Manicure with Rhinestones: Cool Manicure Ideas You Can Try At Home


In recent years, manicure with rhinestones has become increasingly popular. With it, the nails look neat and well-groomed if you use high-quality materials and follow some of the recommendations of experts. Everyone can appreciate the manicure with rhinestones in the photo and reproduce the option they like.


A Kind of Rhinestones for Manicure

Rhinestones are made of glass, crystal, acrylic and even plastic. Of course, the stronger the material, the more expensive it is. Glass ones are stamped into molds, then they can be processed or remain without faceting. The cheapest are plastic, they are the easiest to stick and hold well. To make them easier to fix, the bottom is made flat.

Fashionable Swarovski rhinestones differ from all other options, they have a round shape and a patented number of faces.

Manicure with Rhinestones

The lower surface is covered with a reflective film, the main material used in production is crystal. Due to this, the manufacturer manages to achieve a shimmering effect, it is he who distinguishes the brand from the general mass.

Transparent, colored, holographic – any rhinestones that may be needed for a manicure are freely available. The latter are in great demand in this area. You can buy the necessary rhinestones in a specialized store, where they are packed in small bottles.

Some Nuances of Manicure

Manicure and rhinestones should be combined harmoniously and not be too pretentious. Accuracy, conciseness are the main criteria that a master must adhere to when working with these materials. The drawing should not be too bulky. It is enough to use large rhinestones on one finger, and it is better to fix several small stones on the nails. You do not need to immediately use all the decorative elements – foil, acrylic molding, which will look pretentious, it is important to choose one thing.

Nuances of Manicure

Rhinestones can be used multiple times for different designs. Other techniques will not be able to recreate this beautiful look. The advantage of a manicure with rhinestones can be attributed to its ease of execution, so even a manicure created at home will look irresistible.

If the nails are short, it should be borne in mind that the accumulation of rhinestones makes them voluminous and with great shine, which is not always appropriate. Large stones visually enlarge the nail, so there should not be many of them.

It is important to take seriously the selection of the color of the rhinestones: it should be the same color as the nail polish, or be combined with the main background of the manicure. You should not use rhinestones of several shades at once, it is better if they are in the same color.

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Cool Manicure Ideas

The following ideas might be helpful:

  • French manicure looks neat and feminine if you place a path of small rhinestones under the white line. This is how classic manicure becomes elegant and luxurious.
  • Lace in combination with rhinestones can give a certain tenderness and mystery to the nails. The master works with a special brush that fixes the lace, and allows to place small rhinestones in the corners of the pattern. This option can often be found on the bride’s nails.
  • A studded manicure allows you to showcase your character. Often celebrities are photographed with such a manicure on various covers of eminent magazines. It gives the image a certain brutality, especially when combined with black.
  • There are a wide variety of manicure ideas and they depend mainly on the fantasy of the master. You can decorate part of the nail or cover it completely with rhinestones.

There are other options: place at the base of the nail, thereby creating intricate patterns or flowing lines, and also decorate the tip of the nail with rhinestones. You can focus on one finger or place rhinestones on all fingers of the hand with a certain pattern, around the painting. Each master exposes the created manicure of nails with rhinestones in the photo, so there is always where to get ideas from.

Application Technology

Technology For Applying Manicure With Rhinestones

Technology for applying manicure with rhinestones:

  • Before applying the varnish, it is necessary to process the cuticles – move them or cut them off, correct the shape of the nail and only then proceed with the application of the first layer.
  • The design of the nail is thought out immediately, it is more comfortable to lay out the intended drawing of rhinestones on a sheet of paper.
  • The second layer is painted over, while the first is not completely dry.
  • Rhinestones are attached to drops of transparent varnish or with special glue. The choice of the fixing method directly depends on the weight of the jewelry. If they are small and do not have insignificant weight, then the first method is also suitable. To do this, immediately after applying the second layer of varnish, it is necessary to lay out the intended pattern of rhinestones. Small stones are easily laid out using a wood stick. In order for the rhinestones to stick to it, it must be moistened with water.
  • The second fixing method is ideal for large rhinestones. After all the layers have dried in the place where the rhinestones should be located, a transparent varnish in the form of droplets is applied, rhinestones are immediately fixed on it. They need to be pressed down in order to fix them accurately. The largest elements are attached with glue, the application technology is the same. So as not to worry that they may fall off at the most inopportune moment, you should use glue in any case.

The final stage of the manicure will be the coating with a fixing layer. For this, a special composition is used, from which the rhinestones will not lose their shine. Moderate design will be a success in this matter. Now every girl can create a manicure with rhinestones on her own, and her hands will look neat and well-groomed.