Masturbation Effects: Masturbation is Good for Health?

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Masturbation is Good for Health

The pleasure of personal play may be the reason you indulge in it solo, but masturbation has much more to offer than orgasms or frictions. It turns out that mastering one’s own environment can be good for physical and mental health, relationships and happiness in general.

The Benefits of Masturbation for Physical Health

Pleasuring yourself is a great way to relieve sexual tension without the risk of unwanted pregnancy or contracting STI (sexually transmitted infection). No need for contraception or protection when there is only you and your “sexy self”.

It’s also a great substitute for cases where you’re not ready to make new encounters (especially when you’re coming out of a love breakup). In addition, according to numerous surveys, masturbation helps relieve stress. While sex was ranked first, masturbation came in second, followed closely by sleep.

The Benefits of Masturbation for Mental Health

Masturbation can be self-sufficient behavior that calms your mind, puts you in touch with your body and gives you time to focus on yourself instead of worrying about what others think.

Rest assured, contrary to what some may think, masturbation does not delay growth, and also does not cause hair in the palms of hands. As long as it does not interfere with a person’s relationships or everyday life (or cause serious irritation), this is a perfectly safe act.