Makeup Tips for Those Who Wear Glasses

Makeup Tips for Eye Glasses

When wearing eyeglasses, it is often thought that it is not necessary to wear make-up, while it is completely the opposite. Our tips will help you better highlight yourself while wearing glasses.

Bet on The Eyes

Glasses create a kind of barrier in front of the eyes and can hide them. So, it is necessary to highlight the eyes with the help of makeup. Feel free to draw your eyes with the help of a thick eyeliner stroke and play with the different shades of eye shadows, not forgetting mascara.

Do Not Forget About Eyebrows

Glasses can draw attention to your eyebrows. That is why it is necessary that the latter are well drawn and well-groomed and why not highlighted with the help of a special eyebrow pencil.

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Apply Concealer

Glasses create a shadow effect around the eyes, which is why it is important to cover the dark circles and brighten your look. Choose a concealer with a non-greasy texture that goes with your complexion.

Choose the Right Foundation Texture

The foundation tends to leave traces on the nose under the glasses. So, opt for a matte foundation in mineral powder for example and avoid fluid foundation.

Your eyeglasses are not just a medical device, make it a fashion accessory.