9 Main Rules for Lip Care Routine to Get Smooth Soft Lips in Any Weather

9 Main Rules for Lip Care Routine to Get Smooth Soft Lips in Any Weather

Today, I am going to tell you about the “9 main rules for lip care routine to get smooth soft lips in any weather condition. Not everyone pays proper attention to lip care. And in vain. In autumn and winter, delicate skin can begin to peel off strongly, causing a lot of inconveniences.

To make your lips always look beautiful, remember these 9 main rules for a lip care routine to get smooth soft lips in any weather.

1. Moisturize Delicate Lips

External factors (wind, low temperatures), insufficient water consumption, poor-quality cosmetics – all this can lead to dry lips. The lip cover begins to peel off firmly, poorly healing cracks appear – even lipstick will not mask the poor condition of the skin.

Use moisturizing balms in both warm and cold seasons. If your daytime makeup does not involve colorless cosmetics, apply lip balm at least overnight.

9 Main Rules for Lip Care Routine
9 Main Rules for Lip Care Routine

What should be in the composition of cosmetics for it to cope with the task of moisturizing and softening the skin?

Natural base and essential oils, beeswax, glycerin, plant extracts, vitamins A, C, and E. The composition should be as natural as possible. Oils do an excellent job of moisturizing. Treat the damaged skin with olive or other cosmetic oil if you don’t have a balm and flaky lips.

2. Protect Your Lips from Ultraviolet Radiation

Ultraviolet light promotes early skin aging, and not only the skin of the face but also the lips should be protected from the sun. The cover is more sensitive here, which means providing it with sufficient protection.

For the summer, be sure to choose balms with an SPF filter (indicated on the package). Such cosmetics will not hurt in winter – the sun, of course, does not warm, but there is plenty of ultraviolet radiation. Please choose the same lipsticks. Many brands now produce decorative cosmetics with an SPF filter.

3. Don’t Lick Your Lips Too Often

Are your lips parched that you constantly want to lick them? Do not. The saliva will dry out the damaged skin even more, and as a result, cracks may appear. The best express remedy for dry skin will be a balm or cosmetic oil.

9 Main Rules for Lip Care Routine
9 Main Rules for Lip Care Routine

4. Massage Your Lips

Incorporate massage into your lip care. The procedures, of course, will not make the lips plump but will improve blood circulation in this area, which is beneficial for their vibrant natural color.

Take the time to do a quick lip massage – with your fingers, a soft-bristled toothbrush, and a washcloth. Apply a cream or base oil to your lips and massage gently. 1-2 minutes will be quite enough.

5. Include Exfoliation in Lip Care

Skin peeling, like massage, cannot be classified as a mandatory lip care procedure. But exfoliation of keratinized cells will not be superfluous when the cover is heavily peeling. It’s better than biting your skin with your teeth.

In addition, peeling can be a preparatory procedure before applying matte lipstick to the lips. Such cosmetics do not fit well on lips with flaky skin and emphasize even the slightest imperfections.

9 Main Rules for Lip Care Routine
9 Main Rules for Lip Care Routine

Lip exfoliation should be gentle. Rubbing delicate skin with coarse, harsh abrasive particles is likely to damage it. The scrub is easy to make at home – mix equal proportions of liquid honey and sugar (it is better to grind it in a coffee grinder additionally).

Honey can be replaced with any cosmetic oil (coconut, jojoba, apricot, grape seed). Coffee grounds, tiny strawberry seeds can act as abrasive particles.

6. Wear Makeup with A Creamy Texture

Include only high-quality cosmetics in lip care. What lipstick do you regularly use? Please choose those with a creamy, silky texture. Cosmetics evenly lay on the lips, and most importantly – does not dry out the cover, which is especially typical for “dry” matte lipsticks.

High-quality creamy lipsticks contain oils and vitamins (albeit a little, but still there) – this ensures an even distribution of the product over the skin and protects it from drying out.

9 Main Rules for Lip Care Routine
9 Main Rules for Lip Care Routine

The cosmetic bag can be replenished with lip glosses, liquid lipsticks.

It does not mean that you need to throw out your entire collection of matte lipsticks so dear to your heart. But their daily use is not suitable for the delicate lip cover. And this is even if you have quality cosmetics.

7. Apply A Primer to Your Lips

In lip care, you don’t need to exfoliate your lips every time you apply lipstick. It is a waste of time, which does not exist when you hurry to do your makeup – but treating your skin with a primer before lipstick is a good decision.

Primer Makeup Base. And there are products not only for the face. Many brands now offer cosmetics specifically for lips. The primer will make lip makeup more durable and bright, prevent lipstick from “spreading” beyond the contours of the lips.

And one more bonus that you get – the skin does not dry even after using matte lipstick since its layer separates the primer from the lips. Many branded primers also include caring components. The scheme for applying the makeup is simple – first the primer, then the lipstick.

If there is no primer, the lips can be treated with cream or oil before applying lipstick. Just wait until the product is absorbed into the lip cover.

8. Avoid A Second Coat of Lipstick

Applying multiple coats of lipstick to your lips shouldn’t be a permanent practice. Behind such a “shell,” the lip cover does not breathe. One layer of makeup is enough. Does it seem that lipstick in one layer does not give a bright color? Maybe change your makeup to one that is a more saturated shade?

9 Main Rules for Lip Care Routine
9 Main Rules for Lip Care Routine

Moreover, do not apply a new layer of lipstick on top of the old one. Firstly, it looks ugly since the cosmetics are collected in the corners of the lips. Secondly, the skin from such a layering of cosmetics will dry out greatly.

Is the lipstick worn out in some places? Then remove the remainder of the makeup from the lips and then repaint the lips.

9. Use Quality Makeup Removers

How do you rinse lipstick off your lips? Are you just nibbling it or using a cotton pad? Remove lip makeup correctly. Optimally, makeup removal should be carried out with a unique tool. It is especially true when waterproof or matte lipstick is applied to the lips. If you wipe the cosmetics with a dry cotton pad, you can damage the skin, make it drier.

Pay attention to makeup removers. It can also dry out the skin severely. It’s great if the product contains no alcohol-containing components at all.