Laser Upper Lip Hair Removal: All You Need to Know About It Before Procedure

Laser Upper Lip Hair Removal

Upper lip hair removal can be done in different ways, but the highest and most prolonged result is obtained by laser upper lip hair removal. This method of getting rid of antennae is safe and practically painless. In addition, the laser has a beneficial effect on the skin in general. This technique promotes healing, rejuvenation of the skin, and instant tissue regeneration.

When is Upper Lip Hair Removal Required?

Laser exposure is recommended in the presence of excess facial hair. Women often prefer to get rid of such a defect as the antennae above the upper lip. This technique is also used for men. Causes of excessive facial hair growth:

  • Hormonal Imbalance – with abnormal testosterone production;
  • Hereditary Predisposition;
  • Improper Diet – passion for foods that contain a large percentage of carbohydrates;
  • Dysfunction of the endocrine system;
  • Hirsutism (increased androgenic hair growth).

The reason for the appearance of antennae above the upper lip can also be some types of decorative or care cosmetics that contain hormonal components.

Pros and Cons of Laser Upper Lip Hair Removal

Pros and Cons of Laser Upper Lip Hair Removal
Laser Upper Lip Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has a vast number of advantages and practically no disadvantages. The benefits of the technique include the following factors:

  • The procedure is painless since the modern equipment used is equipped with unique cooling systems;
  • High level of safety – infection is excluded, tissues are restored quickly;
  • Simultaneous rejuvenating effect – the laser stimulates the production of its collagen and elastin, which helps to increase the elasticity of the skin;
  • The formation of ingrown hairs is excluded;
  • The highest effect among other procedures for removing hair – smooth skin without irritation;
  • The result is for a long time or forever.

There are few disadvantages to laser upper lip hair removal. To a greater extent, these include an extensive list of contraindications. The higher cost compared to other methods rarely confuses patients since there is no need to return to the procedure often.

Preparation for Laser Upper Lip Hair Removal

The first consultation of a cosmetologist includes a visual examination and a questioning of the patient for contraindications. You can not carry out the procedure in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • Infectious, bacterial, viral, fungal infections in the processing area;
  • Unstable mental states;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Oncology;
  • Tendency to form keloid scars;
  • The presence of open wounds, scratches, cracks in the area of ​​laser exposure;
  • High temperature;
  • Pains of any intensity and localization;
  • Moles in the treatment area;
  • High blood pressure.
Preparation for Laser Upper Lip Hair Removal

After collecting the anamnesis, the cosmetologist explains to the patient the essence of the procedure and gives recommendations for preparing for laser hair removal of the upper lip:

  • Two weeks before the session, it is worth giving up tanning (including in the solarium);
  • Stop taking antibiotics from the tetracyclines group;
  • A month before the procedure, you cannot get epilation by any means other than shaving;
  • Limit the use of alcohol-based cosmetics to three days.

Those who have suffered from herpes at least once are recommended to take antiviral drugs in 3 days. A week before the procedure, you should stop drinking alcohol, and on the day of the session – stop smoking. Also, do not use decorative cosmetics before laser upper lip hair removal.

A few hours before visiting the beautician’s office, you need to shave off the antennae with a machine since hairs grown by 2-3 mm will help protect the skin from injury.

Procedure & Process

A session to remove excess hair above the upper lip is carried out in stages:

  • The patient is placed in a comfortable chair.
  • If necessary, your doctor will use a local anesthetic spray or ointment.
  • The beautician and the patient wear special glasses to protect the retina from the laser.
  • The skin is treated with an antiseptic.
  • The doctor applies a contact gel to the treated area.
  • The cosmetologist adjusts the equipment (wavelength 810 nm); with the device’s help, he acts with a laser beam on the areas with hairs. The patient may feel a slight tingling sensation.
  • In the end, the skin above the upper lip is treated with healing and emollient, such as Panthenol.
  • After 20-30 minutes, the procedure is completed, the client can go home.

The essence of removing excess hair is that the laser has a thermal effect on the melanin and follicle, destroying it with the feeding vessel. Healthy tissues are not affected.

The following types of laser devices are used for hair removal:

  • Alexandrite – suitable for hair of moderate pigmentation, light skin;
  • Neodymium – great depth of action, ideal for dark, coarse hairs (helps to get rid of vascular lesions, hyperpigmentation, freckles);
  • The diode is used for both light and dark skin.

In the ranking of the best laser devices for the upper lip hair removal procedure:

  • Fotona;
  • Candela;
  • Nordlys;
  • 1S PRO and others.

Almost all modern equipment is equipped with a cooling system. The most effective is the air cooling compatible and the dynamic cryogenic device. A stream of cold air or a low dose of cryogen is applied to the treatment area during the procedure. Due to this, the skin’s temperature becomes optimal, and the risk of burns is minimal.

Skincare After Laser Upper Lip Hair Removal

Skincare After Laser Upper Lip Hair Removal

At the end of the procedure, the cosmetologist gives recommendations on what can and cannot be done during the rehabilitation period:

  • You need to treat the skin 1-2 days after the session with Pentanol or other similar formulations;
  • Do not sunbathe for two weeks;
  • Continue taking antiviral drugs for another 3 to 4 days;
  • Limit physical activity for a week;
  • Walks in the fresh air are welcome but subject to the application of sunscreen with an SPF level of 30-50;
  • It is better to postpone aggressive and alcohol-containing cosmetics for two weeks;
  • Within 7-10 days, it is not recommended to visit the bathhouse, sauna, public pool;
  • Stop drinking alcohol for a week;
  • If the hairs grow back, you can gently cut or shave them off.

It is not always realistic to get rid of excess hair above the upper lip in one session. It is necessary to properly plan the procedure period since, in the summer, increased exposure to ultraviolet radiation is undesirable.

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How Long Does the Effect Last?

During the first session, not all hairs are removed. It is due to the specifics of the appearance of hairs. There are three stages of hair growth:

  • active;
  • withering away;
  • hair loss and the formation of a new root.

All hair on the body goes through these stages in different ways, so the laser beam destroys only those hairs currently in the active phase – about 40%. In one session, this amount of hair is removed precisely, and to remove everything, you will need to go through 3 to 7 procedures. The interval between them is about a month.

Completely smooth skin lasts for a period of 6 months to 5 years. It depends on the density, thickness of the hairs, and their growth characteristics. Since this face area is considered hormone-dependent, hair removal will not give a long-term effect with appropriate problems. But in many cases, excess hair above the upper lip becomes thinner, brightens, and eventually disappears forever.

The procedure for laser upper lip hair removal is rightfully recognized as the most effective. It allows you to eliminate a cosmetic defect while at the same time having a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. The risk of complications is minimal, and the cost is from $100 per session in New York.