Boiled Pike21.31.398
Oils and Fats
Linseed Oil0.099.80.0898
Olive Oil0.099.80.0898
Pumpkin Seed Oil0.099.50.0896
Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Green Tea0.00.00.0
Juices and Compotes
Orange Juice0.90.28.136
Pomegranate Juice0.30.014.564
Apple Juice0.40.49.842
*Based on for 100 gm of each product.

Fully or Partially Limited Products

  • fatty foods should be excluded – pork, fatty fish, duck, sausage, stew, etc.;
  • sugar, confectionery, sweets, cookies, pastries and wheat bread, potatoes are not allowed; in order to lose weight, you need to completely abandon fast simple carbohydrates;
  • you cannot lard, amenable to smoking, baking or boiling.

Diet Restrictions

  • you need to season salads not with mayonnaise or fatty sour cream, but only high-quality unrefined, for example, linseed, pumpkin, olive oil (only 1 tablespoon per day), lemon juice, balsamic vinegar;
  • small portions – no more than 250 gm;
  • chicken eggs can be eaten 1-2 a day;
  • fruits and freshly squeezed juices – since they are rich in carbohydrates, they should also be present in only a small amount, one toast with avocado pulp and a glass of freshly squeezed, best citrus or apple, vegetable juice is allowed;
  • you can add salt to food, but still within reasonable limits, it is better to slightly under salt, and not over salt and provoke puffiness, problems with the cardiovascular system.


  • Lard diet for weight loss
  • Ready-to-eat lard.

To make a delicious lard, first you need to cut it into cubes and, if desired, roll it in a mixture of spices – black pepper, ground bay leaf, cloves, dry dill, nutmeg, coriander and other herbs, as well as crushed garlic to your taste.

Then the cubes should be rolled in rock salt. After 3-4 hours, put in a plastic bag or containers and send to the freezer. The product is ready to use, taking out 1 piece in the morning, cut it off with a knife or wash a piece under running water, let it warm up for 10-15 minutes.


  • pancreatitis;
  • gastritis;
  • liver disease, biliary;
  • diabetes mellitus.


Before including lard in your menu, consult with your doctor or family doctor.

Pros and Cons of Lard Diet for Weight Loss

– A piece of bacon in the morning gives a boost of energy, the diet is not accompanied by hunger attacks, weight loss occurs smoothly and a meager diet is tolerated more or less painlessly.
– Up to 400 gm of excess weight can go away per day.
The diet heals – the immune system is enhanced, the complexion improves, a surge of energy is felt, and puffiness is eliminated.
– You need to cook, weigh portions, monitor the quality of products, diet.
– The diet has contraindications.
– Carbohydrates are practically excluded from the menu – sugar, white bread, so it will be difficult for those with a sweet tooth.

Important Conditions

  • 30 gm of fat should be eaten in the morning on an empty stomach;
  • breakfast – cereal, oatmeal, unpolished rice, pasta – should begin no later than half an hour after eating bacon;
  • to speed up metabolism, a cup of black brewed coffee without sugar or sweeteners is recommended;
  • in the morning and in the evening, water procedures must be carried out – shower, bath, wiping with a wet towel, because during weight loss, slags and toxins are released through the pores;
  • it is necessary to maintain a water balance – at least 1.5 pure non-carbonated water;
  • green large leaf tea is rich in antioxidants, drink it and get a burst of energy, clean the blood vessels, relax the nervous system and strengthen the immune system.
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Results and Reviews on A Diet for Weight Loss on Fat

Positive reviews from doctors and people who have tried the lard diet are very common, and all thanks to a clear improvement in health when using lard in moderation. The product has already been proven to have anti-cancer and anti-aging effects.

Igor, 32 years old: “The diet on fat for weight loss is easily tolerated, no discomfort or hunger. Dishes you don’t like from the menu can be replaced with our usual soup or roast, the main thing is to tie it up with sugar, sweets and 2.5-3 kg will quietly go away in a week”.