How Long to Live – Simple Tips on How to Live A Long Life

Simple Tips on How to Live A Long Life

How long can you live? I am sure that this question is not in the last place for most people in their lives. For many people, genetics or circumstances play a huge role in how to live a long life. However, despite this, happiness has nothing to do with the limitations of human life.

We all have the potential to live long if we do the right thing. In this article, we’ll look at how to live long life by improving your health and preventing disease through diet and exercise.

As you know, the average human life expectancy for developed countries is in the range of 75-85 years. This level, however, takes into account all the negative habits that a person has and which reduce his life expectancy, causing various diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes.

But in all fairness, many of the stereotypical problems of “aging” can be avoided altogether or significantly reduced through simple preventive measures and proven healthy anti- aging methods. Merely limiting your vices and negative habits is probably all it takes to ensure you hit the top of the human longevity range.

Generally speaking, living long is a good thing if you are in good enough health to enjoy that long life. Nowadays, medicine is so advanced that it can support the life of people on earth for much longer than many could actually do it themselves. This increases healthcare costs and makes people nervous and worried about their old age.

I tell you – forget it all, because living long doesn’t have to be so dramatic (only through medicine), but it can be a pleasant journey. We will learn the components of how to live happily ever after our life.

Tip # 1: Learn to Be Happy and Positive About Life

Research, both clinical and ‘informal’, shows us that people who are positive and positive about life live longer than others.

Find a way to live your life as a happy person. Help others – after all, by making others happy, you will make yourself happy as well. Eventually, you will begin to feel on yourself all the good things that you have done to other people, and whom you have helped along the way. Remember the golden rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated personally.

Another simple way to be happy and positive is to attach great importance to your family. While family can be stressful at times, people who value and are very close to their families tend to live longer.

Tip # 2: Lead A Healthy and Safe Lifestyle

This is the most obvious component of longevity and, at the same time, one of the main reasons why people do not live longer. The person simply does not want to change their lifestyle or their habits. He is too lazy or already “comfortable”.

For example, on average, smoking kills people 14 years earlier than they could possibly live. Smoking leads to lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, and others. Smoking is also a leading cause of heart disease and diabetes, which are among the leading causes of death. Quitting or quitting smoking alone will make you live longer.

Alcohol is another obvious risk factor that does not prolong life. Excess alcohol leads to accidents, heart disease, cancer, and generally damages the body. How many alcoholics do you see who look young? Think about this factor, cut or cut back on alcohol and you will live longer.

Also, observe basic safety measures in various situations. Seat belts are one of them. You must use them. Also, be careful when taking part in emergency events. Accidents, along with illness, remain one of the leading causes of death, and if you avoid them, you are more likely to live longer.

Tip # 3: Take Care of Your Diet

Over the past ten years, it has become apparent that your diet has a lot to do with longevity. It has been proven that mice will live about 30% longer if they receive 30% fewer calories in their diet compared to the normal diet. The same longevity findings have been made for large primates.

How many very old obese people do you see around? Little. If you want to live longer, cut your calories. Don’t force yourself to starve, just keep your calories low. The normal daily calorie intake is in the 2000 range. A 30% reduction would be 600 calories, leaving you with 1400 calories a day. If you want to live long, this is probably a good start. If this is too extreme for you, try cutting only 15%. It won’t hurt.

Increase your intake of all fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to eat fish. A fish diet leads to a longer life because fish contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 acids have been shown to help protect against diseases of seemingly all kinds.

Tip # 4: Move, Yes Move

Physical activity will help you live a long time. Not everyone wants to hear about this, but it’s very important. You have to stay active if you want to live longer. People who walk more often and do moderate physical work each day tend to live longer.

You don’t have to go to the gym every day, but you do have to get up and move around. Even those of us who consider ourselves “workers” are often physically unemployed. We sit at tables hour after hour, we drive everywhere in cars and we “go crazy” when we have to walk more than one flight of stairs, and the thought of walking one block is out of the question.

Laziness is our number one enemy. If your goal is to live long, you are more likely to achieve it if you stop complaining and start looking for opportunities to stay active in your day to day life.

  • Walk around the store with a shopping cart in your hand, not a cart.
  • Park your car further.
  • Walk to the nearest store instead of driving 100 meters.
  • Walk around your home / office between activities.
  • Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator all the time.
  • Walk your dog (if you have one) longer and longer than usual.

There are so many areas in your daily life where you can add physical activity. More life does not come to those who sit and wait for old age. More life comes when you use your body and keep it in shape.

No one can tell you how long you will live, but if you follow these longevity tips, you will greatly increase your chances of living happily ever after.

A person sometimes lives a long time, it seems, contrary to all the rules, but you now have the strength to make it happen with your own “small” actions. Now go and live long.

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