Lipstick or Lip Gloss Which is Better?

Lipstick or Lip-gloss

In this article, we will investigate the difference between lipstick or lip gloss, finally find out – which is better?


At the word “lipstick,” the funny song of the “Lyceum” group comes to mind:

  • Red lipstick, how glad.
  • I am to you How glad I am to you, my beloved.
  • Red lipstick, you are my joy.
  • Without you, I probably won’t be me, and I’m not me.

Of course, red lipstick symbolizes female sexuality, but men equally appreciate the natural, juicy color of the lips, which look seductively moist, as if they had just been licked. And such natural lips give them the impression that there is no risk of lipstick staining. It was done, of course, not without the help of a kind of competitor to lipstick – lip gloss.

Lipstick: Pros and Cons


Lipstick: Pros

  • give the desired color;
  • correct the shape of the lips, sometimes paired with an assistant: a lip liner;
  • protect the skin of the lips from adverse environmental influences;
  • nourish the skin of the lips;
  • moisturize the skin of the lips;
  • soften the skin of the lips, preventing flaking;
  • saturate the skin of the lips with vitamins;
  • a massive selection of color shades.

Cons of Lipstick:

  • If this is not a long-lasting lipstick, which usually dries the lips, then it often has to be tweaked if you have eaten or talked a lot;
  • Lipstick is afraid of the heat, and in the summer, you have to puzzle over how to bring it to work/meeting;
  • If you use bright colors of lipsticks often, then all the same, after a few years, it will noticeably discolor the lips;
  • Nourishing lipsticks are usually matte and require a contour pencil;
  • The correct use of lipstick involves applying powder, lip liner, and the lipstick itself in at least two layers. It is a financial expense;
  • Pearlescent lipstick is beautiful but brings out wrinkles on the lips;
  • Lipstick, if you renew your makeup on time, it rolls off the lips ugly;
  • Some lipsticks that have been on the lips for a long time begin to smell unpleasant when talking (moving, heating the lips). as a result, a characteristic bad breath comes from the woman;
  • You still feel that you have something on your lips – lipstick;
  • If there is no time to prepare the skin of the lips for makeup with lipstick, then it may simply not lie on the lips – there is such an unstable condition of the skin of the lips when it’s not a day, remember?

Lip Gloss: Pros and Cons

Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss: The Pros

  • Quickly and easily applied to the lips;
  • Give a natural look when used with neutral and natural lip gloss colors;
  • Suitable for those who have large, full lips, for those women with such lips and not very big eyes, to whom lipstick gives a vulgar look;
  • Nourishes lips quickly;
  • Quickly moisturizes lips;
  • It does not discolor lips since there are usually no dyes in the composition or there are too few of them;
  • Natural ingredients: oils and vitamins;
  • It can also protect the skin of the lips from ultraviolet radiation (if included in the SPF);
  • Visually make the lips juicy, plump;
  • Some glosses are supplemented with unique natural ingredients that make the lips puffy, which means they increase the size of the lips;
  • Often scented and improve, or slightly but mask bad breath;
  • There is a lip gloss that reduces appetite;
  • Well, masks and smoothes wrinkles on the lips;
  • High quality, it is imperceptible on the lips;
  • Does not leave noticeable marks on clothes and things, mugs and cigarettes, etc., unless it is a lip gloss of saturated colors;
  • There are gloss balms that heal the skin of the lips if you often bite them or chalk your lips;
  • In summer, gloss protects lips from drying out; in winter, fats of oils in a Poltava – nourish and protect from frost;
  • Revive the color of matte lipsticks, if applied on top, at the same time hide the wrinkles that matte lipstick mercilessly highlights;
  • Inexpensive, in any case, usually more affordable than lipsticks, and you can have several glosses at once for any situation and in any women’s bag, so as not to forget in a hurry.

Cons of Lip Gloss

  • It is necessary to renew it often, as it is gradually absorbed into the lips;
  • If the composition does not contain a sunscreen factor, then it increases the risk of either a burn of the skin of the lips in the sun or cancer of the skin of the lips since the gloss attracts the sun’s rays;
  • Possible allergic manifestations to the natural components of the gloss;
  • Not all lip glosses are non-sticky; you have to choose your gloss by trial;
  • Not all gloss tubes in which a sponge brush is used reach the bottom and all edges of the package;
  • If lips are plump, iridescent lip gloss is contraindicated: the mouth will look unnatural and vulgar;
  • Some glosses slightly spread beyond the contours of the lips, and this is especially noticeable with colored glosses. You have to use a lip liner, for example, used in Angelina Jolie’s lip makeup: a contour with a beige pencil.

Lipstick or Lip Gloss

Lipstick VS Lip Gloss
Lipstick VS Lip Gloss

As you can see from our research, only you can choose between lipstick and lip gloss.

Lipstick looks great in the hands of a mature woman, and lip gloss, which is often performed in playful and bright tubes, is natural in the hands of girls.

As for gloss lipsticks, such as those of Dior or Yves Saint Laurent, Guerlain or Este Lauder, L’Oreal or Maybelline – they combine the best properties of lipsticks and gloss: they last long enough, shine juicy, fit perfectly, smell great, comfortable, moisturize and nourish lips. The texture is denser than just a gloss but lighter than lipstick.